Griffin’s Trip to Sexapolooza

2013-02-10 08.51.04Sexapolooza – Columbus, OH February 2013

First of all, I have to point out that I was there on official business. I was at the Ellora’s Cave booth signing for Dangerously Mine. With that said, a girl can have fun when she’s off the clock, which I did! And a lot of it!2013-02-02 23.32.55

While signing, I got to sit next to Ellora’s Cave Caveman Georgio. 2013-02-02 23.42.55He was such a nice guy! He had a line and I didn’t (who wouldn’t stand in line for a signed calendar, hug and picture?), 2013-02-02 23.42.44but he told all his female followers to come over to my side of the table and get a signed cover flat. Thanks!

There were live shows of participants 2013-02-02 22.06.40 dancing for prizes,2013-02-02 22.51.41

2013-02-02 23.09.29 male dancers 2013-02-02 23.20.18

and the highlight was when Georgio got up on the stage and did his thing 2013-02-02 23.25.21 – effectively shutting down the house!

There were glass dildo’s 2013-02-02 22.40.20

Sex Sling’s 2013-02-10 08.52.39

2013-02-02 22.41.39Toys

And more toys 2013-02-02 22.33.58

2013-02-02 22.24.25 And who could forget the giveaways!

It was a day filled with walking around, shopping and partying. All while wearing these 2013-02-02 18.30.51

I had a blast!

See you next year!

A. M. Grffin

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