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Welcome Guest Blogger Dahlia DeWinters

Halloween is that time of year where many of us are seeking to be someone else, even if only for a little while. The explosion in sales for adult costumes over the past few years is a testament to that. Even the grown-up want to get away from real life for a moment or two.

Then, there are those for whom Halloween is a holiday that they wish would never come around, ever.

Take poor Sakaria. This gal wakes up one morning to find that she’s been turned into a cat. A nice brown cat, you know, those smug-looking Siberian ones with the thick coats and super fluffy tails? That’s her. Sure, she can control the kitty-shifting up to a point, but if she doesn’t find someone to help take off the curse, by Halloween, she’ll be doomed to be a cat…you guessed it….FOREVER.

Imagine if you received this letter in the mail:

Warning to the reeder of this note. Prepare yourself. You have been cursed. You will turn into a cat a dais after Halloween. Be warned. W.K.

Talk about a “yeah, right” moment. Until you wake up as a cat.


Curses, spells, fairy tales…no thanks! Sakaria Thorpe prefers the reality of running a café over the nonsense of make believe. But is it really make believe?

When she finds herself cursed to be a shape-shifting cat, she becomes a believer. Good thing she’s able to fit shape-shifting into her schedule. Life’s fine until she discovers she will be cursed to be a cat forever if she doesn’t find a man to break the spell by midnight on Halloween.


The letter was written on what seemed like regular copy paper that had been burned around the edges, probably to give it a more mysterious look. Sakaria Thorpe unfolded it cautiously, wondering what on earth it could be. The scent of charred paper tickled her nose as she scanned the badly written words with a growing feeling of bemusement.

Warning to the reeder of this note. Prepare yourself. You have been cursed. You will turn into a cat a dais after Halloween. Be warned. W.K.

Sakaria tossed the letter on to the blond wood of the sideboard in the dining room, and laughed out loud. Far too sensible to believe in curses, spells or witchcraft she strolled into her cozy yellow kitchen, shaking her head, her socks making no sound on the polished hardwood floor. The morning sun shone brightly through the white lace curtains, further dispelling her belief in the curse. How could she be cursed when the sun beamed so beautifully? She peeked out of her kitchen window, momentarily calmed by the view of the colorful autumn woods.

Sakaria gave an exasperated sigh as she reached for the refrigerator handle, suddenly realizing exactly who WK was. One date with the guy, one lousy, horrible date, and now this? An absurd and rambling letter? Besides, it was already four “dais” after Halloween and she wasn’t a cat yet. Apparently, the dude had trouble with time. She sighed again. He had trouble with a lot of things.

Sakaria paused, her hand on the fridge handle. Maybe she should call the police, but for what? A stupid half-burned letter that declared in a rather roundabout way she was going to turn into a cat? It was weird, but not very threatening. Best to just forget about it.
By the time she had finished breakfast and made her way to the café, she had pushed the odd letter to the back of her mind. Friday was inventory and cash reconciliation, their busiest day, and she didn’t have any time to think any further about it.

It was only when she was brushing her teeth Friday evening that the whole weird incident came rushing back to her as she met her own eyes in the mirror. Could it actually be true? No way, if it were true I’d be a damn cat by now. Stop thinking about it. People can’t cast spells on other people. Forget it! She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and finished cleaning her teeth. As a distraction, she occupied herself with a few meaningless tasks. Straightening throw pillows, rinsing dishes and scrubbing the toilet bowl. When she finally lay on her pillow, she had pushed the entire incident out of her mind.
* * * *
When Sakaria awoke the next morning she stretched lavishly, getting the sleep-kinks out of her body before opening her eyes. Somehow, that didn’t help the itchy and restless feeling that remained, even after two deep breaths. Her heart seemed to be beating unusually fast and, when she finally opened her eyes she realized that something was wrong. She was under her bed…
She blinked once and then again. Was she losing her mind? Could the tea she drank last night be a bad batch, bringing on odd behavior? Hallucinations?

Things were definitely not quite right. She didn’t seem as big as she should be. Her joints; knees, shoulders, elbows, even fingers and toes either seemed to be in the wrong place or simply non-existent. Out of the corners of her eyes she saw what looked like… guitar strings… sticking out of her face. She sneezed and the sneeze sounded muffled and small. It sounded squeaky. And somehow she could smell the raw chicken parts she’d thrown into the garbage the night before. How could that be when the garbage was in the kitchen, two rooms away?

Something was very, very wrong. She started to crawl from under the bed when she looked at her hand.

It was a chocolate-colored, furry paw.


And that’s the beginning of Sakaria’s trials and tribulations.


Buy links:

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Monday and Mistletoe

Happy Monday. As you can guess I love the day of the week most people love to hate. Even better than a Monday is release day…well almost release day. Tomorrow will be the re-release of Mistletoe Mambo as a stand alone short story from Still Moments Publishing.

I know we haven’t celebrated Halloween, I’ve still got a ton of candy corn to eat, and haven’t had that lovely slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but with snow in the forecast I’m ready for snow angels and building forts. 🙂

Hopefully the storm won’t be as bad as they’ve predicted and if it is, keep the basics handy and download something a little steamy on October 30, then go out and scare everyone you know on Halloween.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic

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Blurb: Only one man dances to the music of Madeline’s heart.

She was aware of the crowd parting to accommodate their slow foxtrot, but she kept her focus on Max. Her knees wobbled so badly, if she ignored the intensity of his gaze she might stumble. He held her closer than necessary. Each glide of his hips brought his erection against her thigh. Surprised, she held her breath. Was it possible the attraction wasn’t one-sided, after all?

As if sensing her thoughts, he winged a brow. When his hand drifted lower on her hip, her heart thudded harder. Maybe he was flirting with her and merely used their dance as an excuse to hold her. Or perhaps this was wishful thinking on her part. Dancing wasn’t unusual at the Christmas party, but somehow dancing with him, knowing how she felt made the experience more exhilarating. Each brush of his pelvis sent an answering tremor through her body. She wanted more than three or four minutes in his arms. For a brief second, she rested her head on his shoulder. He tapped her right arm and she rotated into a spin. She completed two turns before he clasped her hand and drew her against the heat of his body once again.

She became lost in the depths of his eyes, glimpsing a longing she never noticed before as they circled the dance floor. The strength of his arm clasped her waist. The sure grip of his hand tightened on hers and the smooth texture of his trousers met her skin when he dipped her over his leg. Every nerve ending crackled at the sensual slide of his hard, powerful thigh beneath her bare back. He pressed his lips to the hollow of her throat and she forgot to breathe.

He stood her upright and glided them around the well-worn linoleum. Amazement must have shown on her face because he smirked. She followed his lead, too unsettled to do anything else. Did his little kiss mean he was interested, or was that just part of the dance? One more twirl around the floor, and then his steps slowed. Swaying in time to the music, he held her in his arms.

All too soon the song ended and they were forced to bow when thunderous applause cascaded through the room. Madeline pressed her hands to her cheeks while she struggled to catch her breath. She cast a sidelong glance at Max, his hand resting in the small of her back.

“I love dancing with you,” he whispered, leading her to the edge of the dance floor. “The scent of your perfume, the slide of your skin against mine, and when I lift you in my arms all I can think about is the way you would taste.” He squeezed her bottom.

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Is hell sexy?


As we take part in the season of Halloween, I always find myself thinking not only of trick-or-treating, but of Heaven and Hell. All Souls Day is right around the corner, and yes I know this because I was once a good Catholic girl. Do you ever wonder what lies beyond? Some people say that we are currently living our hell on earth, but is it possible hell exists? I’m sure Dante had some opinions.

Is hell really a fire and brimstone kinda place, or is it an outlet for humanity’s baser desires? A place where anything goes. Where sins are welcome and encouraged. And would we want to give into those sins once there, forever mired in a cesspool of carnality? Would it be delicious or terrifying?

I’ve touched on this topic in my paranormal romance Sweet Hell. In this novel, the Greek god Dionysus is forced to take a journey to hell with my heroine Josie. And Josie is quiet surprised by what she sees there. All is not fire and brimstone, but is it any less horrifying? And can they escape it once there?

Read on, and tell me…do you think hell could be a sexy place?


Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theater, is the world’s original playboy. But
lately, he has been restless, moody, and he knows something is wrong. His
carefree and bacchanal lifestyle is starting to feel like one long string of
meaningless, sexual escapades. Even worse, he is suddenly aroused by the idea of
marriage. And to top it all off, Josie Marino, the mouthy, disheveled, and
eternally annoying woman who serves him coffee at the local bakery, sets him on

Josie, a Toronto baker of Italian heritage, is not looking for
love or lust. Especially not with Dionysus Iros, the most aggravating, demanding
customer she’d ever had to serve. With his rippling muscles and sexy, knowing
eyes, he’s obviously trouble with a capital T. Unfortunately, he’s also the star
of her every X-rated dream. She’s known players like Dionysus before, and one of
them almost got the better of her. Josie determines she will not fall for his
considerable physical charms, come hell or high water.

But Dionysus turns
strangely protective when a sinister character arrives at Josie’s bakery, and
they can no longer deny their unwanted feelings for one another. They are forced
to embark on a bizarre, sexually-charged journey to hell itself, which threatens
to either change them for the better, or destroy them.


It took about fifteen minutes for them to reach it. With each passing moment, Josie felt her heart speeding up. Up close, the mansion seemed even bigger, with various wings that seemed to stretch off into different directions. It seemed to her the house not only must have north, south, east, and west wings, but also some wings going in directions that hadn’t been invented yet.

It was shockingly ornate, reminiscent of the grand country estates her parents had brought her to on her first trip to Europe years ago. This place was even more stately, each detail meant to impress and intimidate, yet it was oddly welcoming at the same time. With its scrolled railings, pretty balconies, and Gothic peaks, it reminded her of a fairy-tale castle from her girlish dreams. The sort of place in which she’d always wanted to live. Surrounded as it was by a sprawling English garden, it was too heavenly to be hell.

“I can’t wait to see inside,” she said under her breath, realizing she meant every word. It was the sort of home she could spend weeks exploring.

“Soon enough,” Dionysus said quietly, the annoying smile still playing on his full lips.

Josie stared up at the massive building as they walked up the ostentatious, circular front steps. On each deep step was a marble statue. Or rather, a set of statues. All depicted in the nude. All of them frozen, as if caught in the midst of blatant sexual acts.

She gulped.

The first statue was of a man, his head thrown back in ecstasy, standing before a kneeling woman whose mouth was quite occupied. The next statue depicted a couple leaning up against the marble handrail, the man taking the woman from behind. Josie stared. The fingers digging into the woman’s hips seemed so lifelike, as did the expression of euphoria on her face, it was as if the couple had been turned to stone while in the middle of the act.

Sex, Medusa-style.

With each step, the marble acts of copulation grew more lurid, more imaginative. Some involved groups so large she and Dionysus had to step around them.

As much as it made her nervous about their destination, she couldn’t deny it was also turning her on. Her heart was beating more quickly now. There was a thin bead of sweat on her upper lip. She was squeezing Dionysus’s hand so hard she worried she might break it. And she found she was eager to see each coming statue. Wanted to see all those marble limbs and various appendages, entwined forever.

They finally reached the top step, and she breathed a sigh of relief at being able to look away from the weird statuary. She turned to him. “What is this place?”

His brow was furrowed. He almost looked sorry for her. “Remember the illusion. Each level of hell is designed to make you want to stay there. To linger and forget. To ensnare and distract. This level, The Sinners, is no different. It appeals to the most base of appetites. Most people get caught here. Why do you think the house is so big? It grows with its new additions. Wings are added. Floors are created. It will make you want to stay, too, Josie.”


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Naming Your Spa – Top Ten Names You Should Never Use with Guest Author Suzanne Rock

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for having me here. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about my new contemporary erotic romance series, the Ecstasy Spa.

So exactly what is this series about? So glad you asked.  This series is a collection of six stories that take place at a spa for wealthy clients, called the Ecstasy Spa. On the surface, it’s just a regular spa offering regular spa services that you would see around the world. Members can pay a premium, however, and get a VIP membership. This membership allows them to use services provided by elite staff members, specialized not only in massage, but other erotic arts. 

The idea came from my perusing of Amazon’s Erotic Romance listings. I saw a lot of stories centered on an innocent girl who went to this club and experienced kink for the first time. While these stories are great, I often wondered what it was like for the staff working at these places. What was it like putting yourself out there day after day, denying your own needs for the sake of pleasing others? I started to think about the staff not at a sex club, but an elite spa known for giving sexual services as part of the total mind and body package. What would these people be like? What were their hopes and dreams? It was then that the Ecstasy Spa was born.

I didn’t have a name for the Ecstasy Spa, however. So I started brainstorming. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had a really hard time coming up with a name for my spa. Below is a list of the top ten names that I came up with that didn’t quite make the cut. I think after reading them, you’ll agree that Ecstasy Spa was a good choice. 

10) Prostidudes

9) Jiggly Gigolos

8) Rent-a-Boy

7) Tilt-A-Girl

6) Les Blu Ballz

5) Droopy’s

4) Tia’s Taco Shack

3) High Hoes

2) International House of Hard-ons

1) The Back Door

There you have it. I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did. You can find more information about my new series on my website here:

For now, I’ll just tell you a little bit about Pressure Point, my newest release in this series…

Price: $3.99

For more information and buy links, go here:



When Blake and Drew ask Elsie to have some fun with them at the Ecstasy Spa holiday party, she seizes the opportunity to forget about the pressures of her job and personal life. She has always had a crush on both men and knows that they are dating, so she expects nothing more than the one-night stand they offer her. Blake and Drew have other plans however. Together the men fulfill her every torrid dream, bringing her to heights she never thought possible. They want to make their fling more permanent, but doing so could cost them all their jobs. Should Elsie risk her livelihood for a chance to make her dreams come true?


A lifetime New Englander, Suzanne married her college sweetheart and has been with him for over twenty years. Every summer she drags her husband and two daughters to Maine on a quest for the perfect lobster dinner. Every fall she can be found down in Foxboro, Massachusetts cheering on her favorite football team. In between those trips, she’s a chauffeur, a maid, a chef, an event planner, a hairdresser, a wardrobe stylist, a tutor and a sometimes masseuse. To keep her sanity, she often drinks copious amounts of coffee and stares at the blank screen of her laptop, dreaming of great adventures. Sometimes she even writes them down for others to enjoy.

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Halloween Is Almost Here

© Dana Rothstein |

I’m so excited that Halloween is only a few days away. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this is my fave holiday. I know a lot of people love Christmas and stuff but I’m addicted to Halloween. Why? I think it is all because you get to dress up and decorate the house in freaky things.


© Fred Goldstein |

Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed dressing up and going out to collect candy. Now that I’m older…wayyyy older I love giving them out. It is a blast seeing all the little kids come by the house that is all done up and take pictures. They are always surprised that someone opens the door in full costume.

I’ve found that Halloween is not like it use to be when I was a kid. I remember going from house to house and they were decorated and people had fun with the holiday. There were tons of kids out with parents or friends running around trying to fill their bags with candy.

Now when we have kids at our house it is not as much. We are lucky if we get 20-30. Even though we have tons of kids in the area.

Has Halloween lost the fun?

I love doing all the fun stuff even if it is for the small group that stop over at our place. I’ve always wanted to do a huge haunted house and one day I hope to. I keep collecting stuff every single year. I think we have passed the collection of Christmas decorations..

So tell me do you enjoy celebrating Halloween?

What’s your fave memory of Halloween from when you were growing up?

stay naughty,


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Welcome Author Rae McCartney!

This week I’d like to welcome a hot new author and her debut book Lovers Undercover: Devoted. Hold onto your panties and expect a wild ride!

Logan McGregor is a music superstar. . .he’s also a man of many talents. Hidden talents. Some that he’s been forced to reveal and use. Ones that he wished would have stayed hidden.

Scarlett Bouvier is not only his lover, she’s his business partner and Logan would do anything to protect her and keep her out of harm’s way. But Scarlett is stubborn and does not take no for an answer. A savvy and successful businesswoman in her own right, Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with – both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

But someone from Scarlett’s past has revealed themselves and must be stopped. Someone who uses the world of sex clubs and BDSM as a front to their own dark and illegal enterprise. And Logan and Scarlett are the only two who can successfully infiltrate and help put an end to the madness.
Travel with the pair as they find themselves in the elite world of Monte Carlo, the exclusive clubs of Paris to Las Vegas as they chase down a sinister figure, and Logan introduces Scarlett to a world she’s only read about.


I trailed a nail down his bicep. “I was just wondering if you had anything you had to do today or if today is just for us. You were rather vague last evening when we talked.”

“No way! No f-in’ way in f-in’ hell am I going to partake if that is what they want me to do. No way!”

Logan lay on his back, his muscular forearm now over his eyes while he listened to my rant. He’d known all along that my reaction would be exactly what he was hearing. I was also sure it was his job to convince me otherwise.

“Logan, are you listening to me?” I pushed his arm away from his face. “There is no way I’m going to be part of some of the kinky crap you’re suggesting.”
“Well love, if you refuse the agency will be forced to place an active, experienced female agent with me.” I could feel his glare as he watched my reaction closely.

“So what you’re telling me is…if I don’t learn this lifestyle and go undercover with you where we’ll partake in this crap, you’ll go undercover anyway. Only you’ll go with a female agent who is already trained in this stuff. Did I leave anything out?” I sat abruptly upright on the bed and swung my legs over the side. I was pissed.

Angry over the entire situation.

“No, you didn’t leave anything out, and yes that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you decide you’d rather not participate.”
I nervously paced the bedroom. My head was spinning and had a good idea what may come next.

“Tell me something Logan. You obviously trained for this during the time you were away. I can’t imagine you having to re-learn how to handle weapons for six weeks. So you want to tell me about this part of your training or should I just leave it up to my imagination?”

“Scarlett, you don’t know anything about this lifestyle so don’t try and imagine what is entailed. And yes, I trained with an experienced female as well as an experienced Dom.”

I felt sure he neglected to mention the fact that he had dabbled in the lifestyle prior to meeting me. I had done my research and it had been long before we ever met. It had evidently been a way for him to decompress after his missions with the SAS.

About Rae:


Rae McCartney’s life has never been boring. Born and bred in the UK, she eventually went on to attend the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
Among her many talents, Rae has worked as a fashion model, photographer and even as an extra in Hollywood movies. She turned her talents and knowledge to head up her own public relations firm, which included a photograph division allowing her to work with some world-class photographers.

Currently she is using those skills in a different direction, writing and analyzing photographs for clients.

Her entry into erotic romance is nothing new having written stories since she was a child, this was another phase of her writing career. The first of her Lovers Undercover series, Impassioned came out in early 2012, wetting her appetite for more.

Contact Links
Romance Novel Center:
Twitter: @RaeMacca

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OMG…You’ll Never Guess What Gossip I Just Heard!

Psst! Hey 69ers. Come over here. Hurry! I just heard the best gossip about (please insert poor sucker’s name here).

How often have you heard those words? Or something very similar? I know I’ve heard them—probably a million times over—in my twenty-nine years. I mean really. My first memory consists of an overheard conversation in the hospital nursery about the hot doctor boinking the naughty nurse. Can you believe it? They were doing it in the closet like they do on Grey’s Anatomy. Hmmm…maybe, that’s a stretch. But you get the picture. If not, let me know. I’ll hook you up with photos and charts a la screenshots.

Crap, I’m getting sidetracked. I blame it on my recent rerun of Grey’s Anatomy fetish. McDreamy, McSteamy, and McHottie are McYummy. They make me want to run toward the golden arches. Do you want fries with that? takes on a whole new meaning.

Hold on, you lost me…and my rumbling tummy. I’ll be back after a quick trip to the Mickey D’s.

Okay, okay. I’m back. I hope I didn’t take too long. That greasy food was calling my name. And who was I to not answer?

Now where was I? Oh yeah! Gossip. If we’re not sharing some juicy tidbits about a friend or a family member, we’re chattering about someone famous. And boy, those celebrities keep us yapping. They seriously know how to rock the rumors.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and be real here, people love to talk about other people’s dirty laundry. They don’t want to clean it…they just want to air it. It’s in our nature. Seriously, there are dozens of magazines dedicated to gossip. Now I could say, “Oh! Well, I never read those magazines.” o“I would never, ever, ever in a million years believe something that didn’t come from the horse’s mouth.” But those would both be lies. When I stand in line at the grocery store, I look at those tawdry magazines filled with all sorts of crazy claims—some true and some…well, bold-faced lies. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones where aliens walk among us and Elvis is still alive and kicking it.

Generally, I just chuckle and think some snarky comment that I would rather eat snails than to speak aloud. But still, I read the cover. And often, I find myself wondering about the salacious stories inside them. I’m ashamed to admit it…But I want to know why Big Foot stole lingerie from Little Bo Peep. That would make one hell of a story. Even though I don’t crack open the tabloid, my mind still races at the possibilities.

So, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, it all relates to the next book in my Sweet Serenity series. The three characters in Three Rings and a Rose—Ella Dawson, Caedon Asher, and Micah Blaylock—all have varying degrees of celebrity. Ella, the plus-size model, Caedon, the award-winning actor, and Micah, the bestselling author, aren’t able to escape the singe of scandal. They have to deal with swirling rumors and painful secrets in the public eye. Because of their struggle, I saw the other side of rumors, the darker side. I experienced the pain that the person being talked about experiences. And that got me thinking. Scary thought. I know.

Why do we as a society find pleasure in other people’s pain. Keep in mind, I don’t mean sadism, if that’s what your thinking. I mean that we get a kick out of hearing how Britney Spears showed her naughty bits in public and shaved her head in front of the clicking paparazzi. I mean that we whisper about homewreckers like Leann Rimes, Rachel Uchitel, and most recently Kristen Stewart. We murmur about men who can’t keep their pants zipped. Nope, I’m not just talking about Eddie Cibrian, Tiger Woods, and Rupert Sanders. I’m actually talking about PeeWee Herman showing his wee-wee in public. And that’s only naming a few scandals.

So, what about you? Have you faced rumors or scandals in your life? And if you have, how did you handle it? Please comment below, and you’ll be entered into a contest for $20 in Bookstrand bucks.

Love and cherries,



Coming Friday, October 26, 2012



Ella Dawson learned the hard way how much it hurt to be trapped in the middle of Micah Blaylock and Caedon Asher. The tension between the men drove her to the edge. Then a scandal destroyed her relationship with Caedon, shredding her heart and driving her back to Serenity, Kansas.

Two years later, Caedon still can’t forget Ella or Micah. When a worried friend’s meddling provides him with an opportunity to rekindle the relationships he lost, Caedon jumps in with both feet. But he knows he’ll need Micah’s help.

Secret desires and fears push Micah to refuse Caedon. However, Caedon won’t relent. When he finally convinces Ella and Micah to give sharing a shot, what happens when the two men’s love for each other can no longer be denied? And how will their relationship survive when scandal threatens to tear them apart once again?

It’ll take three rings and a rose to unite these would-be lovers, this time forever.



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The Rake in the Lake by Dita Parker

On a balmy night
By the blue moon’s light
I heard in my head
“Do get out of bed”

I was drawn through the door
To a room with no floor
Sleepy, awake
I stepped in a lake

When what did I hear
Somewhere quite near
On a monstrous splash
Huge waves did crash

Then, a chilling sound
Like a wounded hound
“Do you see me, fair lady?”
A man suddenly asked
His voice was silky
Eyes carefully masked

“You are quite the treasure
Would you care for some pleasure?
I mean you no harm”
I fell for his charm

I don’t know why
His clothes were bone-dry
He looked delicious
But also quite vicious

What I saw in his eyes
As he stared at my thighs
My fears, it shattered
Then, nothing else mattered

He circled my waist
Asked, “May I have a taste?”
Kneaded my hips
As he went for my lips

One hand found my breast
Oh, I gripped at his chest
My neck, he nipped
My head, it tipped

Slowly his mouth
Headed down south
Closed in on a nipple
“I need you like tipple”

He licked, he sucked
Switched sides, I ducked
“You enjoy my touch?”
“I do, oh so much”

I could not understand
The strength of my yearning
All I knew was him
All I knew I was burning

“Please, oh please
I can’t stand it
Don’t tease”

He circled my clit
With one broad finger
I cried out for more
He did not linger

On a smooth glide
He thrust inside
Found my cream
“You feel like a dream”
“You, sir, you feel quite thick”
“And you, sweet lady, are terribly slick”

With the weight of his stare
He kept me right there
Picked up pace
As he stared at my face
Watched me soar
Soar like never before

“Come,” he whispered
“For your release
Will bring us both
Unspeakable peace”

“Come, fair lady
Draw your last breath
Come, sweet lady
Join me in death”

My body did spasm
With impending orgasm
Then what he said slowly sunk in
On a scream I shrunk back and started to swim

Behind me a splash and a heart-wrenching roar
As I found firm footing and scrambled ashore
I turned to look and saw he was gone
The light of the moon had surrendered to dawn

I know not how or with what powers
Ten minutes with him had turned into hours
After all these years I can’t help but wonder
What spell he cast and how I fell under

I feel for him
All alone in that lake
Shed a tear within
For my dead sexy rake

Rake in the Lake

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Take Your Pick!

Take Your Pick is a reissue of my 2010 LooseId release with a sexy new cover by Rae Monet. I know many of the other ladies on 69 Shades of Smut write extremely hot male-male stories—enough to really fog up the glasses! But I’d never written male-male scenes before, and I was a little worried that I might not handle it correctly. But when combined with a ménage, I found it was very exciting material to write! I loved the competition between the two men. I mean really, what woman wouldn’t love having two men vying for her, willing to do absolutely anything to please her, taking risks, doing things they’ve never before dreamed of doing? Hmm, maybe that’s a fantasy of my very own, LOL! So here’s a blurb and an excerpt that gets the ball rolling for this sexy menage!


Two very enticing men, one very big choice…

Grant Tyler is sophisticated, intelligent, controlled, and a highly successful CEO of a Fortune 500. He’s Rena Lancaster’s perfect match, same background, same career path, they speak each other’s language. In bed, he makes her see stars. But then there’s Karl Kristiansen. Every bit as virile, masculine and intelligent as Grant, he’s her contractor, earthy, hands work-roughened, body tough, and powerful. And he takes Rena’s senses by storm.

When Grant decides he wants Rena exclusively, he forces a decision on her. And it’s Karl who comes up with the perfect test for choosing between them, make love with them both at the same time and see who does the best job.

When their sexual play becomes a true ménage, with Grant and Karl each trying to top the other, willing to do anything Reba asks, even touch each other, the three of them together are like spontaneous combustion. Now that she’s had a taste of the real thing, how can Rena choose between these two perfect men when they both give her different things she craves?

Take Your Pick
Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes
Chapter Two

Late-April weather in the San Francisco Bay Area was fickle. It started raining just as Rena pulled her BMW into the garage of her Atherton town house. With the light traffic due to the lateness of the hour, she’d made it home from Grant’s place in less than forty-five minutes. She could still see his face, inscrutable, contained, as if he weren’t applying any pressure on her at all. After unlocking the door to the kitchen, she set her laptop briefcase just inside before reaching for the light.

She never made it. Big hands grabbed her, shoved her up against the wall. She sucked in a breath, scenting him like the bitch in heat he’d turned her into. He yanked up her skirt. When she’d left Grant’s, she hadn’t bothered with her nylons. He went down on his knees, buried his face against her pussy.

“Christ, I can smell him on you. It’s so fucking hot.” He tore her panties to get at her, thrusting his tongue deep into her cleft.

She held his face to her. He was always like this—wild, going straight for her pussy before even kissing her. God help her, she loved it.

“Did he come inside you?” he whispered, warm breath bathing her, making her wet, hot.

“No. A condom.” She barely managed to speak sensibly as he stroked her clit with his tongue, his soft mustache and goatee tickling her at the same time. Hmm, is this what they called a French tickler?

“Fuck,” he growled. “I want him to come inside you so I can lick you clean when you get home.” Then he went back to her pussy with gusto, licking, sucking, stoking the fire she thought Grant had quenched.

She thrust her fingers through his dark blond hair, held him tight, her body rocking to his rhythm, her head lolling against the wall.

He drew back, forcing a moan from her; she’d been so close to coming. “Tell me what he did to you. Describe it. Did he taste your pussy?”

He loved the dirty talk, the details, every filthy, nasty thing she’d done.

“He licked my clit while he finger-fucked me.”

At the words, he attacked her clitoris with renewed fervor. She went on. “Then I sucked his cock.”

He backed off long enough to say, “Tell me about his cock.”

“He’s thick, long. And he gets so damn hard. I love how he tastes. Sweet.” She breathed a sigh of delight at both the remembered ambrosia and the rich and very real feel of a tongue on her now. “And God, when he comes, there’s so much, I can’t swallow it all.”

“Did he come in your mouth?”

“Not this time. He fucked me doggy.” Her body clenched at the tactile memory. “He took me hard, deep.” She closed her eyes a moment, relishing the sweet spot he’d found with his finger. “Then he flipped me over and made me ride him fast,” she told him on a gasp, “keeping me in place. He knows the perfect angle to hold me at, and he fucks me deep.” With Grant, it wasn’t so much her riding him as him fucking her from beneath with the most amazing intensity. She loved Grant’s intensity. It was the closest thing to passion he displayed.

Between her thighs, she felt the explosion building. His fingers slipped inside her, pushed her higher, fucking her the way she’d told him Grant had done. “I came so hard,” she whispered. She quaked with the feel of it, both his touch inside her and the remembered sensation of her orgasm shooting through her.

“Fuck, I need to be inside you. I’m so goddamn hard, I can’t wait another second.” He rose, jammed his hands beneath her armpits, and shoved her high until she wrapped her legs around his waist. He was six feet four, an inch taller than Grant, his body thick and hard with years of labor. He had twenty pounds on Grant, and it was all muscle. God, she loved the way he always had to pick her up, holding her high, as if she weighed nothing. It was so…primal, making her feel delicate and petite despite being five-seven herself. And his work boots, holy hell, they turned her mad with desire. She braced herself against the wall as he dispensed with belt buckle and jeans buttons and added the tear of a condom wrapper to the harsh sound of her breath, his breath.

“Fuck, I need you. I want this. I fucking have to have it.”

He entered her with no more preliminaries, thrusting deep in one stroke. She clung to him, a tear of pure physical delirium leaking from her eye.

He overwhelmed her with passion, need, emotion, as if she was the only woman who could make him lose control like this. Her back scraped the wall, but she held on, taking every inch of his cock, drowning herself in his earthy, intoxicating aroma.

“Jesus, sweetheart, yeah.” His nostrils flared; his head fell back. “Fuck.”

On his lips, she loved that word. Fuck. It was almost an endearment, but the sex was raw, wild, overpowering her senses, turning her inside out. She cried out as he hit that perfect spot over and over until, like an animal, she sank her teeth into the flesh at his throat.

He hissed. “You dirty bitch.”

And even that shot her higher—the visceral language, the incessant grind of his body. Then he slammed home. With the pulse and spasm of his cock inside her, she tumbled over the edge with him.

Together they crumpled to the floor until he held her in his lap, his cock still buried deep inside her.

* * * * *

“There’s a very simple solution, sweetheart.”

Fifteen minutes later, on the couch in her darkened living room, Karl cradled her in his lap, his big arms engulfing her, his Midwestern drawl as soothing as the rain pattering on the deck outside. She’d told him Grant wanted her to choose.

Karl Kristiansen was her contractor. She’d been attracted to him from the moment he’d begun wandering through her town house preparing the bid for all the work she wanted done. He’d started doing her remodeling a week later, and he’d started doing her a week after that. That had been eight months ago. He and Grant had exploded into her life at the same time. Yes, she already knew Grant, but not the way she knew him now. He’d been off-limits when they’d first worked together, but that’s why he’d made such a good fantasy. When she’d finally had him, that’s what made him so much better, the years of fantasizing. But Karl was big and powerful, full of passion, taking her senses by storm.

Was it possible to have the same feelings about two different men for very different reasons?

“All right,” she mused sleepily, “tell me the solution.”

“Do us both and compare.”

“I just did you both.” She nuzzled his throat. He smelled so good, that tantalizingly earthy male scent. “And I still can’t decide. You both give me different things.”

His chuckle rumbled in his chest. “I mean, do us together.”

She slid off him, curled her legs beneath her on the sofa, and stared. “Like in the same bed at the same time?”

He shook his head, his teeth white behind his smile. With only the hall light stretching its fingers into the living room, the hazel of his eyes appeared dark as a jungle, but the sparkle was unmistakable. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a threesome.”

She shook her head. “The closest I’ve had to a threesome is what I do with you and Grant.” An evening in Grant’s bed, then coming home to find Karl had used her key.

The first time it had been a coincidence. Karl had come by to check a measurement in the kitchen. He’d let himself in; she’d arrived home a short while later. Invading her space as they’d talked in the kitchen, he’d leaned in close to sniff her. Then everything had gotten wild. He’d taken her on the counter as she told him all the things she’d just done with Grant, how he tasted, how he felt. She hadn’t volunteered; Karl had asked. The more explicit she got for him, the harder he had grown. It had become a ritual—a dirty, nasty, intoxicating ritual.

Karl grabbed her chin, his eyes suddenly serious, blazing. “I want to lick you while he’s fucking you.”

If you’d like to read more, I’ve got the first chapter up on my website! And here’s where you can find Take Your Pick Kobo Kindle Kindle UK Nook iBookstore Smashwords All Romance

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Getting the Neighbors All Worked Up

Not really the way you’re thinking, though. We’re watching one of the neighbors’ dogs while she’s out of town. It was pouring rain a couple days ago, and I was bundled up pretty tight as I took little Max out our front door.

Kick stood in the door as I trudged outside, at the same time one of our neighbors drove by in his truck. He slowed waaaay down and waved.

Kick waved back, but I kept moving into the trees. (We don’t trust Max off-leash.)

I didn’t think anything of it until Kick came home the next day, grinning. One of his buddies had asked him if I was out of town. Word had spread that someone saw the neighbor lady leaving our house with her dog.

Oh for heaven’s sake!

Worse, Kick had replied. “Yep. She’s been gone a few days. Comin’ back on Sunday.”

I called him a couple names and demanded that he talk to his friend and clear this all up. But, he had other plans.

He thought it would be funny if I texted my girlfriends and told them I was coming back early from my ‘trip’ to surprise Kick. It’d either have Kick’s buddies warning him, or the neighbors setting up their video cameras to capture the moment of surprise.

“No. We will not be whipping the neighbors into a frenzy.” I set out to walk Max and wave to neighbors as they drove by, and made a point of talking to friends, telling them that I was home, but the neighbor lady was not.

Kick was disappointed. He likes to stir things up a bit. But we spent a fun hour plotting out a book about it. The fact that it ended up a ménage has gotten Kick back into a really good mood! *groans*

We’ve all played tricks on our family and friends, but have you ever played a practical joke on your neighbors? Have they ever played one on you?

May all your naughty fantasies come true!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon
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Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon

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