Halloween Is Almost Here


© Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime.com

I’m so excited that Halloween is only a few days away. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this is my fave holiday. I know a lot of people love Christmas and stuff but I’m addicted to Halloween. Why? I think it is all because you get to dress up and decorate the house in freaky things.


© Fred Goldstein | Dreamstime.com

Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed dressing up and going out to collect candy. Now that I’m older…wayyyy older I love giving them out. It is a blast seeing all the little kids come by the house that is all done up and take pictures. They are always surprised that someone opens the door in full costume.

I’ve found that Halloween is not like it use to be when I was a kid. I remember going from house to house and they were decorated and people had fun with the holiday. There were tons of kids out with parents or friends running around trying to fill their bags with candy.

Now when we have kids at our house it is not as much. We are lucky if we get 20-30. Even though we have tons of kids in the area.

Has Halloween lost the fun?

I love doing all the fun stuff even if it is for the small group that stop over at our place. I’ve always wanted to do a huge haunted house and one day I hope to. I keep collecting stuff every single year. I think we have passed the collection of Christmas decorations..

So tell me do you enjoy celebrating Halloween?

What’s your fave memory of Halloween from when you were growing up?

stay naughty,


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10 thoughts on “Halloween Is Almost Here

  1. I really don’t have a favorite memory. I remember dressing up and going out when i was in Jr High. I think I had alot more fun taking my son, when he was little. Dressing him up, and if it was cold, trying to the the costume over a coat. And hiking through the snow drifts to get to houses. LOL. The past several years, there hasn’t been snow, which is nicer. Have a great Holiday!


    • Tiss, I think seeing kids during Halloween is the best. When they are young you see the joy in their eyes and the fun they get to experience. Hopefully there won’t be any snow this year…Have a wonderful Halloween.


  2. Ann Q

    Halloween is not a big thing in Australia, but enjoy seeing what you all get up to. I must say, that is one of the most ghoulish pictures that I have ever seen.


    • Ann, really? I did not know. I know Europe just started to embrace the holiday. Not all the countries but slowly it is gaining popularity. I’m glad you like my pictures. I need to bring a little spooky with the naughty… 🙂 Thank you so much for coming over.


  3. I love Halloween, too! I think I’ll carve a pumpkin this year. Haven’t done that in a while! When I was a child, we actually went from house to house in huge numbers. I’d come home with pillow cases of candy that lasted months! These days, we don’t get very many kids coming to the house, maybe five or six. I feel sad that we’ve lost that through fear.


  4. It’s always been about the candy for me. I was kind of like Scrooge. After we were done, I’d empty my pillow case and sort my hoard. Chocolate was the best pile, mary janes and candy corn were in the give to mom and dad pile.

    We didn’t do much with pumpkins because we lived in apartments so there was no place to put one.


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