Let the Countdown Begin

As 2013 fast approaches I look back over my year and have to say I’ve been truly blessed. The number of books published and contracts received for 2012 outnumber what was done in 2011. I attended a book conference, a couple of book signings, met several Facebook friends, traveled, achieved a couple of silver stars and even made the Amazon best seller list a time or two.

I also learned reviewers don’t like “cliffhangers” even if there’s a full story involved, everyone doesn’t like me (no surprise there) and I have even less patience than I had a year ago.

2012 was a wonderful year for me and 2013 is shaping up to be fantastic. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone a few times and look forward to gathering even more knowledge. As my schedule grows busier and the muses toss more plot bunnies and my bff’s muses have decided to toss ideas at me too. (What’s up with that? Like I don’t have enough people living in my head already) Anyway embrace the change and newness of 2013. The sky is the limit.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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Oh and I have a free read releasing January 4 from Evernight Publishing.

Pressures from work have kept Nathan from seeing his girlfriend the last two weeks and he knows she’s not pleased. When he finds her in his office wearing a smirk and little else he can only hope she’s there to show him the error of his ways.

Shauna understands that Nathan’s job is important to him, but so is she. She hopes a private session in his office will remind him of the passion they share. There’s more to life than duty…there’s pleasure.

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