The Rake in the Lake by Dita Parker

On a balmy night
By the blue moon’s light
I heard in my head
“Do get out of bed”

I was drawn through the door
To a room with no floor
Sleepy, awake
I stepped in a lake

When what did I hear
Somewhere quite near
On a monstrous splash
Huge waves did crash

Then, a chilling sound
Like a wounded hound
“Do you see me, fair lady?”
A man suddenly asked
His voice was silky
Eyes carefully masked

“You are quite the treasure
Would you care for some pleasure?
I mean you no harm”
I fell for his charm

I don’t know why
His clothes were bone-dry
He looked delicious
But also quite vicious

What I saw in his eyes
As he stared at my thighs
My fears, it shattered
Then, nothing else mattered

He circled my waist
Asked, “May I have a taste?”
Kneaded my hips
As he went for my lips

One hand found my breast
Oh, I gripped at his chest
My neck, he nipped
My head, it tipped

Slowly his mouth
Headed down south
Closed in on a nipple
“I need you like tipple”

He licked, he sucked
Switched sides, I ducked
“You enjoy my touch?”
“I do, oh so much”

I could not understand
The strength of my yearning
All I knew was him
All I knew I was burning

“Please, oh please
I can’t stand it
Don’t tease”

He circled my clit
With one broad finger
I cried out for more
He did not linger

On a smooth glide
He thrust inside
Found my cream
“You feel like a dream”
“You, sir, you feel quite thick”
“And you, sweet lady, are terribly slick”

With the weight of his stare
He kept me right there
Picked up pace
As he stared at my face
Watched me soar
Soar like never before

“Come,” he whispered
“For your release
Will bring us both
Unspeakable peace”

“Come, fair lady
Draw your last breath
Come, sweet lady
Join me in death”

My body did spasm
With impending orgasm
Then what he said slowly sunk in
On a scream I shrunk back and started to swim

Behind me a splash and a heart-wrenching roar
As I found firm footing and scrambled ashore
I turned to look and saw he was gone
The light of the moon had surrendered to dawn

I know not how or with what powers
Ten minutes with him had turned into hours
After all these years I can’t help but wonder
What spell he cast and how I fell under

I feel for him
All alone in that lake
Shed a tear within
For my dead sexy rake

Rake in the Lake

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4 thoughts on “The Rake in the Lake by Dita Parker

  1. Sky Robinson

    That’s a damn sexy poem. I’m not a poetry lover, but I like this 🙂


  2. Very nice (and appropriate for the season). Thank you for sharing.


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