Welcome guest blogger Lori King!

Smoking out Caroline Trainor from the Wolf’s Den

Hello fellow smut lovers! I’m Lori King and the lovely ladies and gentleman of 69 Shades of Smut have graciously allowed me to stop in and introduce my book, Fire of the Wolf, as well as its heroine, Caroline Trainor.


I’ll get straight to the nitty gritty; here’s how my interview with Caroline Trainor went.


I’m waiting at my fave table in my fave coffee shop when Caroline Trainor walks in the door. Her long, mahogany colored hair is loose around her shoulders, and her petite frame is encased in a lovely blue coat dress. I greet her with the hug of a close friend, if not a family member. In the six weeks I spent writing her book with her and her mates, Devin and Damon Gray, I feel like we became family.

As we settle into our seats, I smile my most charming ‘I want something from you’ grin, and jump right into my reason for asking her to meet me. “Okay Caroline, so here’s the deal. I’ve been invited to guest post on 69 Shades of Smut—“

“Holy Shit! Really? 69 Shades of Smut is one of my favorite blogs!” she interrupts excitedly, and I laugh at her honest enthusiasm. I knew she was a freak like the rest of us.

“I know, right? I’m really excited, and I wanted to do something fun, so I thought I would turn the spotlight on you this time.” I’m a little worried about how she will handle being on the receiving end of the questions. She did spend a lot of time giving me the third degree after I visited her future husband, Devin at the fire station while he was on duty last month.  It was all innocent. I swear! *wink wink*

“Okay, like when you do a Spotlight on your blog? I like reading those. I’ve found some great new authors from those interviews.” she looks intrigued.

I’m relieved that she understands what I’m wanting, and I plow on, “Exactly. So I’ve modified the questions because you’re not an erotic romance author, and added a few for fun. Are you game?”

Her brown eyes are snapping with excitement now, and she leans forward with her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands, “Definitely! I love this kind of thing. Hit me with your best shot, Lori.”

I take a deep breath and glance back at my notes, “Okay, first up; what’s your favorite color?”

Caroline rolls her eyes at me, and sarcastically asks, “Really? That’s your first question?”

Grinning, I tilt my chin at her in challenge, “Yep, gotta ask the fluff before I can get to the meat.”  I wink at her, and she laughs loudly.

A small wrinkle appears between her eyes as she answers, “Okay, well I guess purple. No wait. It’s green. Definitely green.”

“Let me guess—” I start to say, knowing already why she has picked that as her favorite shade.

“Yep. Have you seen their eyes? Damon’s are this deep ivy green color that look like wet grass right before he comes, and Devin’s are a clear light green color. Sometimes I think I’m going to get swallowed up whole just by their eyes.”

Crap. Now she has that dreamy lost in love look on her face. I think the last time I saw it was right after her and the Gray twins announced their pregnancy. I’ve got to steer her back to why we’re here before I lose her for good.

“Moving on….elevator, escalator, or stairs?”

She smiles, “Definitely stairs, unless I just finished a twelve hour shift at the hospital. Then it’s going to be the elevator, that’s for damn sure.”

Nodding my sympathies for her aching feet, I pick another question, “What would we find in your fridge if this were an episode of MTV cribs?”

“Well, we’re werewolves, so meat obviously. Lots and lots of red meat. Steaks and burgers are pretty standard fare at our place, and it’s anybody’s guess if it will get cooked before it’s eaten.” She grimaces a little at the look on my face. I’m sure I’ve turned a delightful shade of grayish green now.


She shrugs nonchalantly, “It could be worse. Other than meat, we have pomegranates-Devin’s favorite, Snickers ice cream bars-my favorite, and Mountain Dew-Damon’s vice.”

“What’s playing on your iPod right now?”

“I was listening to Luke Bryan, Country Girl, before I got here. I would shake it for that man if he asked.” She shivers slightly, and we both sigh in agreement as I glance around nervously.

“Shit, don’t let the twins hear you say that. They would have my ass!”

“Not likely. This is the only ass they get to have for the next lifetime or so.” The self-satisfied grin on her face leaves me feeling jealous as hell. I think I will have to meet up with Mr. King after coffee, and remind him about the ass he gets to have.  We share a knowing grin, and I move on.

“If you can take only one thing into the bedroom, besides your men, what would it be?”

A slow sinful smile creeps over her pretty face, “Mmmm…rope.”

Aww! A girl after my own heart! I nearly swallow my tongue at the mental images of her tied up while her two men pleasure her, and I have to swallow hard to refocus on my interview.

“Favorite book?”

“Besides the one about me? Fire of the Wolf was pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. Can I say the one about my best friend, Tina? Reflections of the Wolf.”

I have to laugh at her audacity, “You’re slightly partial to those two. Do you have any favorites besides ones that you’re in?”

She nods and looks very serious, “It’s probably a toss up between Mia Ashlinn’s, Destined to be Three, and Cassandre Dayne’s, On Becoming His. I just recently found the joy of ménage and Mia’s story is super hot, and lately I seem to have a thing for Dominant men…” The flush on her cheeks just enhances her beauty.  I know full well how much she likes her men taking control.

“I’m not sure I need to ask this but I will anyway. Lovemaking, wham bam, or kinky fuckery?”

She laughs in delight, “Oh good question! Well you know me, I like a little bit of all of it. I think everyone needs some kink in their life, and just the other day, Damon got back from patrol and he pushed me up against the wall… Well, let’s just say, there’s a place for wham bam, too.”


“Jealous much?”

We both laugh, and I put my questions away. “Enough of the interview. Tell me how you guys are doing.”

“Amazing. Devin and Damon are more than I could ever have dreamed. Then again, I never imagined myself in a ménage relationship, so it’s pretty much always more than I ever dreamed.”

“You’re a lucky woman. Those men love you more than anything else.”

“I know. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Anyways, right now they are a bit protective because of everything that happened with Barton Diego. Nothing like a life threatening battle of the wolves to up the ante in a relationship, right? And now they are keeping me wrapped in pillows because of the baby. This is the longest I’ve been alone in weeks. I guess I spoke too soon.”

She points in the direction of the front door, and I turn just as two six foot plus mountains of masculine muscle come in the door of the coffee shop. The women in the room are now solely focused, as a group, on their gorgeous forms as they stalk across the room towards us. They move like predators with the scent of prey, and with their golden Native American coloring and dark hair, they look dangerously sexy.

I shake off the hypnotic feeling of lust that the Gray twins seem to inspire in every person with a vagina and grumble, “Did they think I wouldn’t return you safely?”

She arches an eyebrow at me, and looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. “Do they ever need a reason to go all caveman on me?”

The two men reach our table, and they both take turns giving their mate flaming hot kisses that literally send my pulse racing as I watch. Then simultaneously they turn to me. I don’t know if I can put into words how I react to them, but let’s just say it’s a good thing I was wearing panties, because if not, there might have been a puddle under me.

“Lori.” Devin says and he flashes me that sexy dimple as his gaze trails over my now trembling body. With just a look, he’s reduced me to ashes.

“Devin. Damon. I’ve missed seeing you two sexy beasts. “ I stand and hug both men before I sigh regretfully. “I guess this concludes our lunch, Caroline.”

“Oh no, they can sit down and wait. I want to hear about Tina’s happy ending. I know you finished it, so spill.” She points to the table next to us, and both men drag chairs over. The look they give her is clear. They are doing it because they want her to be happy; not because they want to.

I shake my head vehemently. “Nope. You have to wait until October. I’m not saying a word!”

I should have known I was in trouble when she grinned wickedly, and both men groan. “I have dirt on Ryley and Rafe…”

I hesitate for just a moment, but she knows she has me by the short strings. I’m right in the middle of writing Rafe and Ryley’s story, and I would love to have some good info from an outside source. “Done. So you know how he just blurted it out to her, that she was his mate? Well, he managed to get her back to his place that same night…”


You didn’t think I would give away the secrets that easily, did you? Caroline and I ate dessert with Devin and Damon while we all gossiped, and I filled her in on Tina and Liam’s story. I can’t wait to share it with my readers too. Reflections of the Wolf (The Gray Pack Book 2) is set to release October 9 on www.bookstrand.com/Lori-King  . Don’t miss it! If you haven’t read Fire of the Wolf you can pick it up at www.bookstrand.com/fire-of-the-wolf  , and check out my blog for updates on The Gray Pack Book 3, and the other stories I have in progress. I just started revising a story about three brothers in Texas…wait! That’s for another day! Thank you again to the wonderful smut peddlers of 69 Shades! I loved visiting you all!

Remember to always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori King

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7 thoughts on “Welcome guest blogger Lori King!

  1. Susan W.

    What a fun interview! It’s a great way to be introduced to a new to me author and her characters. I’m definitely going to be checking out Lori’s books!


  2. Caro is one sassy woman.. And Lori!! TEASE!! I just swore I was about to hear something on Tina 😀


  3. Thank you again 69 Shades for having me! It was a blast!~Lori


  4. Sky Robinson

    Thanks for visiting our smutty little home Lori!


  5. Randi Alexander

    Hi Lori, thanks for blogging with us today! Great interview. You and Caroline do fit in well with the rest of us smutties!


  6. Mia Ashlinn

    Thanks for coming, Lori! I loved your interview. It was fantastic!!! 🙂


  7. What great way to tackle an interview! 🙂 I like… Very much!


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