Cowboy Meet and Greet–Hard Ridin’ by Em Petrova~

Hello Smutters! I’m gearing up for my upcoming Feb 5 Samhain release of HARD RIDIN’. This contemporary cowboy story is set under the big skies of Wyoming in a little town called Reedy.

Caution: Contains two sexy cowboys who want the same woman; and, in winning her heart, they discover a steaming-hot attraction for each other.

Note from my editor about “the” big moment: I love the hell out of this scene. I mean seriously. It is gorgeous and dirty and I have not stopped thinking about it since I first read it.

 photo HardRidin200X300_zps2bd5f967.jpg

Read on for the opening scene of Hard Ridin’, available for pre-order at Samhain and Amazon.


Jens Anderson hooked Laurel around the waist and tugged her close as the twangy two-step faded away. The low drawl of a slow song drifted from the speakers flanking the dance floor.

As Laurel came up against the wall of muscle that made up Jens’s body, a sigh escaped her.
He splayed a hand over her lower back and crushed her hips to his. The action sent a dark thrill through her belly, and lower, between her thighs.

Jens skimmed the crest of her buttocks with his fingers. “I love you in this skirt, Laurel. When are you gonna let me peel it off you?”

His baritone rumbled against her ear and raised every hair on her body. Was this the night she let the rough-and-tumble country boy make it past second base? Being stretched out beneath him, gaining and delivering pleasure, seemed the best way to spend a weekend.
Better than being alone, scouring seed catalogs for the best deals.

She fiddled with a strand of hair clinging to the perspiration on her temple. For two months, she’d been asking herself if he was the one—if she could let him past the barricade she’d erected around her heart.

When she didn’t answer him, Jens continued to twirl her around the dance floor, easily navigating between other swaying bodies. He was one hell of a dancer, and he was also used to her ignoring his advances. Countless times he’d asked her to spend the night with him, but even after two months of dating, she wasn’t ready.
It wasn’t because the man was lacking in any way. Oh no. At six foot tall, with shoulders made bulky from wrangling livestock and farm equipment, he was wanted by every girl in the small town of Reedy.

But that was just his body. His eyes were the true allure. Sapphire and twinkling with life, he’d hooked Laurel from the moment he’d pierced her with that gaze.

He nudged her away from him, twirled her and reeled her back in. Their hips bumped and his erection pressed against her aching flesh.


He gave a huff of laughter. “You caught me. I can’t help it. I’m wild about you, darlin’.”

For a moment, she lost herself in his bright gaze. His cowboy hat was tugged low over his brow, but the depths of his baby blues glittered with desire. Laurel’s nipples hardened, and the knot in her core tightened. Why was she dragging her heels with Jens? He was everything a woman could want—sexy, a hard worker, a great dancer, and he even grilled a mean steak.

The music pitched lower and the singer crooned love words. Jens looked deep into Laurel’s eyes. Cupping her face in one big palm, he leaned in slowly. His scent dizzied her—mint and a hint of the beer he’d drank, as well as cologne. Washed cotton shirt and leather boots.

One hundred percent man.

Laurel and Jens rocked back and forth, with him singing in a low voice that sent white-hot electricity through her heated limbs.

In that minute, the warm cocoon of his arms was the only place she wanted to be.

He dropped his full lips to hers and she couldn’t suppress a shudder of want. Jens squeezed her to him, drawing her onto tiptoe and somehow still undulating to the beat. He pressed on her lips with his tongue, and she opened to him.

Sensation was a punch to her system as he slipped his tongue over hers. The bodies around
them disappeared, the clank of beer bottles and the hum of voices vanished.

“What the—? Laurel?”

She jerked at the sound of that familiar voice—the only other voice to ever send her spinning out of control. Jens released her, and they turned as one to face the reason she continued to hold Jens at arm’s length—the reason she wasn’t ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Holden McAlister.

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10 thoughts on “Cowboy Meet and Greet–Hard Ridin’ by Em Petrova~

  1. Ashley

    Wow such a build up. I can’t wait to read it.


  2. sounds hot!


  3. One of the best build ups I’ve read in a while! Excellent work! This was some incredible stuff – no wonder the scene won’t flee everyone’s minds!


  4. mawmom

    Looks fantastic Em! Thanks for sharing this tease with us. :O) Carin


  5. Sounds HOT! I added it to my Wish List.


  6. suzyrph

    Em, This is gonna be great series, I can’t wait for them. You write hot stories and and now with cowboys, Yum!


  7. Shannon Bereza

    I found this website through you Em Petrova and I am so thankful. I have found so many new books and new authors that I probably wouldn’t have come across if it wasn’t for you. I’m married to a fireman so the cover of One Fiery Night had me hooked. I will be pre-ordering this one soon.


    • Shannon Bereza

      I will be preordering Hard Ridin’ is what I meant to say. I just bought One Fiery Night since I had it on the top of my TBR list and I can’t wait to read it.


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