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So I survived the first week of the new year and didn’t even get a lousy tee shirt. 🙂 New beginnings, new attitude and lots of new ideas. While some things have remained the same, I”m looking forward to the possibilities of this year. For me a new year is like opening a new document, anything can happen. New worlds to explore, new characters to develop and fall in love with or simply a page to pour out thoughts and ideas.

The new year is what you make…or not. Either way make it something spectacular and memorable. I know I will.

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Pressures from work have kept Nathan from seeing his girlfriend the last two weeks and he knows she’s not pleased. When he finds her in his office wearing a smirk and little else he can only hope she’s there to show him the error of his ways.

Shauna understands that Nathan’s job is important to him, but so is she. She hopes a private session in his office will remind him of the passion they share. There’s more to life than duty…there’s pleasure.


Could she hear his heart hammering away? God, he hoped not. That would give her insight into exactly what he was feeling. By her slow perusal and the way her gaze lingered on his crotch, she already knew what he was feeling. He shifted, met her stare, and barely stifled a groan.

Open appraisal and hunger simmered in her dark chocolate depths. She licked her lips and his body jerked in response, his cock aching to feel the warm heat of her mouth on him.

He looked her over. Sheer black stockings encased long, shapely legs. Her red-soled shoes bore an ice-pick thin heel and a sexy jeweled ankle strap. She lowered her feet to the floor and leaned forward, giving him a view of her breasts as they threatened to spill from the top of her leather bustier. What was she wearing beneath? A skirt? A thong?

“Close and lock the door, Nathan.” Her sultry voice washed over him, sensitizing nerves already alive with lust.

“What are you doing here, Shauna?” Even as he voiced his curiosity, he did as she ordered.

The corners of her mouth twisted upward. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“That’s not true.” He frowned. “This case…”

She merely lifted a brow, while her fingers swept over the curve of her breasts. He followed her movements, envying the digits caressing her creamy chocolate flesh. He sucked in a breath.

“This case is important, Shauna.”

“How long has it been?”

Her finger circled one pert nipple. The pebbled point strained against the supple material, while her gaze never left his face. He probably should’ve made time for her, for them. Could she see how much her presence, her actions affected him? A bead of sweat trickled between his shoulder blades while his cock remained rock-hard. By the smirk teasing her lips, she did.

He lowered his head. “Too long.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Her hand slid down her flat abdomen and disappeared from view. Her lids fluttered to half-mast. “I’ve had to replace the batteries in my vibrator…twice this week.”

Damn. Was she just going to make him watch her come, no participation required on his part? That was low and hot all at the same time.

Nathan clenched his jaw, his hand moving to the bulge in his pants, and rubbed up and down. She sucked at her bottom lip and he longed to see her fingers delve into her damp folds, but the desk obstructed his view. Her scent, sweet and musky, perfumed the air, and his mouth watered to taste her. A soft moan eased past his lips. He could almost feel her silken heat wrapped around the rigid length of him.

Abruptly she stilled, her eyes taking on a dreamy quality he loved to watch. “What are you doing?”

Confused, he glanced around.

“Stop touching yourself.”

He ceased stroking himself and allowed his hand to fall at his side. He’d been so aroused by her he hadn’t realized what he was doing.

“Take off your clothes.”


Another sly smile and an eyebrow raise. He tugged at the knot in his tie while the other hand went to the buttons on his shirt. There weren’t many people left in the building this time of night, but there was still the potential to get caught. A glance at the door assured him it was still locked.

“You must not want me as badly as I think you do.” Her hand disappeared beneath the desk again. “What a pity. I guess that means you get to watch.”


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