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So…I’m totally unprepared for this blog. I moved again this weekend. Second time in two weeks, but I’ll be in this spot for at least the next few months, and it’s not all bad. In fact, the only bad part is the actually packing and unpacking, and even that wasn’t bad thanks to the help of my family and the cooperation of Mother Nature. Moving this time of year is definitely a risky endeavour, but it was warm an sunny and not a bad day to be carrying boxes.

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No, this guy wasn’t there to help me, but it would have been very helpful…or maybe not 🙂

Since I don’t have much time right now and limited internet usage, I’m leaving you with a sexy snippet from Caribbean Heat and a chance to win. Just leave a comment and you’ll be in the drawing to win. I can’t even guarantee that I’ll be able to get on here and choose the winner tomorrow, but I will as soon as possible and will leave the winner’s in the comments and will definitely contact you.



Only about fifteen minutes until her shift was over. She volunteered for the breakfast shift and Crystal took the late night shift. Turned out to be a better decision than she expected. It did look as if the party might be winding down soon, or at least winding into the bedrooms. If they didn’t get naked and start fucking right here.

“Do you see this?” Crystal came back to the bar with a tray of empty and half-empty glasses. “Of course you see this. The owner’s wife is going to be naked in about thirty seconds.”

“Do you really think so?” Sierra couldn’t believe Alexis was going to let it all hang out in front of these people. The woman seemed so uppity and cold most of the time. A little, or lot, of alcohol could sure change a person.

“Holy shit,” Crystal whispered as Alexis proved her right by lifting her dress over her head.

Sierra stared and swallowed hard. Crystal was right, holy shit was the only way to describe it. Alexis was completely naked in front of everyone. Sierra blinked a couple times and then shook her head in disbelief.

Doug had already pulled off her panties. They were tossed on the table in front of him. A black, lacy thong sat between a martini and a vodka on the rocks and had narrowly missed landing in the plate of caviar and crackers Sierra had delivered.

She didn’t see the draw of eating fish eggs, nor did she see the draw of being naked in front of ten people, but Alexis seemed to be enjoying every second of it, lookingn around to make sure all eyes were on her as she made out with the smoking-hot blonde woman on the bench beside her.

Doug watched with interest, then unfastened his pants and moved behind his wife, urging her ass into the air.

The other couples were doing it too, taking off their clothes and touching and kissing. They were in pairs of two, but that didn’t make it any less shocking. As much as she felt as if she should turn and look the other way, Sierra didn’t. It was all so interesting, and if they didn’t want anyone watching, they wouldn’t be doing it right there.

Alexis moaned as Doug slammed his cock deep inside his wife. The skin between Sierra’s legs started to tingle.

The fact that Doug was significantly older than his wife didn’t seem to matter to anyone. The man was in good shape, well endowed, and rich. He thrust his cock into Alexis hard and deep, again and again as her moans floated through the air. Sierra squeezed her own legs together, trying to stop the tingling sensations increasing intensity. Damn, she needed to get laid.

Crystal wandered around, delivering drinks to tables and picking up empties, moving around the piles of people humping like it didn’t affect her at all.

Sierra wished it didn’t affect her, but the wetness that surged to her opening said otherwise. The psychologist part of her knew it was part of human nature, that watching other people having sex would cause a need for cock between any woman’s legs, but her Christian upbringing said it was wrong.

Wrong or right, it was happening. One of the men, Paul, and his wife—mistress, lover?—whoever she was, she was about to get one hell of a ride. The woman was dark-haired, thin, with perky little breasts. She yanked his pants down to his ankles, leaving him sitting on the white leather bench with his cock pointing toward the stars, waiting for her to get on and ride him. And she did—climbed on top of his cock and rode him slow and steady. Her moans joined Alexis’, filling the air with the sounds of sex.

It was crazy. And hot. Sierra squeezed her legs together again, but all it did was intensify her need for the same attention the other women were getting.

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16 thoughts on “Win a copy of Caribbean Heat!

  1. Ann Q

    That was an interesting experience for a waitress. Great excerpt.


  2. Great excerpt! Very hot! Good luck with settling into your new home.


  3. Tabitha Tucker

    Great excerpt….. Very nice cover. Hope you have a great holiday!


  4. mawmom

    I know how hectic a move is good luck, great excerpt what a wild experience that would be to be in the middle of all that but trying to just do a job. I don’t think I could


  5. Susanne

    Damn, I never had anything like that when I waitressed. Bummer, it might have been fun.


  6. ron sanders

    yummy, yummy


    • Sky Robinson

      Congratulations ron, you are my winner! I’ll be sending you an email in a few days. Still working on getting internet on something other than my phone here…


  7. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    I had a chance to spend 7 days in Jamaica. What better way to feel that “heat” again but by reading your book. And the cover helps a lot too. Loved the tats. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Holidays!


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