Quick and Dirty Valentine’s Day Post

I have to apologize. I’m filling in for Miss Mia today, and I’ve had a dozen crazy incidents occur in the last twenty-four hours, and I’m just getting around to posting now! I won’t go into the bizarre details, but my head is spinning, and I just can’t find the energy to write anything fascinating or smutty…

…so, just for fun, this is going to be quick and dirty.

Cowboy Jackpot Valentine 453x680

Excerpt: Casual. No strings. That’s what her cowboy wanted. Kira reached up and unbuttoned his shirt. Fine. That’s what he would get. One last time, she’d let herself be Dallas’s woman. Let the escape of his powerful lovemaking take away the hurt for a little while.

Within seconds, they were both naked and Kira held the condom packet Dallas had pulled from his pocket. She walked backward toward the couch, forcing a seductive look to replace the dejected one that mirrored her inner thoughts.

She pointed to the couch. “Lay down, cowboy. I wanna ride.”

“Aw sweetheart.” Dallas took a running leap and landed on his back on the couch with a bounce and a grin. His big, hard cock slammed against his belly and rebounded, pointing to the suite’s ceiling.

Despite Kira’s inner turmoil, she smiled.

He patted his thighs. “Mount up, cowgirl.”

She straddled his legs and rolled the condom on his beautiful, hot penis. Moving over him, she eased his head into her slit.

“Whoa. What’s the hurry?” He grabbed her hips to stop her.

The faster she lost herself in passion, the quicker her heartbreak would stop hurting. For a while. Taking his hands, she placed them on her breasts. “I can’t wait, big guy.”

He worked her nipples gently.

She dropped her torso onto him, impaling herself. The slight pain she felt in her core was preferable to the vast one occupying her chest.

His fingers tugged at her nipples and groans of pleasure rumbled from his mouth.

She worked her thighs, riding fast and furiously, concentrating on the screaming muscles in her legs, the fullness inside her opening, and the building orgasm that barely overrode her sorrow.

Leaning down, she looked into Dallas’s black eyes, loving the soul-deep intensity of them, memorizing it. She grasped his nipples and tugged them.

“I like that,” he breathed.

The angle made it easier for her to speed up, to lose herself deeper in the motion and the sensation.

“Sweetheart. Gonna come.” It rolled from him on a groan.

A whir of tingles raced up her spine and jingled at her brain. A weak orgasm, but bittersweet and unforgettable as her last with the man she…loved. She gasped as emotion broke free and flooded her eyes with moisture.

She’d said it, admitted it. She loved him. Nothing in her life compared to the sweetness and the pain of knowing she loved. And lost.


Find Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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4 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Valentine’s Day Post

  1. Aww Randi…how can ya leave a girl hangin’ like that? 😉 Well, might just have to buy myself an early Valentine’s present! Kira and Dallas…here I come! ❤


    • Randi Alexander

      I’m kinda mean that way, Liberty Ann! I like to leave you wanting more. LOL Hope you like the book!


  2. Great book and I loved that Kira is a redhead!! 🙂


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