Naughty librarian or sweaty cowboy? Which do you prefer?

Hi everyone.

Today I wanted to blog about sexy stereotypes. You know the ones I’m talking about. Anyone who’s read even one romance novel is bound to have encountered one or two. And why not? These delectable cliches still get my heart pounding from time to time.

Consider the naughty librarian. Visualize her if you can. Her hair up in a bun, ready to fall down if she chooses. The pearls at her neck that seem to smack more of sex than demureness. The conservative blouse, easily unbuttoned.

And then, for those who prefer a bit of masculine temptation, we have the cowboy. He’s probably sweaty…in fact, that ought to be a must. He may not be wearing a shirt. Perhaps he’s holding a lassoo…ready to tie something, or someone, up?

And romance/erotic literature abounds with so many more of these luscious archetypes. The tortured vampire. The innocent ingenue. The authoritative policeman/fireman/take your pick of men in uniform. The affable rake.

Why are we drawn to these characters time and again? Do they reveal a little about us that we weren’t aware of? Or do they put a fine point on all our fantasies, a dose of sweet nostalgia? I know my dreams have been colored by these icons many a night.

I think we enjoy their stories because they offer us the lure of the familiar, while still tickling our sexy bone. It’s sort of like curling up before a roaring fire. You feel warm inside just thinking about them.

Do you have a stock character that you enjoy reading about? Is there a book that has offered you an interesting take on one of these familiar roles? Share it with us!

I’m off to the library!



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11 thoughts on “Naughty librarian or sweaty cowboy? Which do you prefer?

  1. Naughty librarian meets cowboy…now that could be fun :). I think it’s all about fantasy and escape from reality. The librarian is the plain Jane who still gets the hot guy.


    • Rosanna Leo

      I agree, Capri! We all love the fantasy of the plain girl getting the guy! Thanks for visiting.


  2. I’m with Capri. I would love to see a naughty librarian meets cowboy. My aunt described why she reads romance saying that it’s a great way to take a mini-vacation from the stress of daily living and she can have an affair with all her favorite men but not get in trouble!


    • Rosanna Leo

      Hi Suz! That would be a great combo! Why didn’t I think of that?? Thanks for coming out today!


  3. patricia crews

    for years i’ve been obsessed with vampires (lol, thanks to the queen herself, anne rice). but lately i’ve found myself leaning towards shifters. but my go to for perfect alpha male character is jericho z. barrons, mercy me. but i will read any type of romance and erotica. but i do tend to favor the paranormal erotica and an amazing alpha. if there is a great alpha in the story, that is all it takes for me. i’ve read a few stories with cowboys, and they weren’t bad, but the cowboy is always the “good boy” type in what i’ve read, and i’ll admit i like my alphas with that almost bad boy streak. great little blog post, and has me thinking i should give a cowboy a chance (especially if they look like the guy in the above picture,lol)


    • Rosanna Leo

      Hi Patricia! So glad you couls visit! I love myself some vamp too…the more tortured, the better, sister! LOL


  4. I think you came up with a new storyline :)) Loved the write up…


  5. I think the characters we are drawn to in books are in fact character traits we are drawn to in real life. For me, I love men with dark hair so I prefer men with dark hair in the romances I read. I like a man that works hard and has callouses on his hands, maybe even sweaty and dusty, so I look for those things in the heroes I read and write about.


    • Rosanna Leo

      Too true, Brenda! It’s that lure of the familiar, while still giving us something exciting. So glad you could visit today!


  6. Sorry, I’m going to go with the Cowboy. Just cause that’ the part of the country I’m from. Don’t do much Library stuff, but love my cowboys!


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