When The Muse Goes Nuts

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It has been a rocky year for me especially when it comes to writing. I’ve had to take books back from publishers,  re edit them and try to find a new home so that readers can once again enjoy them. I’ve had writers block, migraine hell and anything else that has been thrown my way.

But…yes there is a but..how can there not be a but….I’m still here and kicking it..

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of plotting for new projects. I once counted I had over 100 stories and notes scribbled down and after some time I stopped counting.

The last few weeks my muse…lets just say I’m not sure if it is a he or she since it seems to be moody at times has decided to bombard me with new ideas and plots for books.

Everyone keeps telling me, don’t you dare start a new book..I want to have you finish this and that. I know…So do I..There are so many books I’ve started and a some which are finished and in edit stage that are crying to me to be done.

Over the last month I’ve pretty much gotten a brand new idea everyday. There was a day where I plotted a 12 book series. Well most of it was plotted. In case you are wondering it is erotic romance and sci-fi genre. I love my sci-fi and have wanted to do that for the longest time.

Some days I would get 2-3 ideas from my muse and the funny thing is the genre’s were so far apart.

I don’t know if I’m the only one but honestly my brain does not want to shut off. I lie down to go to sleep at night and it is like there is a plotting party up there. I just want to scream and say shhhhh give me a moment of silence here..

Don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that there are so many ideas coming to me and so many fresh stories but sometimes my muse just goes nuts.

As I said it can be moody and at times it will just hit me with writer’s block and I’m stuck with it until it goes away.

I wish I wrote faster like some authors I know. I don’t and I know it will be some time before I get all these done.

For now I just have to find a way to control this muse…

Do you have times like this when you are bombarded with ideas and can’t keep up with them?

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21 thoughts on “When The Muse Goes Nuts

  1. Laurie P

    Last night I started plotting a 6 book series. And someday I’ll get something finished and polished enough to get published. But I am always getting ideas for other stories. My mind doesn’t shut down either. And most nights “the voices” start talking to me about the time I lay down.


  2. It’s not about how fast you write, so don’t worry about how quickly you can tackle the stories on your list. You’ll get to them, and probably as you take one off the list another story will hop on. Writing is wonderful…don’t rush it; just enjoy the journey.


    • Capri, it is not about quantity but quality..I don’t mind being slow…I want to write amazing stories..I just wish the muse would not be so hyper…Thank you for taking the time to sop over…


      • Not sure I understand your reply as I never said it was about quantity, but whatever. As long as you’re working hard and enjoying what you do then you can probably sort out your muse. Best of luck with your writing.


  3. You’re full of great ideas hon, your muse just needs a bit of taming 😉


  4. chantarandblog

    Finally, someone out there shares my pain. My over-stimulated brain simply will not shut off, no matter what I do. Here’s a sad example: I was in a meeting at work a few weeks ago. The facilitator mentioned sales techniques that we could use to get customers to buy a product. It gave me a great idea for a romance about hunky Iraq Veteran who is mistaken for a salesman by a sexy heroine. I totally zoned out for the rest of the meeting as I was writing an outline for this new short story. People, what is wrong with me?

    At night, it’s even worse. I have tried to visualize a light switch in my mind, and when I cut that switch off, I’m supposed to take my ass to sleep. But it doesn’t work. I keep mentally flipping the switch back on! I have to keep a notebook on my nightstand to jot down ideas in the middle of the night. I’m not saying they’re the best ideas, but they keep me awake. I think both my muse and I need a sedative!


    • Chantarandblog, I think that there are so many of us out there but we just try to deal. I love the way your mind thinks. Yeah the night is the worst time..This is when it goes all crazy and it just won’t stop. I try to meditate and nothing..I write in the weirdest hours because of this.


  5. Hey there, I love working with muses. I wrote a blogpost about mine recently, and someone asked, “Have you ever asked them stuff directly?” Nope I had not. Since then I have about ten pages of heart to heart with the muse I lovingly call ‘Mother Octopus’ on branding, ideas for my websites, etc. Good ones, too, although maybe some ideas I am bit scared of right now.

    Of course sock away all your ideas for when you can write them out. I would say if your muse is going crazy, sit her down on the page and have a conversation like:

    Muse says “Hi here is another brilliant idea..”

    I say “What do I have to do to finish this project?? The one I’ve already spent months on and that everyone is asking for.”

    Muse “Maybe I will make it easier for you if you give me something.”

    I say “What in hells name do you want?”

    Muse says —————————–

    Something like that. Let me know fi you try it!



  6. I hear ya, Savannah! And as much as we want to turn off those pesky Muses, we must listen, right? I know yours will give you brilliant ideas as always!


  7. It is frustrating to have so many ideas and so little time. I hope you find a way to write them all!


  8. Oh! My head is so full! There simply aren’t enough lifetimes!


  9. Nice to know you are still writing, despite a difficult year. Keep on keeping on!


  10. Oye, you’re speaking directly to me aren’t you? Sighs. I feel your pain sweetie. My brain never shuts off either. Every night it takes me at least an hour, usually two to fall asleep. My mind is like a movie reel showing me snippets and scenes and I have to pay attention or I will forget in the morning once I do finally fall asleep.

    But, I’m glad you’re writing and keeping track of your ideas. You never know where your muse will take you.


  11. Yeah, this sounds familiar. I wouldn’t have it any other way though; I love the way my muse hammers at me. It almost feels like a have a constant companion all the time who keeps me entertained with crazy stories. I got a rough outline for a comedy horror the other day; a ghost story. I’m looking forward to getting that down, but for now I really have to concentrate on editing.


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