Be afraid…be very afraid.


In discussing blog themes for the month, we 69rs couldn’t help but talk about Hallowe’en and all the scary stuff surrounding it. I realized I just had to talk a little today about the things that scare me. I love frightening movies and books, and probably read or saw hundreds of them before I was 20 years old.

I think all the horror books affected me.

In a way it’s refreshing to discuss this because as an erotic romance author, scary sights don’t often come into play in my work. Unless you’re talking men who are so delicious it’s practically scary. 😉

You might think that the things that frighten me most are the horrible notions that scare everyone: illnesses of  family members, painful accidents that could happen in everyday life. Of course, those things terrify me too.

But what really gives me the chills? (lowers voice to whisper level) ZOMBIES.

There. I’ve said it. Zombies. Now, I totally get that these creatures of the night are unreal. Of course, I know it. But there is no thought that scares me more than the notion of being chased by a zombie. Being the only normal person left in a world full of flesh-eating monsters. I can’t go to zombie walks. No way! I’ll have nightmares for weeks. I can’t watch any more zombie movies. I won’t sleep. Even Sean of the Dead freaked me right out! I caught 5 minutes once of The Walking Dead on TV, and have never recovered. I can’t even venture into haunted house attractions at theme parks. The idea that some carnie with strips of flesh hanging off his face might touch me drives me insane with fear…okay, even being touched by a carnie whose flesh is intact is still a mite off-putting.

File:Zombies 79201360.jpg

But what is it with the zombies anyway? Is it that they are soulless entities who recognize neither friend nor family member? Is it their raw, insatiable hunger that leads them to destroy anything they ever held dear? Is it just the inevitable bad breath? It can’t be good.

For me, I believe it’s the fact that a zombie will never stop coming for you. You can run. He’ll follow, even if he’s dragging his bloody leg behind him. You can beg for mercy. He won’t listen. He has one goal…to sink his rotting teeth into your juicy brain, until you are just like him.

So, on that pleasant thought, I wish you a super Hallowe’en! And if you’re trick-or-treating on the evening of the 31st, don’t pay any attention to that grey, stalking form behind you. No need to run.

I’m sure it’s nothing bad.

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8 thoughts on “Be afraid…be very afraid.

  1. Halloween’s not a biggy down here but I do love a good scary movie or story – but not one that involves blood and guts. I’m more into mind-freaks that mess with your head or what’s real and what isn’t. Movies like The Sixth Sense or a real old classic The Innocents (b/w version of The Turn of the Screw). Orphanage is awesome and the most recent great scary story is The Awakening. A good scary movie is rare though I think. For books, most stuff by Stephen King. James HErbert has a great warped mind lol and Dean Koontz. I’d love to write a good scary story – maybe one day.


    • Thanks Andra! Man, some of those old Stephen King movies scared me! I’ll never forget Salen’s Lot…ick! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  2. LOL I love zombies. But I do understand your fear.
    What if there really was a virus that turned us into zombies? Far fetched I know. How could they walk around, let alone run if their legs rotted off, hehehehehe?


    • Thanks Brenda! The only thing that consoles me is that I once saw a show where a doctor explained how zombies are phycially impossible…that helped…a bit!


  3. OMG @ Brenda’s what-if question!! That’s all I need to think about – Zombies invading my world. I was always scared of dead people popping up – but that’s always in the haunted houses.


    • Thanks for visiting, Sheri! This topic just leaves me panting…and not in a good way. Zombies are terrifying and the only creepy crawly that stays in my mind, taunting me afterward!!


  4. I also love to be scared…..Thanks for posting this on our Facebook site


  5. Jasmine Haynes

    Zombies! My favorite show these days is The Walking Dead! But I’ll always remember the old classic Night of the Living Dead.


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