Getting the Neighbors All Worked Up

Not really the way you’re thinking, though. We’re watching one of the neighbors’ dogs while she’s out of town. It was pouring rain a couple days ago, and I was bundled up pretty tight as I took little Max out our front door.

Kick stood in the door as I trudged outside, at the same time one of our neighbors drove by in his truck. He slowed waaaay down and waved.

Kick waved back, but I kept moving into the trees. (We don’t trust Max off-leash.)

I didn’t think anything of it until Kick came home the next day, grinning. One of his buddies had asked him if I was out of town. Word had spread that someone saw the neighbor lady leaving our house with her dog.

Oh for heaven’s sake!

Worse, Kick had replied. “Yep. She’s been gone a few days. Comin’ back on Sunday.”

I called him a couple names and demanded that he talk to his friend and clear this all up. But, he had other plans.

He thought it would be funny if I texted my girlfriends and told them I was coming back early from my ‘trip’ to surprise Kick. It’d either have Kick’s buddies warning him, or the neighbors setting up their video cameras to capture the moment of surprise.

“No. We will not be whipping the neighbors into a frenzy.” I set out to walk Max and wave to neighbors as they drove by, and made a point of talking to friends, telling them that I was home, but the neighbor lady was not.

Kick was disappointed. He likes to stir things up a bit. But we spent a fun hour plotting out a book about it. The fact that it ended up a ménage has gotten Kick back into a really good mood! *groans*

We’ve all played tricks on our family and friends, but have you ever played a practical joke on your neighbors? Have they ever played one on you?

May all your naughty fantasies come true!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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8 thoughts on “Getting the Neighbors All Worked Up

  1. I think it had to do with either a fire or tornado, but yes, it was an April fools joke and it almost got out of hand.
    When I call for news, I have a patron whose husband always tells me that he’ll help. He can come up with all kinds of gossip about their neighbors, but it probably isnt print worthy. I keep telling him, I can’t put that in the paper and he just laughs. The people that he wants to start rumors about dont give me news, but I’m sure they read the paper and they’d be mad.
    I have written news about area neighbors and gotten the wives names mixed up. That can cause a little uproar. LOL.
    the only one I’ve ever had pulled on me, was also an April Fools joke, but don’t remember what it was.


    • Randi Alexander

      Tiss, sounds like you have your hands full keeping the naughty stuff out of your newsletters. I love that you mix up the wives’ names. That would be funny!


  2. Dessie

    No, and no. I don’t play jokes on people because I find jokes cruel and somebody always gets hurt. Fortunately, the friends I have don’t play jokes on me either. I do know people who are a little mischievous though and love to start conversations that they know will get people’s underwear in a wad and then they just sit back and watch the chaos unfold. Strange, but they seem to really enjoy it.


    • Randi Alexander

      That’s definitely a good policy, Dessie. People have ended friendships over pranks that have gone bad.


  3. Nope, we are just a boring couple. Plus most of our neighbors are elderly and wouldn’t quite appreciate the joke. Although they do keep track of what’s going on in the neighborhood and doesn’t hesitate to call. Maybe we should play a joke! It would get them something to do! LOL!


    • Randi Alexander

      LOL suzlyne, one of our older neighbors is the same way. Have to be careful what we say, because even if we make a joke, she might take it literally.


  4. My husband is the ultimate pankster. He once had a sales clerk put a $99 price tag on a $5 bottle of wine that he gave as a gift. The people knew him so didn’t believe that it was that expense. He also told his family that he had married me before I met them for the first time. They didn’t really believe the tall tale but his mom gave me a cookbook as a wedding gift and brought a cake that said ‘Welcome to the family’. It is never a dull moment at our house.


    • Randi Alexander

      Jackie, that’s great! I love how creative he is. Some day you’ll have to share how he proposed. I bet it was wild!


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