And the nominees for hottest movie scene are

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It’s that time of the year again, Oscars time. How about some sweet lovin’ scenes to heat up the screen? Those are notoriously hard to get right. You want the audience burning up with the characters, not glancing at their watches/phones/toes. You want the audience squirming in their seats, and not because they’re going, “Awk-ward!” My nominees for scenes/movies that made me go ooh not boo are (in no particular order)

The introductory “It’s Raining Men” number from Magic Mike (2012). Let’s get this out of the way. But just because any man who can bust a move has my undivided attention. And because dancing makes every scene a sensual one.

Case in point: Dirty Dancing (1987). Special Mention: the scene where Baby goes up to Johnny’s cabin. That dance of theirs…that’s foreplay after my own heart. What follows is just as sweet.

Many of you 69ers love cowboys. And some good M/M. You’ve allll seen Brokeback Mountain (2005), right? Plenty of heated moments in that movie, but what lit me up and broke my heart at the same time was the bittersweet scene where Ennis and Jack are reunited, where Ennis throws Jack against a wall and kisses him senseless. What they feel, what they want, what they know they’ll never have, it’s all there in that scene and that kiss.

Another amazingly expressive face: Diane Lane’s Connie in Unfaithful (2002) after Paul grabs her, takes her to bed and then just takes her. It’s written all over her face. How she wants it, how she knows she shouldn’t, how much she’s loving it, how she knows she really really shouldn’t, but ooh…

Eyes blaze, chests heave, words come out in a rush, they’re drenched…and fully clothed, having a heated discussion in a gazebo in the rain. Miss Eliza Bennet and Mr. Darcy in the 2005 rendition of Pride and Prejudice. Not a faithful adaptation but as sexy as Austen gets.

The passion between Carré Otis and Mickey Rourke in Wild Orchid (1989). They were a couple at the time of filming and rumor has it they weren’t acting. I doubt it, but it’s just…that scene in the skeleton hotel in particular…I know it’s called acting but…some acting.

Eros meets Thanatos in Meet Joe Black (1998). Say what you want about this movie (like: editors are not only authors’ but movie makers’ best friends as well) but I will say this: Who knew Death could be so sweet and sensuous? *Sigh*

No fan of Pitt, though. Brangelina who? I mean, how gorgeous were Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas in Desperado (1995)?! Those love by candlelight moments, oh my my…

Speaking of which… There ain’t a man in this world who could tempt me to cheat on my husband. No, not even awe-inspiring Antonio. It would probably take a woman. Sweetest, sexiest Salma. The woman most likely to make me go bi. When she walked on camera in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), my jaw hit the floor, 69ers. All I could do was join the mostly male audience in an utterly vulgar yet totally honest stare of admiration. Up until…OK, no spoilers.

Talking of girl crushes, quite a long while since I last saw Bound (1996) but there’s no forgetting this one. Oh no. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon were something fierce together: intensely hot, oddly tender, and totally believable.

And now for something completely different…

Secretary (2002). I have mixed feelings about this movie. Like: Why James Spader? Damn that post-bath-splendor-in-the-grass-love-making scene is lovely. Has E.L. James watched this movie?

As for threesomes…you’re thinking Matt Dillon getting lucky twice over in Wild Things (1998), aren’t you? Well, I’m thinking the climactic scene of Y tu mamá también (2001). That is one raunchy road movie.

Dean going down on Cindy in Blue Valentine. I think Ryan Gosling is a good actor but, and please don’t hurt me, I don’t get the sex symbol status. Is it a boyish charm thing? I know, a matter of taste, right? This scene works for me, though.

And that, as they say, is a wrap.

Did I leave out your all-time favorite? Let us know in comments! Oh, you thought I meant something else besides mainstream movies? You’ll find a whole post on those at Dita’s Den. And some fringe favorites of mine in comments.

To all previous Oscar nominees: Thanks for the memories! To this year’s: Good luck!!

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8 thoughts on “And the nominees for hottest movie scene are

  1. Bubbling under, or, fringe favorites:

    Intimacy (2001)
    Lucía y el sexo (2001)
    9 songs (2004)
    Lust, Caution (2007)
    No mires para abajo (2008)


  2. Trix

    Even though THE PILLOW BOOK is very flawed in a lot of ways (the most sex-positive character gets treated brutally), the 20 minutes or so where Ewan McGregor (as said sex-positive guy) is in it is like a whole different movie. Though he is gloriously naked for most of the time, the most sensual moment for me is the part where he celebrates Nagiko’s birthday by bathing her and then writing on her back. For that matter, the part in the movie NORA where McGregor (as James Joyce) awakens post-coitally in Italy and greets Nora in Italian is also insanely hot. The look on his face in both sequences is just breathtaking…


  3. Haven’t seen Nora but will take your word for it, love me some Ewan! And thanks for mentioning The Pillow Book. OMG, Perfect Sense. They’re all coming back to me…

    Thanks for stopping by, Trix. 🙂


  4. One of my all time favorites is from The Big Easy, 1986,: Ann says: That’s okay. (pulling up her blouse) I never had much luck with sex anyway. Renny replies: Well your lucks about to change, chere. (and pulls her blouse back down her shoulders. Whooo….you need a fan for that scene!


  5. I’ve got 3 for you:

    1978 – Coming Home – Jane Fonda and Jon Voigt
    1987 – No Way Out – Kevin Costner and Sean Young
    1987 – Fatal Attraction (the movie that made every man in America afraid to have an affair!) – Michael Douglas and Glen Close


  6. Wait, I forgot one:

    2001 – Y Tu Mama Tambien – multiple scenes with a mature young woman and 2 immature young men – muy caliente!


  7. Hmm, haven’t seen Coming Home but the other movies both of you mentioned…you said it! Henry and June, have you seen it? Or Betty Blue? And Y Tu Mama made my list!

    Thanks for playing!


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