New Release-Caribbean Heat!

Finally. A new book! I haven’t had anything new out since March, so I’m very excited to have Caribbean Heat available for your reading enjoyment!

When Sierra Graves takes a waitressing job on the SS Sapphire she doesn’t know she is going to be working on the “lust boat”. Being required to wear a bikini for the job is bad enough, but the sex parties that take place on deck have her body humming with need. There’s one thing that makes it all worthwhile—captain of the ship and former Navy SEAL Jack Hamilton.

Jack can’t help himself when it comes to Sierra. She’s smart, beautiful—and off limits according to the rules of employment. It doesn’t take long for him to succumb to her seduction, say to hell with the rules and end up in her bed. But he doesn’t expect to fall in love with the woman. Love is a dangerous thing, especially when it looks like Sierra is part of a drug-running ring the DEA is after.


They’re coming, ladies. Get yourselves ready.” Jack Hamilton gave the warning call to the wait staff. The owners of this yacht sure as hell didn’t make keeping a tight schedule easy on him, coming in frequently drunk and late and expecting him to be able to make up the time somehow. The boat only went so fast and Jack didn’t like to be late. Ever. He could feel his own damn blood pressure rising but he had to keep his impatience hidden. His paycheck depended on it.

“Thank you, Jack.” Sierra Graves, one of the new waitresses, smiled shyly at him before she disappeared down the stairs to the kitchen.

Sierra was sweet, and polite, and damn sexy, but he had no right to be interested in a woman like her. She had an education and a future, two things he didn’t.

Jack had to work to keep his toes from tapping impatiently against the wood as his passengers slowly staggered down the dock and toward the boat. It wasn’t unusual for them to return in this drunken state. In fact, he would be suspicious if they came back from a day on the island any other way. No reason to stay sober when they had him for a driver.

Moonlight reflected off the little bay, the water perfectly still, but the quiet of the night was interrupted by the lady of the boat’s excessive giggling. The women walking beside her chatted noisily and loud bursts of laughter came from the men at the back of the group. They were all making their way toward the boat and that meant extra passengers for the next couple of days and more drunk people to babysit.

“Good evening.” Jack gave his expected greeting but doubted that anyone really cared.

“Good evening, you big, hunky captain.” Alexis was drunk, and even more aggressive with her flirting than normal.

She was a married woman. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t wanted. His entire body stiffened with unease. Luckily, her husband didn’t act like he even noticed. He was too busy laughing and talking with his buddies.

Tonight they brought five people onto the boat with them. The two men Jack recognized from another trip. One owned a restaurant on the beach here and the other was an investment guy who also lived on the island. The three women he hadn’t seen before. They were all dressed in high heels, big jewelry and tight dresses. Definite gold diggers, probably would be replaced by new bimbos by next week if these guys’ pattern stayed true.

“Would you like to join us partying on the deck tonight?” Alexis batted her lashes as she asked Jack the question.

Her husband caught up to her, wrapped his arms around the leggy blonde woman, and made Jack feel even more uncomfortable. The girl had been Doug’s wife for almost a year now. Jack knew that fact only because Doug was planning a long anniversary trip for them in two weeks. Was the honeymoon phase over already? He wouldn’t be surprised. Women like Alexis didn’t stay interested in anyone for long, but she did love Doug’s money.

“Yes. Let’s have a drink,” Doug agreed.

“Sorry, I can’t. We have to get going now if you want to make it to the building site on North Caicos by mid-morning.” Jack had a viable excuse to get out of this one, thank God.

Building the mega-resort on the long stretch of powder-white beach on North Caicos was Doug’s pet project; even drunk he wouldn’t tolerate the thought of being late for the meeting. He was a businessman first and foremost, and a sucker for his wife’s whining second.

“Well, let’s get going then, Captain.” Doug motioned toward the sea and the girls giggled.

“Maybe next time you can join us.” Alexis licked her lips and Jack held his breath hoping Doug wouldn’t notice the obvious flirting.

He needed Alexis to be discreet, if she had to flirt with him at all. Jack was in a tough spot, couldn’t be rude to the woman. Alexis always got her way. If she felt Jack was ignoring her, she wouldn’t hesitate to have him fired. He just had to hold her off until she found another interest, some other man to throw herself at right in front of her husband. Chances were good that she would soon. Alexis was a partier, always looking for the next adventure, needing a rich man to provide the funds, but Doug didn’t see it. Not yet anyway.

“Yeah. Maybe next time,” Jack said and hoped like hell he wouldn’t be held to it. He just wanted to captain the boat and leave the socializing to the random people they picked up at the bar.

Jack couldn’t risk this job. It was his first one since retiring from the Navy and losing it would prove he wasn’t cut out for civilian life. Which he wasn’t.

He didn’t feel right without a gun in his hand, without going balls-out every damn day risking his life to protect this country. Being a SEAL was the only life he’d known for the past ten years. Now that he didn’t have that, it felt like he was just floating along, but losing his job as captain of this boat would mean he was sinking. He wasn’t going to sink just because some blonde bimbo had a crush on him.

Sierra and Crystal, the two new waitresses hired after Alexis decided on a whim that she didn’t like the former ones, came up the stairs carrying trays with drinks and appetizers.

“Is there anything I can get you to drink?” Crystal smiled and looked like a professional in the high heels and black bikini that was the standard nighttime waitress uniform on this boat.

Sierra didn’t look nearly as comfortable but she plastered on a fake smile and did her best. The girl looked damn good in the tiny bikini, with legs that stretched for miles and perfect, perky breasts, but she was obviously more reserved and Jack wondered how she ended up with this job.

It didn’t matter. Dating coworkers wasn’t allowed and he could see why. They worked together in such a tight space, a breakup would be uncomfortable for everyone.

It wouldn’t be long before the passengers had on less than the waitresses. He wondered what Sierra was going to think of that. Did she know about the sex parties that happened regularly on this boat? Probably not. It wasn’t exactly discussed during the interview process. It was definitely a shock for him the first night he was onboard. Not that he cared much if Doug and Alexis wanted to have sex on the deck of their own boat with a bunch of other people. That was their business. He had enough of his own issues to worry about.

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  1. Sounds good!


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