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Do You Like Menage?

I haven’t written a lot of stories that have sex scenes with two guys and one girl, but I’ve written a couple. Neither of these a true menage in the sense that the threesome does not stay together as a unit at the end of the story. I’m considering writing one of those in the future, though. So keep watching. 


There’s something about a woman being pleasured by two men. Just the idea of being that woman being pleasured by two men. In Birthday Girl, Tyler arranges a special surprise for Shannon’s birthday:

Why did seeing Marc again make her hot and tense? Was that what happened when you turned thirty? You started to lust after men other than the one you loved? Of course, it could have a lot to do with the fact that she’d had a massive crush on Marc before he introduced her to Tyler. Ty didn’t have a clue. God, she hoped Marc didn’t either.

There was something in the air, a tension that came with Marc appearing out of nowhere. A tension that seemed to add to the edginess she’d already been feeling. Maybe it was her intense awareness of the additional man standing there. Just how aware she was made her a little uncomfortable. Tyler was still so close to her that she could feel the familiar heat from his body. But Marc exuded a raw sexuality that made her shiver. She couldn’t believe she was reacting like this to a man who wasn’t her husband, no matter their history. She loved her husband. He was sexy and fun and their sex life was usually active and inventive.

But for the first time since she’d met her husband, she wished for another man’s hands on her body.

No, she didn’t. Not really. It was just a fantasy, like dreaming about kissing Brad Pitt. Something that was fun to think about, but would never happen in real life.

That’s why it was called fantasy.

She hoped Marc said good-bye and left before her breathing got any shallower. Before she squirmed in her seat and Tyler knew what she was thinking.

“Shannon, I invited Marc to join us tonight,” Tyler said softly. He sat back down beside her and took her hand. His intense gaze held her in place. “He’s part of your birthday surprise.”

“Birthday surprise?” What had Tyler said a few minutes ago? Something about trying out a fantasy they’d never done before. Her eyes grew wide and she looked from Tyler to Marc. Shannon smothered the little gasp that threatened to escape her lips.

He stroked her hair and brought his lips close to her ear. “I thought you might like to try out that ménage you always wanted.”

Tonight? With Marc?

“I don’t know.” Maybe some fantasies were meant to stay that way. Some fantasies were never meant to be acted out.

Tyler cupped her face in his large hands and rested his forehead on hers. “Think about it,” he whispered. “You’ve talked about it for years. Two men giving you their full attention. Two men giving you pleasure.”

She looked up at Marc, still standing at the edge of the table, looking uncharacteristically awkward. And still majorly hot. What was her problem? Hadn’t she been going on all night about her lack of an edgy and spontaneous sex life? Shannon glanced at Tyler and he just lifted a brow as if to say it was up to her. She smiled up at Marc and hoped he didn’t see her lips tremble. “Sit down and let’s talk.”


In Chains of Desire, in order for Jarrod to help Hanna escape from a planet where she is being readied as a sex slave, he and his friend, Micah, have to prove she can satisfy two Masters:

She was kneeling on the hard floor, her hands cuffed behind her back. Her silver collar shone brightly around her slender neck and the thick, heavy nipple rings… Jarrod swallowed again. They were the most erotic things he’d ever seen. A long chain hung between them, the center link attached to a hook in the floor in front of her.

His body hardened immediately, his cock tenting the tight trousers. But even as he imagined plunging his aching erection into her wet heat, an unexpected wave of tenderness swept over him. He wanted to gather her into his arms and rain kisses on her skin. He wanted to hear his name on her lips and then capture those lips with his own.

He took a couple steps toward her. She didn’t react as he’d feared she might once she recognized them, and now he saw why. Blindness patches had been placed over her eyes. Jarrod had heard about them, but had never seen them in action. Similar to a two-way mirror, the Master could see the slave’s eyes, her reactions, her expressions, but the slave was completely blinded. She couldn’t see anything through the patches.

He knew he should be paying attention to Micah’s discussion with the Station Master. Everything had to go perfectly for them to get the princess, and themselves, out of the station safely.

Micah walked up to Jarrod. “The Station Master watches the whole thing,” he said softly. “To make sure we put the slave through her paces and that she satisfies us both.”

Jarrod frowned and glanced over to the man, now sitting behind a large desk in the corner of the room and grinning eagerly. He probably opened his pants and pleasured himself while he watched.

“She’ll satisfy us.”

“If not, he keeps her here for punishment and training.”

“So we’re putting on a show? I don’t like this.”

“He won’t release her unless he’s certain she won’t break down,” Micah said. “That she can take whatever the king might want to do to her.”

“She’ll take it,” Jarrod said. He couldn’t wait to prove it. “Let’s go.”

Jarrod approached the lovely slave. His hands were shaking, he wanted to touch her so badly. The princess’s head was bowed, her eyes closed behind the patches. She was breathing rapidly, a sign of her nerves. Jarrod worried that she might give them away in her surprise when she discovered who had come for her.

He knelt down and unhooked the chain from the floor. He shouldn’t have been surprised when the hook automatically retracted into the floor. The Norians thought of everything when it came to sex. He stood and lifted the chain until it tugged on her nipples.

“On your feet, slave.”

There are a few more menage ideas on my hard drive. One or two of them even have a committed threesome at the end. I hope I’ll get the time to write at least one of those in the near future. Yeah, there’s just something about a woman being pleasured by two men…


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A Sneak Peek!

One of my favorite parts of writing is when I get to revisit characters that I’ve come to love in past books. Right now I’m working on edits for Lover Enraptured, the second installment of my Thieves of Aurion series. As I’ve been working on this book, I’ve been reminded all over again why Jerrick and Avily have been sitting in the back of my mind for the past few years, screaming to have their story told. I love characters who have smoking hot chemistry that they’re trying to resist. It makes their eventual downfall that much sweeter. 😉 Although this book doesn’t come out until August, I thought I’d give y’all a sneak peek with a little unedited excerpt and the ridiculously hot cover.

The knob turned and the next instant Jerrick pushed inside the cramped space of the bathroom. Avily caught his reflection in the looking glass. His stunned, sucker punched expression was almost worth donning the skimpiest dress known to womankind.


She frowned at him, ninety-nine percent certain that wasn’t so much a word he’d produced as the sound of him swallowing his tongue. “It’s okay, you can say it. I look ridiculous.”

He snapped his mouth shut and cleared his throat before attempting to speak again. “Not what I was going to say at all.”

“No? Then how would you phrase it? Stupid? Silly? Skanky? I’m sure I can come up with a few more S words if you give me a moment.”


She chuffed a humorless laugh. “Good one.” She would have tossed out another flippant comment but the heat in his eyes dried it to dust in her mouth.

He continued looking at her, really looking at her, in a way he’d never done before. As if he liked what he saw. No, craved what he saw. To the point that he wanted to sink his teeth straight into her for a leisurely meal.

Her turn to gulp. “Jer?”

The timid, uncertain quake in her voice seemed to jog him from his hypnotic fascination with her scantily clothed body. The mask of cool blandness he’d perfected over the years slipped back in place. “The dress will work out fine.”

“I don’t know. I can’t even tie it up properly.”

“Here, I’ll get it.”

Before she could protest or swat him away, he stepped behind her and gripped the laces. “Tell me if I’m doing it too tight.”

“I want it snug so I don’t fall out of the damn thing.”

“Yeah, that’d be a pity.”

She snapped her gaze to the looking glass, but his lowered profile revealed nothing regarding that crack. She opened her mouth to demand an explanation, and squeaked like she’d been goosed when he tugged on the laces without adequate warning.

Now I know how a sausage feels. Attempting to retain enough oxygen in her lungs to breathe, she sucked in her tummy. Any air trapped there apparently migrated up into her bosom because it plumped like it’d been inflated with helium. Jerrick’s motions stalled for a second, his scrutiny glued to her cleavage. Catching her suspicious squint in the looking glass, he returned his attention to the ties. His knuckles brushed her skin with each pass of the leather through the metal grommets. As he ventured closer to the top of the dress, the lessening slack of the laces meant more chances for his fingers to linger on her goose pebbled flesh. By the time he pulled the final lace ends together her knees were trembling.

Jerrick’s warm hands slid upward and rested on either side of her neck. “You’re shaking.”

“In case you didn’t notice, this dress offers less coverage that a washcloth. I’m cold.”

“No, I definitely noticed.”

She assumed he was referring to the inadequacies of her apparel, until she noticed he was staring fixedly at her nipples. The combination of her arousal and the chill in the room had stiffened the little buggers to hard points behind the crimson leather. He met her eyes again and the sultriness brewing in his irises knocked the remaining air from her diaphragm.

“Tell me touch you.” Gravel rode rough shod over his voice. “Same as you did before.”

“You’ve been touching me for the past five minutes.” Something the slickened state of her panties was all too happy to remind her of.

“You know that isn’t how you want me to touch you. How I’m dying to touch you.” His fingertips trailed over her collarbone, flirted with the upper curve of her breast.

Her eyes fluttering shut, she gave in to a wispy exhale. “Don’t you dare die before you grope me properly.”

“Good girl.” His whiskered jaw caressed the side of her face just as his hand coasted lower and cupped her breast. “That sounds suspiciously like something a dominatrix would say to her sub. Although I suspect she’d back up the reprimand with a stinging bite from her flogger.”

“Trust me, if I’d had one handy, I would have gladly cracked you across the ass.”

His smoky laugh brought new meaning to the term oral sex. Because gods knew, listening to it could trigger an orgasm. He nibbled her earlobe, each tiny nip provoking a pulsing throb through her clit. “You never know. I might enjoy it.”

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And the nominees for hottest movie scene are

 photo Heart-shapedfilmstrip_zpsd5d0cb39.jpg

It’s that time of the year again, Oscars time. How about some sweet lovin’ scenes to heat up the screen? Those are notoriously hard to get right. You want the audience burning up with the characters, not glancing at their watches/phones/toes. You want the audience squirming in their seats, and not because they’re going, “Awk-ward!” My nominees for scenes/movies that made me go ooh not boo are (in no particular order)

The introductory “It’s Raining Men” number from Magic Mike (2012). Let’s get this out of the way. But just because any man who can bust a move has my undivided attention. And because dancing makes every scene a sensual one.

Case in point: Dirty Dancing (1987). Special Mention: the scene where Baby goes up to Johnny’s cabin. That dance of theirs…that’s foreplay after my own heart. What follows is just as sweet.

Many of you 69ers love cowboys. And some good M/M. You’ve allll seen Brokeback Mountain (2005), right? Plenty of heated moments in that movie, but what lit me up and broke my heart at the same time was the bittersweet scene where Ennis and Jack are reunited, where Ennis throws Jack against a wall and kisses him senseless. What they feel, what they want, what they know they’ll never have, it’s all there in that scene and that kiss.

Another amazingly expressive face: Diane Lane’s Connie in Unfaithful (2002) after Paul grabs her, takes her to bed and then just takes her. It’s written all over her face. How she wants it, how she knows she shouldn’t, how much she’s loving it, how she knows she really really shouldn’t, but ooh…

Eyes blaze, chests heave, words come out in a rush, they’re drenched…and fully clothed, having a heated discussion in a gazebo in the rain. Miss Eliza Bennet and Mr. Darcy in the 2005 rendition of Pride and Prejudice. Not a faithful adaptation but as sexy as Austen gets.

The passion between Carré Otis and Mickey Rourke in Wild Orchid (1989). They were a couple at the time of filming and rumor has it they weren’t acting. I doubt it, but it’s just…that scene in the skeleton hotel in particular…I know it’s called acting but…some acting.

Eros meets Thanatos in Meet Joe Black (1998). Say what you want about this movie (like: editors are not only authors’ but movie makers’ best friends as well) but I will say this: Who knew Death could be so sweet and sensuous? *Sigh*

No fan of Pitt, though. Brangelina who? I mean, how gorgeous were Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas in Desperado (1995)?! Those love by candlelight moments, oh my my…

Speaking of which… There ain’t a man in this world who could tempt me to cheat on my husband. No, not even awe-inspiring Antonio. It would probably take a woman. Sweetest, sexiest Salma. The woman most likely to make me go bi. When she walked on camera in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), my jaw hit the floor, 69ers. All I could do was join the mostly male audience in an utterly vulgar yet totally honest stare of admiration. Up until…OK, no spoilers.

Talking of girl crushes, quite a long while since I last saw Bound (1996) but there’s no forgetting this one. Oh no. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon were something fierce together: intensely hot, oddly tender, and totally believable.

And now for something completely different…

Secretary (2002). I have mixed feelings about this movie. Like: Why James Spader? Damn that post-bath-splendor-in-the-grass-love-making scene is lovely. Has E.L. James watched this movie?

As for threesomes…you’re thinking Matt Dillon getting lucky twice over in Wild Things (1998), aren’t you? Well, I’m thinking the climactic scene of Y tu mamá también (2001). That is one raunchy road movie.

Dean going down on Cindy in Blue Valentine. I think Ryan Gosling is a good actor but, and please don’t hurt me, I don’t get the sex symbol status. Is it a boyish charm thing? I know, a matter of taste, right? This scene works for me, though.

And that, as they say, is a wrap.

Did I leave out your all-time favorite? Let us know in comments! Oh, you thought I meant something else besides mainstream movies? You’ll find a whole post on those at Dita’s Den. And some fringe favorites of mine in comments.

To all previous Oscar nominees: Thanks for the memories! To this year’s: Good luck!!

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My New Guilty Pleasure – A Very Sexy Paranormal Series

I clicked on one of Netflix’s suggested programs, and become instantly fascinated with Lost Girl. Have you heard of it?

It’s about a succubus, Bo, who wanders into a city where fae have a stronghold. It’s fascinating to see the variety of fae and the unique powers they each possess. But this show is NOT for kids. It’s very sexy.

Bo’s main romantic interest is Dyson, a police officer/werewolf, and the two of them have some of the hottest sex I’ve ever seen on Netflix. And Dyson is really yummy with his clothes off. But Bo doesn’t just jump into bed with the sexy wolfman, she’s got threesomes going on, and sexy encounters with women, too.

Kick, my hubby, is even liking the show. It’s really different from anything we’ve watched before, but as a writer, I love seeing how they’ve created the paranormal world in which they live.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it. It’s kind of a mix of Charmed and Twilight with a lot of spicy smut sprinkled on the top. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Lost Girl

Have a fae day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback from Createspace and Amazon
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Ten Sexy Minutes with Rough-and-tumble Cowboy Jens from HARD RIDIN’–Em Petrova

 photo Em-Ad2_zpsf3edf17e.gif

Today I’ve got the Wrangler-clad Jens from HARD RIDIN’ (available from Samhain with us on the 69 Shades of Smut blog. Welcome, you hunky man. Pull up a chair and open that western shirt a few buttons.

What do you do for work?
I fork hay, haul feed, play in the dirt, and have the privilege of watching the pertiest sunsets. In other words, I’m a rancher.

Where are you from?
Reedy, Wyoming—truly God’s country.

What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know?
I love to torment a woman until she begs for completion.

When was your last relationship and how long did it last?
*crosses boot over denim-clad knee* I’m in a three-way with my best friend and a gorgeous little farmer gal. Whooo! They keep my blood pumpin’. *levels his gaze at me* And it’s gonna last forever. No question.

What do you do for fun?
Take a twirl down at The Hellion. Jump in a pond nekkid. Gallop across a field with Laurel in the saddle before me.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
For some, yes. I also believe that slow and steady is the way to go.

What is your most treasured possession and why?
*takes off his hat and whirls it on his long, masculine fingers* This here hat has seen a lot. I’ve lost it in the dirt while racing after a runaway tractor. I wore it to the bank to see about a loan for my land. And it’s hit the floor along with my jeans and boots for many tumbles.

Do you like animals/keep pets?
Horses and cows. Cats and dogs. Could be a mangy chicken or two ranging our property. I can’t account for any strays that might be hidden among the junk in Laurel’s closet. She’s a hoarder.

How do you spend your spare time?
*waggles his brows* With two lovers, whatchu think?

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I see Laurel’s organic farm expanding and our cattle herd growing. Maybe find a little Jens following his daddy across the field.
Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full?
With me, you’re always full, pretty lady. *winks*

(Em melts into puddle)

Are you a morning person or a night person?
Morning, noon, and night. That’s the kind of passion Holden, Laurel, and I have. I think we’ve created a fourth part of the day for lovin’.

Thanks for stopping by, Jens. We’ve loved drooling over you—I mean, talking with you! *fans self and wiggles in seat*
Read on for a smutty scene from HARD RIDIN’ rated ADULT/Graphic panty-steaming

He kicked in her bedroom door and it struck something inside. He nudged it with his hip, and she released a giggle. “What in hell is that?”


“Ooo-kay.” He put his muscle into it and pressed the door wide enough to squeeze through with her in his arms. The soft light from the tall windows on the west-facing wall tumbled over the room. He narrowed his gaze at the heaps, lumps and towers that rose up out of the darkness.

“Laurel, where’s the bed?” Junk littered the space. And here he’d thought she’d be upset to come to his bed and find a full laundry basket and rumpled sheets.

She extended a hand and pointed to the far wall. He picked his way across the room, avoiding the landmines of clothes, shoes and God knew whatever else. The bed was free of clutter, though, and that was all that mattered.

“Sorry.” She buried her face against his throat and vibrated with laughter.

“You and me are gonna have a talk about why one woman would need this much stuff.”

“All right, but only after you’ve peeled me off the ceiling.”

He moaned, white-hot coals scorching his belly. His balls clenched up tight and ached for release. Tenderly, he tipped her onto the bed and pinned her to the mattress with his body.

She wriggled under him seductively, rolling her hips and arching her breasts upward. For a moment, he simply hovered over her, enjoying the feel of her body beneath his. The furthest they’d gotten were several drunk-on-lust make-out sessions, which always took place on the sofa or in his truck. Once he’d caught her against the barn, and she’d allowed him to delve a hand into her panties and feel her soaking, hot pussy, but before he could even finger her to completion, she’d stopped him.

Later, he’d gone home with her scents on his hand and smelled each digit while stroking his cock. He wanted more of that. Craved it. Her scent, her taste. It had become an obsession with him over the past month. Now he was oh, so close.

“Don’t push me away, darlin’.”

“No.” The word was a heated rasp.

Without warning, he claimed her mouth. Crushing her lips beneath his, rubbing his freshly shaven jaw over her silky flesh as he tangled his tongue with hers. Her personal musk filtered into his head along with some sugary drink she’d had earlier. He stroked the interior of her mouth, tasting her tongue, walls, lips, teeth. When he flicked the tip of his tongue against the roof of her mouth, she issued a harsh moan.

Tearing away, he panted for control, fighting the need to tear off their clothes and pound into her tight little body until he spurted his release. But he had to make this good—keep her coming back for more. And he’d possessed far too many dreams of this moment to dash it all away for an orgasm.

Gently, he ran his hands down her sides and encircled her wrists. “I want to hold your arms down while I lick your breasts. Will you let me do that?”

She made a soft noise like a sob or gasp. “Yes.”

A grin stretched the corner of his mouth upward. Her eyes glittered in the moonlight and her dark hair was an inky blot around the pale oval of her face. Holding her gaze, Jens knelt between her thighs. He caught the hem of her soft cotton shirt and tugged it up, trailing his fingers over the sliver of flesh he’d created. That band of skin threatened to undo him.
He ground his molars and fought to keep from coming in his pants like a teenage boy. Inch by inch, he exposed her. When he reached her breasts, he found them bare. He skimmed the undersides, aware of how rough his fingers must have been on her delicate skin.

She tossed her head back and pinched her eyes shut as he worked over the curves, purposely avoiding her nipples. Pulling her shirt over her head, he bit off a growl as her full breasts bounced.

“Damn, Laurel. You’re so beautiful.” He’d never seen her breasts before, but had fondled them enough through her shirt. He knew the way they filled his palms perfectly, and he’d fantasized more than once about coming all over them.

His cock throbbed painfully.

She gazed up at him, eyes aglow. “Touch me, Jens. I need you.”

He didn’t need more invitation. Hovering over her, he captured her lips, sucking and drawing on her tongue until she writhed. She raked her nails lightly over his shoulders, grasping at his shirt as he moved down to her throat.

Countless minutes had been spent worshipping the column of her throat and he knew exactly where to put his mouth to pull the biggest cries from her. Her whole body moved beneath him, hips bucking, breasts heaving, belly dipping. He kissed a blazing path down her throat to her collarbones, then lower to the valley between her breasts, holding her hands down as promised.

Her breath washed over his hair. Sticking out his tongue, he traced her cleavage, and then bathed the undersides of her breasts. Using quick strokes, he circled each, still avoiding the two straining buds.



“You’re killing me.”

“Mmm-hmm. I’m going to push you a lot further before dawn lights that sky, baby.” He sealed his promise by covering one rosy nipple with his mouth.

“Ahh!” She jerked and twitched. He tormented the bud, licking, nipping, lapping, sucking. She came off the bed, and he lashed her to him, skimming her warm flesh with his palms.

Turning to the other nipple, he stole a peek at her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth a silent O of bliss. The need inside him blazed out of control.

Again, he gently grasped her wrists and locked them to the mattress. Her eyes popped open. “Tell me when you need to stop. Give me a safe word.”

She obviously spewed the first thing that jumped into her head. “Peat moss.”

He folded in half, convulsing with laughter. “Laurel, you’re perfect for me.” With that, he returned to her breasts. Alternating between long, slow strokes and faster ones, he varied the pressure. From hard to light and from biting to barely breathing on her peaked skin.
She twisted her wrists under his hands, straining to touch him. He continued to torment her. When he left her bed, she was damn well going to feel it. Every inch of her body would remember him.

And she wasn’t going to be able to walk either.


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Welcome Guest Blogger Vivian Proud!

Too many chapters, not enough sex was not my goal when writing Anna and Don: Heart, Body and Soul. I tried to include it in almost every chapter, except when they travel to Sedona where they fall fast from exhaustion from the trip. But it’s soon followed by a rendezvous to one of the vortexes at three am. Just like a call from a guy when you’re single at three am, it’s sure not to disappoint. Take a peek at the excerpt and remember the best is yet to come.


At three in the morning, Don woke Anna up by kissing the hollow of her neck. “Anna, let’s go to a vortex.”

    “What? It’s three in the morning.”

“But it’s a full moon.”

He sent kisses down her throat to her belly and reminded her, “Vortexes are created, not by wind or water, but from spiraling spiritual energy. They’re believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, mediation and healing. The energy of the vortexes interacts with a person’s inner self.  It is not easily explained.”

“Are you going to try and explain it to me?”

  “No, I’d rather show you.”

They reached the peak of the vortex at about three thirty am. There was a car parked there with steamy windows. Anna just wrote it off as some horny teenagers out on an all-nighter.

Don walked Anna over to a huge rock under a tree and put a blanket down that he had brought from the room. She sat down and reached her hands around her arms, feeling a little chilled. Don wrapped his arms around her, rubbed her warmly and kissed her.

The full moon was large in the sky, almost like a harvest moon. They could easily see their surroundings and shadows lurked out from the trees.

Don kissed her quivering lip. Concerned that she was cold, he took his sweater off and placed it around her shoulders. He laid her down and held her close, exchanging the warmth that radiated from his body…

Buy Anna and Don here:

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New Release! THE WAGER!

So excited to announce I’ve got a new release out with Blushing Books called THE WAGER!  It actually came out years ago under a different name – The Advice Columnist – and has been out of print for a while, so I’ve reworked it. This version is totally different – and I think better – than the original. I’m excited about it! Hope you will be, too!

Happy Reading!

Will this be one bet she regrets making?

When San Francisco advice columnist Skye Covington gets a letter from a reader wanting to know if she should let her boyfriend spank her, she’s quick to let her know that no modern, independent woman should submit to a man in that way. Not unless she’s okay with her boyfriend expecting her to submit to him in other areas of her life as well. A woman can’t be submissive in the bedroom and in charge outside of it, or so Skye believes.

Sports columnist Carter Madison has always been attracted to Skye, but since it’s common knowledge that she doesn’t date jocks, he never bothered asking her out. Her latest column gives him an idea, though. Since she admits she’s never been spanked and obviously knows nothing about it, he challenges her to a friendly wager. She lets him spank her three times. If she likes it, she has to apologize to her readers in her column.

Never one to pass up a dare, Skye agrees. She has no doubt she’s going to win. Because there’s no way she could ever enjoy getting spanked, right?


Carter regarded her thoughtfully. “Tell me, Skye, have you ever even been spanked?”

Her color deepened. “That’s none of your damn business.”

His mouth twitched. “I’ll take that as a no. Or maybe you have been spanked, and you didn’t like it.” He considered that for a moment, then shook his head. “Nope, you’ve never been spanked. I can tell.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. How could he possibly tell something like that? What, did she have a scarlet “P” on her chest for prude? She was very kinky. She just didn’t want to be spanked.

“Don’t you have a column to write?” she said irritably. “I’m sure there’s something going on in the world of football that’s newsworthy.”

“There isn’t. I checked before I came down to get coffee.” He flashed her a grin. “If you’ve never gotten spanked, do you really think you’re qualified to give advice on the subject?”

Why was she still sitting here talking to him? “You didn’t play every position in football, but you still give your opinion on it, don’t you?”

“Not the same thing.”

God, he was annoying. “I don’t have to experience something to give advice about it. That’s what intelligence can do for you. And if I don’t have knowledge about something, I consult with someone who does.”

Carter nodded. “That makes a lot of sense. So, whom did you consult about spanking?”

Oh, damn. She’d walked right into that one, hadn’t she? So what if she hadn’t consulted with anyone about spanking? She didn’t answer to him. She certainly didn’t get a say about what he wrote in his daily column.

She grabbed her purse. “I have to get back to work.”

Carter reached out and put a hand on her arm. “Hold on a second. I think we’re making a breakthrough here that could be vital to your future as an advice columnist. You didn’t consult with anyone, did you? Which means you could have given that poor woman the wrong advice.”

She glared across the table at him. “I didn’t give her the wrong advice.”

“You hope you didn’t give her the wrong advice, but it’s possible that you did.” His golden-brown eyes glinted. “How about I give you a spanking so you’ll know a little more about the subject?”

Skye couldn’t keep her jaw from dropping. “You’ve got to be kidding. There’s no way in hell I would ever let you spank me.”

He lifted a brow. “Not even to help your readers?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, please. This isn’t about my readers. This is about you.”


“Yes. Trying to prove your right.”

“Maybe.” Carter grinned and Skye couldn’t help but notice that his smile seemed to light up a good portion of the room. “Let’s make things more interesting then. You agree to let me spank you. If I’m right and you enjoy it, you apologize to Curious in your column and tell her that you were wrong.”

Skye almost laughed at how absurd that was. “I’m not going to enjoy it.”

“Well, then you’re halfway to winning the bet already.”


“Or wager, if you prefer to call it that.”

She didn’t care what he called it. It was still stupid. But she’d play his game. “So, what do I get if I win?”

He shrugged. “If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to apologize to Curious About Spanking in your column.”

“That’s not winning anything. In order to have a wager, both people have to risk losing something.”

“What are you suggesting?”

Skye had expected him to back down the moment she implied he’d have to ante up. The fact that he was still grinning worried her. She knew she should pick up her purse and latte and leave, but she couldn’t. She hated to admit it, but she was the kind of girl who always got pulled into the truth and dare games in college. Her pride never let her back down from a challenge. And this was definitely a challenge.

She simply had to make the risk too high for him to agree. That way, if he brought it up again, she could remind him that he was the one who’d chickened out.

“If you win the bet, I have to humiliate myself in public,” she said. “If I win, you should have to do the same.”

That sensuous mouth of his twitched. “I hardly think that apologizing to one of you readers qualifies as humiliating.”

“It’s not just the apology,” she protested. “I’ll be admitting I was wrong in front of the entire city. To me, that counts as pretty major humiliation.”

His eyes narrowed. “I think I may have misjudged you. But okay. You obviously already have something in mind, so what is it?”

“You’re going to that sports awards dinner in a couple weeks, right? The one where you’re getting recognized for best reporter of the year or something?” She’d heard it from Pam in copyediting, who’d heard if from Bob in finance, who’d heard it from Allie in arts and leisure. “If I win, you accept your award dressed up as a clown. Big baggy pants, floppy shoes, funny nose, the whole works.”

Carter stared at her as if she’d just told him she wanted him to dress up as the Sugar Plum Fairy and dance the Nutcracker. “You’re joking, right?”

Skye smiled. She knew Carter would never agree to the bet now. He was too worried about looking cool to risk losing. He’d never dress up like a clown and humiliate himself in front of his colleagues. Especially when she was essentially the one deciding who won or lost the bet.

“I knew you’d be too chicken.”

She made little, clucking sounds to make her point.

The muscle in his jaw flexed. “You’re on. If you can honestly tell me that you don’t enjoy the spankings, I’ll accept my award dressed up like a clown.”

She frowned. “Spankings? As in more than one?”

The corners of his mouth edged up. “You have complete say in who wins and loses this wager, which means we need a little something to balance the scales. Instead of one spanking, I’m going to give you  three of them, at a time and place of my choosing. That will give you plenty of opportunity to reflect on them, and give me an honest opinion.”

Skye’s mouth tightened. Dammit. She was trapped and he knew it. If she didn’t agree to go through with it, Carter would think it was because she was the one who was too chicken.

“How do you know that I won’t just say I hated them, no matter what?”

“You could do that, but I’m depending on your journalistic integrity to keep you honest. I’m willing to take the chance. Are you?”

Even though she knew she shouldn’t do it, Skye found herself nodding. “It’s a deal.”

Carter reached out to shake her hand. His was big and strong, and just the slightest bit rough. “I’ll pick you up Friday around seven.”

Her brow furrowed. “Pick me up for what?”

“To take you out to dinner, of course.”

She blinked. “You’re taking me out to dinner? We didn’t say anything about a date.”

He snorted. “What did you think I was going to do, come by your cubicle on my lunch break and give you a spanking? Besides, it’s not a date. It’s just two coworkers having dinner together.”

One of whom was going to spank the other at the end of the night. “Right.”

“You have to be in the right mood to enjoy your spanking, and in the interest of winning the bet, I’d be stupid not to help you get into the right mood.”

Skye gritted her teeth. Carter may not want to call it a date, but it sure seemed like one to her. Well, she was stuck now.

“Fine. I’ll text you my address,” she snapped, picking up her phone and getting to her feet. “By the way, I don’t like seafood.”

“You live in San Francisco, and you don’t like seafood?” When she only glowered at him, he held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, no seafood.”

What the hell had her pride gotten her into? “You’d better reserve that clown costume, because you’re going to need it.”

Giving him one more glare, she grabbed her purse and half-finished latte, then turned on her heel and stomped out of the coffee shop.

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Sexy Romantic Fiction!

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Declarations of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’m a sucker for romance.” I think that’s my favorite line from a movie (“The Goodbye Girl”) because it’s so true. I love all types of romance novels; sweet, spicy, sizzling, and down right dirty. I don’t know about about you, but after the steamy sexual tension and the hot, sweaty sex, I’m a sucker for those declarations of love.

There will be enough articles and blog posts about Valentine’s Day, about the history and the ways to spend it with your loved one, I thought I’d just share some declarations of love for you to sigh over.

Brendan and Ashley from Silken Canvas:

“You’re more than my inspiration,” he went on, his voice soft and sincere. “You’ve brought balance to my life. You’ve brought love. I want you in my life. Not because of my career. Because I love you.”

He loved her?

“I love you too,” she whispered. Now the words came so easily, she didn’t know why she’d waited so long. “I never stopped loving you.”

Jarrod and Hanna from Chains of Desire:

He kissed her soft hair. “Can you sit up now?” She nodded. As soon as they sat up, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly.  “I love you, Hanna, my brave little slave. I love you with my heart as well as my body.”

She gasped. “I didn’t think we were allowed to love each other.”

“Love doesn’t listen to rules.” He gathered her close. “I know I don’t deserve it, but I hope someday I will earn your love.”

“I do love you, Jarrod. I just never let myself believe it was possible.” She took his hands and kissed them. “I’m sorry. I’m so lucky to have you as my Master. If I can please you by keeping your house and being ready to pleasure you, I will do it willingly. You’re right. It’s all I know.” Tears glittered in her eyes. “I don’t want another Master. I don’t want another life.”

Alan and Caroline from Sunrise (in Jewels of the Nile II):

“I’m not going to stay here without you. And I’m not content to take the tiny bits of time you allow me.” He drops his hands from my shoulders and I shiver. “I love you, Caroline. I need you in my life. In my heart. I want you to come with me when I go on tour again next month. We’re going to Europe. To Paris. London. Rome. You can bring your easel. You can paint while I’m playing, and when I’m not, we can walk together along the Champs de Elysses. Through the Coliseum. I can show you the neighborhood where I grew up.” – Alan

I kiss him tenderly. I soak in his warmth and I’m not cold anymore. As our lips slide against each other, the heat builds again. My skin quickly catches fire. Can I need him again so quickly? Can I love him?

The truth hits me as I realize I’ve loved him for months. I’ll need him for the rest of my life. …I lean over him and brush my lips across his. “I love you.” – Caroline

Ben and Piper in Flaunt It:

She crossed her arms in front of her and rubbed her skin as if she was suddenly cold. The look of anguish on her face was enough to make him want to walk away from her right now, just so she wouldn’t look so sad. “Why should I say yes?” she asked, lifting her chin with the challenge. “Why should I change my whole life because of you?”

“Because I love you, dammit,” he shouted. She’d already rejected him, it couldn’t possibly hurt any more than it already did to speak the words he’d been reluctant to say out loud. The words he’d been certain would send her running. “Because my life is so much better when you’re a part of it.” She just stared at him, not saying a word. His heart raced, his body chilled. He lowered his voice to a whisper. “I love you, Piper.”

Oh shit, those were tears were streaming down her face. But she didn’t run away from him like he’d been afraid she would. Instead, she rushed up to him and wrapped her arms around him. “Well, it took you long enough to say so.”

“What?” He wasn’t sure he understood what was going on, but he gathered her close, soaking up her warmth. This time he might never let her go.

“Don’t you get it? I love you too much to be just another girl.” She stepped back just far enough to swipe at her tears. “I wasn’t sure how you felt about me. I couldn’t stay with you if you didn’t love me. I couldn’t move in with you if you didn’t feel the same way about me that I felt about you.”

Ben stood there like a fool, with his mouth half open, while he tried to find the words to tell her how he felt. Finally he just croaked out, “You love me?”

“Don’t look so surprised.” She tilted her head to study him. “Why do you look so surprised?”

“You could have any guy you want.”

“I don’t want just any guy, you ass. I want you.”

I hope you enjoyed these little declarations of love. I hope you sighed and smiled and want to read more. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope yours includes a declaration of love.

And some hot sweaty sex.


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Griffin’s Trip to Sexapolooza

2013-02-10 08.51.04Sexapolooza – Columbus, OH February 2013

First of all, I have to point out that I was there on official business. I was at the Ellora’s Cave booth signing for Dangerously Mine. With that said, a girl can have fun when she’s off the clock, which I did! And a lot of it!2013-02-02 23.32.55

While signing, I got to sit next to Ellora’s Cave Caveman Georgio. 2013-02-02 23.42.55He was such a nice guy! He had a line and I didn’t (who wouldn’t stand in line for a signed calendar, hug and picture?), 2013-02-02 23.42.44but he told all his female followers to come over to my side of the table and get a signed cover flat. Thanks!

There were live shows of participants 2013-02-02 22.06.40 dancing for prizes,2013-02-02 22.51.41

2013-02-02 23.09.29 male dancers 2013-02-02 23.20.18

and the highlight was when Georgio got up on the stage and did his thing 2013-02-02 23.25.21 – effectively shutting down the house!

There were glass dildo’s 2013-02-02 22.40.20

Sex Sling’s 2013-02-10 08.52.39

2013-02-02 22.41.39Toys

And more toys 2013-02-02 22.33.58

2013-02-02 22.24.25 And who could forget the giveaways!

It was a day filled with walking around, shopping and partying. All while wearing these 2013-02-02 18.30.51

I had a blast!

See you next year!

A. M. Grffin

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Welcome Guest Blogger Cari Quinn–Girl Writer *cheers*

Destination: Sex

Thank you so much to 69 Shades of Smut for having me here today!

I know, I know, with a topic header like that, where can I go next? But this is a phrase I’ve coined lately, mainly because the books I’ve been writing seem to include a lot of sex that occurs anywhere but in a bed.

I didn’t plan that. Sex in a bed works for author me as much as the next gal, but it’s been fun exploring all the *other* places a couple can get busy. For example, take my latest release, MELT, out now from Loose Id. There’s sex on the living room floor, sex against a kitchen island, and yes, some sex in a bed.

 photo CQ_Melt2_zps9102524e.jpg

But in some of my other releases…whoa nelly!

Rooftop in the rain?


Boss’s office?


In a glass elevator?


I guess I’m bed-phobic…or my characters are, the naughty minxes. And I’m not about to rein them in anytime soon!

What about you? What wild destination rings your bells? Not for sex, necessarily, though this is a judgment-free zone! But where would you go on the most amazing vacation of your life if money was no object? I’ll pick one random commenter to win an ebook of their choice from my backlist! Winner will be chosen by the end of this week.

Check out MELT

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