Free Books!

Oh my God, I’m so late! I don’t know where my head is. For some reason I thought it was March 5th and I was writing up a lovely blog to post for everyone tomorrow morning! Then suddenly, bam, I realized I’m a day late!!! The date on the post says March 7th, but it’s really only March 6th right, at least on the West Coast.  So I’m putting this in under the wire because I want to tell you about the huge sale over at Smashwords! It’s “Read an ebook” week and there are tons of sales, books anywhere from 25% to 75% off and free books! So hop on over and grab books by your favorite indie authors. I’m offering six free books for your enjoyment: She’s Gotta Be Mine, Somebody’s Lover, Invitation to Seduction,
Twisted by Love, Revenge Sex, Dead to the Max.
 To get the books for free, just enter RW100 in the coupon code field during checkout. The sale ends on Sunday, March 9, so be sure to check out Smashwords before then!


And be sure to check out my release La Petite Mort, a Berkley especial!  Just pop by my website and my blog for excerpts.

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One thought on “Free Books!

  1. Thanks so much! (and glad to see that I am not the only one confused about what date I am on, lol)


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