Do You Like Menage?

I haven’t written a lot of stories that have sex scenes with two guys and one girl, but I’ve written a couple. Neither of these a true menage in the sense that the threesome does not stay together as a unit at the end of the story. I’m considering writing one of those in the future, though. So keep watching. 


There’s something about a woman being pleasured by two men. Just the idea of being that woman being pleasured by two men. In Birthday Girl, Tyler arranges a special surprise for Shannon’s birthday:

Why did seeing Marc again make her hot and tense? Was that what happened when you turned thirty? You started to lust after men other than the one you loved? Of course, it could have a lot to do with the fact that she’d had a massive crush on Marc before he introduced her to Tyler. Ty didn’t have a clue. God, she hoped Marc didn’t either.

There was something in the air, a tension that came with Marc appearing out of nowhere. A tension that seemed to add to the edginess she’d already been feeling. Maybe it was her intense awareness of the additional man standing there. Just how aware she was made her a little uncomfortable. Tyler was still so close to her that she could feel the familiar heat from his body. But Marc exuded a raw sexuality that made her shiver. She couldn’t believe she was reacting like this to a man who wasn’t her husband, no matter their history. She loved her husband. He was sexy and fun and their sex life was usually active and inventive.

But for the first time since she’d met her husband, she wished for another man’s hands on her body.

No, she didn’t. Not really. It was just a fantasy, like dreaming about kissing Brad Pitt. Something that was fun to think about, but would never happen in real life.

That’s why it was called fantasy.

She hoped Marc said good-bye and left before her breathing got any shallower. Before she squirmed in her seat and Tyler knew what she was thinking.

“Shannon, I invited Marc to join us tonight,” Tyler said softly. He sat back down beside her and took her hand. His intense gaze held her in place. “He’s part of your birthday surprise.”

“Birthday surprise?” What had Tyler said a few minutes ago? Something about trying out a fantasy they’d never done before. Her eyes grew wide and she looked from Tyler to Marc. Shannon smothered the little gasp that threatened to escape her lips.

He stroked her hair and brought his lips close to her ear. “I thought you might like to try out that ménage you always wanted.”

Tonight? With Marc?

“I don’t know.” Maybe some fantasies were meant to stay that way. Some fantasies were never meant to be acted out.

Tyler cupped her face in his large hands and rested his forehead on hers. “Think about it,” he whispered. “You’ve talked about it for years. Two men giving you their full attention. Two men giving you pleasure.”

She looked up at Marc, still standing at the edge of the table, looking uncharacteristically awkward. And still majorly hot. What was her problem? Hadn’t she been going on all night about her lack of an edgy and spontaneous sex life? Shannon glanced at Tyler and he just lifted a brow as if to say it was up to her. She smiled up at Marc and hoped he didn’t see her lips tremble. “Sit down and let’s talk.”


In Chains of Desire, in order for Jarrod to help Hanna escape from a planet where she is being readied as a sex slave, he and his friend, Micah, have to prove she can satisfy two Masters:

She was kneeling on the hard floor, her hands cuffed behind her back. Her silver collar shone brightly around her slender neck and the thick, heavy nipple rings… Jarrod swallowed again. They were the most erotic things he’d ever seen. A long chain hung between them, the center link attached to a hook in the floor in front of her.

His body hardened immediately, his cock tenting the tight trousers. But even as he imagined plunging his aching erection into her wet heat, an unexpected wave of tenderness swept over him. He wanted to gather her into his arms and rain kisses on her skin. He wanted to hear his name on her lips and then capture those lips with his own.

He took a couple steps toward her. She didn’t react as he’d feared she might once she recognized them, and now he saw why. Blindness patches had been placed over her eyes. Jarrod had heard about them, but had never seen them in action. Similar to a two-way mirror, the Master could see the slave’s eyes, her reactions, her expressions, but the slave was completely blinded. She couldn’t see anything through the patches.

He knew he should be paying attention to Micah’s discussion with the Station Master. Everything had to go perfectly for them to get the princess, and themselves, out of the station safely.

Micah walked up to Jarrod. “The Station Master watches the whole thing,” he said softly. “To make sure we put the slave through her paces and that she satisfies us both.”

Jarrod frowned and glanced over to the man, now sitting behind a large desk in the corner of the room and grinning eagerly. He probably opened his pants and pleasured himself while he watched.

“She’ll satisfy us.”

“If not, he keeps her here for punishment and training.”

“So we’re putting on a show? I don’t like this.”

“He won’t release her unless he’s certain she won’t break down,” Micah said. “That she can take whatever the king might want to do to her.”

“She’ll take it,” Jarrod said. He couldn’t wait to prove it. “Let’s go.”

Jarrod approached the lovely slave. His hands were shaking, he wanted to touch her so badly. The princess’s head was bowed, her eyes closed behind the patches. She was breathing rapidly, a sign of her nerves. Jarrod worried that she might give them away in her surprise when she discovered who had come for her.

He knelt down and unhooked the chain from the floor. He shouldn’t have been surprised when the hook automatically retracted into the floor. The Norians thought of everything when it came to sex. He stood and lifted the chain until it tugged on her nipples.

“On your feet, slave.”

There are a few more menage ideas on my hard drive. One or two of them even have a committed threesome at the end. I hope I’ll get the time to write at least one of those in the near future. Yeah, there’s just something about a woman being pleasured by two men…


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2 thoughts on “Do You Like Menage?

  1. Kathy Lewis

    I mean what is hotter than a menage. I think every woman wants that fantasy fulfilled. I will keep dreaming about that one.


  2. They’re fun to write because I can make the fantasy anything I want 🙂


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