Things make me go yuck in erotic fiction

Things make me go yuck in erotic fiction

Bear with my gripes for just a second. I love reading erotic fiction. I love reading sex scenes. Probably like everyone else, I hold my kindle tight to my body and as I’m reading, peer over my shoulder to make sure no one is sneaking up on me. But yes, there is one thing that makes me stick out my tongue and not in the good way.
I love a good scene where the male is going down on the female. I mean, everything is spelled out to the tee and then BOOM. He leaves the confines of her snatch only to kiss her wetly on the lips. GROSS! Now, what I find gross, I know others find sexy. I have a friend who would be turned on by this scenario. But me, I can’t get past the nether juices and what I imagine the smell to be.
My spoof heroine in Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds, Elnora a.k.a Princess Beyonce’ has the same aversion to tasting love juices as I do. In my writing’s you will find that my hero always, always, did I say always? Wipes his mouth before kissing the heroine. If he doesn’t wipe his mouth he doesn’t get a kiss. Plain and simple.
I know this was a rant that just came from the left, but I couldn’t help it. Although the book isn’t ruined for me, it’ll take much more than that, I do get on edge during the next going down scene. I’m always praying that he realizes the error of his ways and clean his mouth off.
I’d like to hear what makes you cringe during sex scenes or doesn’t. 😉

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12 thoughts on “Things make me go yuck in erotic fiction

  1. I’m with you on that one! HA!


  2. Armenia

    For me, those scenes don’t make me go yuck at all, but I find very erotic. Because its always written with the hero’s *voice* telling the readers that *she* tastes so sweet. So no, not a ick factor for me because he’s enjoying himself.

    What makes me cringe is when the scene involves, ahem, a finish for him somewhere around her face. Sorry, I took you there, but those particular scenes don’t work for me.


  3. There are many things people find sexy that I just go “eww” at, and this is one of them. (Though I confess the “eww” is more for real life than in books…)

    In one of my Ellora’s Cave titles, I had the hero and heroine going at it until he came and then saying, “Go wash up and I’ll go down on you so you can come”. My editor made me take out the “go wash up” part. She said it wasn’t sexy. I argued that to me, a guy going down on a woman after, um, filling her was even less sexy, but she was the editor so she prevailed. Hubby backed her up, but for me…I can’t even read that scene in my *own book* without being a bit “eww” about it.


  4. I always figure that if the man is all like “oh baby you taste so sweet down here” then the woman should be ok with kissing said dude on the mouth after he goes down on her. I’m just saying!

    The thing that make me go squick is when a character plays with the “rear passage” and then doesn’t clean up! For instance, “he slid his finger in and out” and then two paragraphs later “he grabbed her hair and massaged her scalp”. Ew! Just EWWWWW!


  5. I think it’s sexy in fiction and real life. If he’s going to town down there, it’s kind of insulting to him to make him stop and clean up. Um, good enough for him but too good for her? And no problem with him going down on her after he’s finished, either. I swallow. LOL Sort of turnabout is fair play LOL As mathlady68 said, I’d only be squicked out by backdoor play with no wipe up between. LOL And definitely NO ATM. Not even if he had a condm on and took it off. Anal requires a cleanup, even if just a baby wipe. LOL


  6. Mmmmm…must mildly disagree with you there. It’s kind of erotic, especially if there is some dialogue, like, ‘You need to see how good you taste’. And yes…I do.

    Sorry. TMI. 🙂


  7. snowlyjam



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