Where Has The Year Gone?


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With the holiday season among us we are getting to spend extra time with family and friends. It also makes us reflective. Well maybe I get reflective. Not sure about you. This year our holidays kinda got messed up due to the fact that everyone came down with the flu. We had this family gathering planned that had to be canceled due to the fact that well the house is barely alive and honestly you don’t want guests when you are sick.

People don’t want to be there either…

as I sit trying to catch up on some work that I have missed due to the bug it made me think about the last year. All the ups and downs of my career as a writer. The lessons I’ve learned.

Te people I’ve met…the opportunities I have been blessed to have..

I keep saying to myself that 2013 will be even bigger as I take a new journey with my career and start to dip my toes into new ponds. Am I nervous? Yes…but I’m willing to take the step and learn. Do new things and grow as a writer and as an author…most of all as a person.

I never expected this past year to be the way it has but honestly I would not change it..I learned a whole lot about myself and where  I want to go.

We as authors work hard to live our dream of creating stories and bringing something special to the reader. We never have a set plan or a vision of how it will all be. Most the time it is a surprise to us as well with how things turn out.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has supported me and been there all this time. You are always in my heart and I hope that you continue to come along on this next leg of the adventure with me.

stay naughty



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4 thoughts on “Where Has The Year Gone?

  1. Here’s hoping all of you feel better soon! Just remember that all of your experiences have made you the person you are today, and you’re a pretty special person (0:


    • Elf, thank you…that means so much coming from you…Each little thing is a learning experience…That you for your amazing support and for your kind words.


  2. Tiss

    Glad you are feeling better. Good Luck with whatever you have planned for 2013. Thanks for all you did in 2012.


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