5 Minutes in the Closet with Em Petrova

Hello Smut Lovers! Welcome to the first 5 minutes in the closet of 2013. This year is about being bold, growing some sparkly girl-balls, and never saying die.

As an author, I love to talk to people. In the grocery store, at kid functions, and online. Too many times I hear the undertone of dissatisfaction or general boredom people have with their lives. I can’t lie and say those things don’t incarcerate my spirit sometimes as well. But why do they?

In 2012 I took control of my debt. Like a lot of people, I had a ton of credit cards sinking me into a monthly pit of despair. My resolution for 2012 was to wipe it out. Well, I didn’t exactly succeed yet, but I did get rid of 2 hefty bills and 4 credit cards.

In 2013, I want to take back my creative spirit. I have many jobs between marketing for publishers, editing, and writing. Also, I have four elementary-age kids and an adorable Labradoodle puppy. Let’s take an AWWWW break, shall we?


*snaps fingers*

Okay, back to the creative muse. Sometimes she is an elusive bitch, running from me before I can grab her by the leather jacket. Other times she is a nymph, teasing me and wrapping me in gossamer ideas at times when I clearly cannot write them down. So this year I plan to pin her down and force her to talk to me on my terms. That means filling my head to overflowing with things that inspire. Music, art, shoes, eye candy, p*rn (yes, I said that. Why do you suppose my computer always has a virus?), tattoos, poetry, fine wine, a good steak, amazing orgasms, sunshine, chocolate, and maybe a pretty pair of nipple clamps. These are going to inspire my writing and get my creative juices flowing.

In the end, only I can find my happiness and eliminate boredom in my life. That’s my resolution–and to stop backing into shit in my SUV. LOL!

How do you plan to take on 2013? Let me hear your thoughts! Oh, and be sure to pop over to my website and sign my guestbook to enter for a chance at a 2013 HAWT COWBOY CALENDAR! Go, hurry.


Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~

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11 thoughts on “5 Minutes in the Closet with Em Petrova

  1. Laurie P

    P*rn, nipple clamps…hot cowboys who are naked except for boots with pointy spurs….yeehaw!
    So, I want a tattoo, lose weight, get fit and toned and get published.


  2. I work with a couple of very negative people who put a damper on every thing. This year I’m not going to let them drag me down. I plan to just leave their area when they start. Maybe looking at p*rn befire going to work will help! LOL!!!


  3. 2013 will be full of changes for me…my last child graduating high school; my middle son graduating from his first two years of college; me figuring out the next chapter in my life. Hope to know more about myself by the end of the year.


  4. Much support to you girlfromwva!


  5. Dealing with debt here too, Wish it was as fun as a tat and clamps hehe


  6. You go girl.


  7. Teena

    There is a club in Brisbane called “Hellfire” I’ve been only once so far my plan is to get my hubby to come with me next time. You will find Hellfire on the net. Then you have the i will lose weight and make the family lose it too even if i have to drag them kicking and screaming the entire way plan. And then the ” there will be more action in my bedroom other then my books” plan. that’s it for now i could get back to you later 😀


  8. Kathy Miller

    I want to once and for all lose the pesky 15 lbs that I keep putting back on and keep them off permanently. Other than that, I’m open for new experiences.


  9. laurie goudge

    i am currently looking for work so MY goal is to find a job. that and continue to read….and b/c i like dogs to continue dog walking a couple of dogs for excersise!


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