The Smutification of Disney World in Five Images…

Happy Hump Day, 69ers! Boy oh boy, it has been an insanely busy week for me. I’m on vacation at the “ aka Walt Disney World. And despite sickness, exhaustion, and crazy weather, I have had one of the best times of my life.

Since I love to share, I thought I would show off some of my snazzy pictures from the trip. Now, I must warn you these are not your typical photographs. No Castle or giant ball (oops, I mean Spaceship Earth). And definitely no Tree of Life or Mickey’s Wizard Hat. These images are, shall we say, for the adults…the ones with a sense of humor and a smutty mind.

So without further ado, here is my Smutty Disney Photo Album…


A dog bone big enough for 101 Dalmations? Not hardly. How about 101 inches of man bone for a lucky chick?


Dude, he could spear someone with that thing. And it wouldn’t ‘hurt so good.’


Are you kidding me? A restaurant called the Outer Rim? I would love to see that menu. Tossed salad  (Google Chris Rock, if I lost you on this one) and BBQ Pork Butt, anyone?


submissive: “But Master, I didn’t touch any of the other plastic toys! I-I-I swear it.”

Master Lego Man: (Wha-cha)


The Great Soap Debate: Gnome or Butt Plug? Butt Plug or Gnome? I’ll have to go with…butt plug.

Well, there you have it. I smuttified Walt Disney World in only five images. Just think of the damage I could do with just a few more days…and a couple more images. Mwahaha!



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12 thoughts on “The Smutification of Disney World in Five Images…

  1. SheriV

    Holy crap! Good job. Love it!


  2. That is too funny!


  3. I love your perverted mind, Mia. LOL


  4. I will never look at Disney the same LOL!


    • Mia Ashlinn

      LOL. What is bad is that I’m ruined, too – forever. Now my mind always ‘goes there’ when I’m walking around. I get lots of strange looks when I point at things and snicker. 😉


  5. Tina D

    You are such a sick puppy Mia 😛


  6. I love this!!! My sister & I used to pride ourselves in our ability to smutify pretty much anything… but Disney? You take the cake! (or in this case, Smut Award!)

    Thanks for the great laugh!!


    • Mia Ashlinn

      Woohoo Marianne. I love awards. Do I get to give a speech. If so, here it goes: “I would like to thank the Academy of Smutty Awards…” LOL.

      It is such fun to smutify stuff isn’t it? After all, as you and your sister know, almost anything can be smutified. So keep up the good work! 🙂


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