Welcome Guest Blogger Siobhan Muir!

When Savannah Chase and Em Petrova offered me a spot on 69 Shades of Smut, I literally had a *SQUEEE* fangirl moment. I get to be on the blog with Randi Alexander and Lea Berrymire? Woot!

*happy dancing at the keyboard*

Ahem, so yeah, just a little excited. I loved the name of the blog because it has such a controversial title – at least in terms of perception. The word “smut” often has a derogatory meaning, similar to words like “bitch”, “whore”, “tramp” and “slut”, but it’s all a matter of perception. I freely admit I read smut. Granted it’s well written and has great storylines, but there’s sex in it and it’s usually hot and explicit.

Does that make me a tramp or a whore? Perhaps. My husband calls me his slut with great affection, mostly because I walk around in corsets to tease him. I don’t take offense because he means it with admiration and acknowledgement of my enjoyment of sex. Changing perception isn’t easy and can’t actually be done – each person has to decide for themselves how to take something. But you can offer a presentation of something to help them make the change.

For example, my last Siren release was Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack. My father suggested I might want to change the title because “bitch” is a pejorative term. I thought about mellowing it to “Luna of the Callowwood Pack”, which would have been accurate, but it didn’t have the same punch as “Queen Bitch”. Besides, the character is the Alpha female werewolf. Who else could be the queen bitch of a werewolf pack?
 photo sm-queenbitch_zpsca499c74.jpg

In my upcoming release, A Hell Hound’s Fire, coming out April 2nd 2013, Alex MacLaren isn’t your average werewolf.  photo hellhoundSM_zps2ecdb534.jpgHe has the ability to set himself on fire to take down demons from the underworld, but he’s required to live alone because he’s perceived as evil. The perception has kept him safe from roving mobs of fearful people, but it’s also kept him lonely. When he’s asked to protect Sarah Flanagan and her young son from a demon, he figures it will be a quick job and done. Sarah changes his perception pretty damn quick and gets an eye opener of her own. Here’s the blurb:

Love can be found in the most unlikely places, even the heart of a Hell Hound.

Alex MacLaren figures he’ll never find love again after his mate dies. As one of the rare Hell Hound werewolves, his chances are slim to none. And slim went home. When the local Morukai shaman calls on him to protect a lovely Irish werewolf and her young son from demons, he can’t help but take the job.

Sarah Flanagan is desperate to save her son Liam from the deadly monster trailing them, but she’s out of options and places to hide. She lost her mate the last time she encountered a demon, and with Liam depending on her, the stakes are far higher this time. After meeting Alex, she’s not sure about the Hell Hound, but she’s no fool. He’s their best hope for survival… and hers for another chance at love.

It all comes down to perception. Can Sarah see Alex as more than evil? Can Alex see Sarah as the salvation of his heart?
What kinds of moments have you had where your perception of something has changed?

Siobhan Muir is a multipublished paranormal romance author who believes in communication and redemption. You can find her:

Website: http://siobhanmuir.com
Blog: http://siobhanmuir.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/siobhan.muir.35
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/siobhan-muir
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SiobhanMuir
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5760938.Siobhan_Muir
Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/u/0/118081545120488658410/posts

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Guest Blogger Siobhan Muir!

  1. mawmom

    your work looks fantastic, I agree that the way we look at a word changes everything. I also think that we give words power if we let them upset they will, if we choose to embrace them and make them a good thing they are attitude is 99% of it. I LOVE the title Queen Bitch :O) Carin


    • siobhanmuir

      Thank you, Carin. Yes, words definitely have power, but we hold that power and can give or take it as we see fit. It’s all a matter of choice. I’m so glad you like the title. It makes me grin each time I look at it. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  2. Randi Alexander

    Thanks for being our guest, Siobhan! Great post, and I agree that you did the right thing not changing your book title. It’s very catchy, in a smutty sort of way 😉


    • siobhanmuir

      Thank you for having me, Randi! I’m so delighted to be here today. Queen Bitch is pretty catchy and it definitely sets the tone of what the story’s about. 😀


  3. I like the glowing paw print for the new cover! Was that your suggestion or did your cover artist pull that one of their bag of tricks? A fiery werewolf and red-head mother figure heroine? Oh my! Do I hear high-strung temperaments flaring?


  4. siobhanmuir

    I picked the glowing paw print, J. Annas, but my cover artist put it in the emblem for Welcome to Cloudburst Colorado. Tempers do get rather high at one point – she takes him on with a shovel. 😀


  5. Johnd980

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