Making Love Cowboy Style: New Holiday Book Release – Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas

What fascinates us about Las Vegas? Is it that it’s a town that runs 24 hours a day? A city that encourages us to give in to our vices? A brightly lit adult theme park in the middle of the desert?

Gigi, my heroine, is celebrating her birthday, while Boone, the hero, is celebrating his win at the casino’s rodeo. He’s got a big belt buckle, and he’s looking for a buckle bunny to share a couple hot nights with.

When they bump into each other, karma, magic, and temptation lock them together in a wild ride with plenty of cowboy lovin’, and cozy holiday moments. Take a mini-Vegas vacation with Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas.

Here’s the blurb: A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and New York college student Gigi Colberg-Staub. During the day they spend together as VIP guests of the casino, an intense attraction develops. Throughout the night they share in the big bed of the comped suite, hot, sensual moves ignite wild climaxes.

When Gigi receives a miscommunication, she believes Boone thinks of her as one-night buckle bunny. She confronts him, but Boone convinces himself it’s best for both of them if she goes on believing that, and he lets her walk out of his life. When he realizes his mistake, and then sees the sacrifice Gigi made for him, is it too late to win her back?

*Since I’m blogging at two spots today, I posted the first half of this scene at Wild and Wicked Cowboys. Head there first if you want to see how Boone got Gigi into this position.

Excerpt: Boone held her butt cheeks in his hands and squeezed, then kissed each one. “So sexy. You’ve got the cutest ass I’ve ever seen.”

Did he really mean it? He’d have seen a heck of a lot of women’s butts in his life. She wiggled her tush a little.

With a groan, he licked the bottom of her cheek where it met her thigh, a long, hot taste.

He core quivered with desire. Gigi was tempted to move her hand lower, pleasure herself, but she’d let him have his fun. She’d be sure to keep him in suspense when it was her turn to be in control.

He licked the other side of her then grabbed her hips and lifted her.

With her face on the quilt, she fisted her hands in the fabric next to her head and hung on. “What are you doing, cowboy?”

“Trust me?” The rumbled words shook her low in her slit.

He’d said the same thing to her at the Birthday Baby machine, and look how well that turned out. “I trust you.”

He chuckled. Kneeling behind her, he slid his hands between her thighs and grasped her hips from below, lifting her bottom higher. When his mouth closed over her pussy lips and sucked, she could see the genius of this position.

Blood flowed to her brain, spinning her like a ride at a carnival as his mouth heated and tickled her slit.

His tongue lapped along her folds then deep inside her, slow and hard.

Manic chills raced up her spine, flickering lights in her head, sending her reeling toward climax.

His mouth slid closer to her butt, and his nose pressed against her anus, circling as his tongue and lips continued to eat her with nibbles and sucks.

“Oh, God, where did you learn that?” Blasts of heat rocked through her, wildly whipping her toward nirvana.

“Mmm. My signature move.”

“So when girls ask you for your signature…”

He laughed. “Just you, Gigi. You’re my only fan.”

Warmth spread from her heart. He was hers this Christmas. A gift she wished she didn’t have to return on the twenty-sixth. She pushed the thought from her mind and concentrated on finding her orgasm.

His mouth slid down and captured her clit. With a suck and a couple flicks, he gave her what she craved.

Wheeling crazily, multicolored flashes blazed in her head. “Boone!” Her core contracted and her hips bucked in rhythm with his tongue. Whirring kaleidoscopes of color and light carried her off for long moments. The blood rushing to her head intensified the orgasm until she felt weightless, ungrounded.

The touch of his lips on her clit gentled her, eased her back from the perfection of the amazing orgasm. He licked her pussy. “You are honey.” He sucked. “Sweet spicy cream.”

“Haa ahh.” Words wouldn’t form, but a smile curled her lips.

“Is that a good thing?” His voice held a teasing note.

“So, so good, Boone.” Aftershocks rallied through her pussy, climbing her spine to shimmer like fireflies on a dark night. “I’m lifeless.”

He kissed her thighs softly and lowered her to the mattress. His body came down half on top of her, warming her as his lips sought hers in a tender kiss. “You are incredibly sensitive.” He laid his head next to hers, their noses just inches apart.

She could stay like this forever.

* * * * *

Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace.

To everyone who celebrates it, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon and in paperback from Createspace and at Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon

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6 thoughts on “Making Love Cowboy Style: New Holiday Book Release – Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas

  1. Oh. MY. God. That was HOT! Makes me wish I had someone to get hot and heavy with and for a few orgasms of my own. I ordered the book, so I can get out my vibrator and get busy.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Randi!


    • Randi Alexander

      Oh my gosh, Tiss, I had coffee out my nose! You’re so funny. Good luck with the…um…adventure! Hahaha


  2. Now that’s the way to spend Christmas! I’ve got to get this book with my new book buying spree!


  3. I think this is my favorite book yet. Love the cover! I can’t wait for the next one with the sassy redhead!


    • Randi Alexander

      Thanks, Ginger, and no mystery why you like the book about redheads! Hahaha I just purchased the photo for the cover art for the book. Half-price sale! The perfect picture at a great price.


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