LONG-DISTANCE SEX by Guest Blogger Sable Hunter

I’ve been thinking a lot about long-distance relationships lately. In my latest book, Forget Me Never, there is a portion in which the hero and heroine are many thousands of miles apart. Patrick is a marine sniper who gets deployed to Afghanistan and his most desperate fear is being forgotten. His only surviving family member is his grandfather, who, unfortunately, is losing his mind to Alzheimer’s disease. Savannah is the daughter of victims of Hansen’s disease, better known as leprosy, and although she does not suffer from leprosy herself, its stigma haunts her daily and she has never been loved the way a woman needs to be. When Patrick and Savannah find each other, their love is instant and over-powering and they embrace almost immediately. (what did you expect? It IS a Sable Hunter novel, after all) They meet each other’s needs and discover that all the magic of Louisiana has destined them to be together. Not long after falling inexorably in love with one another, Patrick’s responsibility to his country rips him from her arms and deposits him on the other side of the globe.

Long distance can be one of the most difficult trials of a relationship, however, the couple that can conquer it will find a strength that few pairs can boast. I have suffered the agony of loving someone that I cannot reach. However, we are resourceful souls and we have discovered ways to keep the sweet and the spice of the romance burning on, even from miles away.

I loooooooove phone sex. I enjoy hearing the voice of my lover telling me what he wants to do to me. He commands me and I obey. He tells me where to put my fingers and what to do with them when they get there. There is so much sensuality in his voice. A strong, husky, masculine baritone with a coating of Texas drawl is the absolute sexiest thing in the world. That voice telling me how to please myself is a dream come true. I also love to hear him say what he is doing to himself. If my lover can paint a picture for me with his words, then I can get lost with him. It’s like my imagination has a co-pilot and he takes me wherever he wants me to go and shows me whatever he wants me to see.

Just like Patrick and Savannah, I have tried cyber-sex via email or instant messaging and it is a great opportunity to be descriptive and take your time. I am not going to reveal how many of my love scenes have been birthed from my own late-night digital rendezvous, but I will say that the amount of love it takes for a man to write his lover a long sexy story or poem is a humbling, beautiful, wondrous thing. Patrick asks Savannah to keep in touch with him over email while is overseas and they begin to share sexy emails back and forth. In fact, that is how Patrick and Savannah completely fall in love with one another. Those communications, despite occurring from thousands of miles away revealed the true selves of the characters. Patrick gained someone who would never forget him, and Savannah found herself belonging to a man that would love her no matter what her past looked like. It is one of my favorite parts of the book.

I have never done it, or I won’t admit to it, but sensual, video cyber-chats can be an extraordinarily intimate thing. I can only imagine seeing my lover’s face as he pleases himself with the thought of me or seeing a video that he has made with me in mind. I would love to see the desire on his face as I show my body to him. Technology is making the long-distance relationship easier when you don’t have to go without looking at the person you care for the most. How comforting it must be to lay eyes on your lover and share sensuality after so long.

My favorite is sexting. It is just so damn naughty. You can send and receive texts basically anywhere. It is so exciting to be at work or in a meeting and look down and read what your lover is going to do to you when he can. The taboo of the publicity granted by the secrecy and convenience of texting adds an entirely new dimension to intimate conversation. I love to think about what dances across my lover’s face when he reads a sexy text I sent him during a business luncheon. Can he hide it? Does he try to? Is his mind wrapped up in my body instead of getting anything productive done? It is just absolutely delicious to think about.

Sadly, most relationships do not survive long-distance. It is possible, however, and the intimacy you can create by sharing your love and body with your partner will go a long way in fortifying that connection. The few couples that do make it, and come out on the other side of the struggle with a resilience and confidence in each other, made the intimacy work. They made time for sexy phone calls and emails. I encourage you to reach out to your significant other and give him or her as much of yourself as you can muster. If you are one of the lucky people in the world, whose lover is a warrior or soldier laying his or her life down for our country, be sure to be there for them. Give them someone to love and hold on to. Give them someone to fantasize about and dream of. Give them a reason to get up in the morning and fight hard every day.

I tried to capture that kind of love in “Forget Me Never,” a desperate, hopeful, life-changing love that conquers war and disease and even death. I give thanks to my collaborators – Ryan O’Leary and Jess Hunter. Here is a little excerpt for you. I hope you enjoy!

The buy link is – http://www.amazon.com/Forget-Never-Cajun-Spice-ebook/dp/B009DID9WG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348526603&sr=8-1&keywords=forget+me+never+sable+hunter

My website is – http://sablehunter.com/

My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/messages/#!/sableserotica

Email me at sablehuntertx@gmail.com – I answer every email.


Excerpt – Fall changed to winter and Savannah and Patrick drew even closer. The days she didn’t hear from him were torture. She kept up with her work and ghost hunted fairly often, but the highlight of her life was the time she spent online with Patrick. Afghanistan and the war meant something different to her now than it did before. It was much more real and much more important. She kept her TV on CNN now and anytime she heard that a Marine had been killed, she was glued to the computer until she heard from him again. And during the times they couldn’t contact one another, she consoled herself by reading their emails. A folder labeled LOVE in her online mailbox was where she kept them stored, a modern day woman’s love letters. Soon, she promised herself, she would print them out – just in case.

Now she needed her Patrick fix, so she pulled up one that made her heart race every time she read it.

Hey, Baby. I know we talked earlier, but you’ve been on my mind constantly. I’m so damn lonely for home. Every time I sit still my mind wanders right back to you. Do you reread our emails? I do. Sometimes at night, I lay here and imagine you reading them and touching yourself. I keep dreaming about what it’s going to be like when I’m with you again.

In my favorite fantasy, you’re lying on the couch when I come home. You’re on your back, sleeping. I’m tired and sweaty and the only thing on my mind is washing the war off and relaxing, but you look so damn good asleep on the couch in your sexy little blue and white dress. I sneak up beside you and you stir, but don’t wake. I bend down to breathe you in. You move a little more, and the smell of your body causes a swelling in my pants that I need to share with you. You make me hard, Savannah.

I lean in and kiss you. You don’t kiss back at first, but after a few seconds, your lips part and you taste me. You run a hand around my neck and slide your fingers through my hair. We kiss more and as I pull my mouth from yours you bite at my bottom lip and moan in protest. “No.” A second later my mouth is on your neck. I kiss my way down to your collarbone and you offer yourself, vulnerable, sealed with a sigh and an “Oh God.” You gently open your eyes, and enjoy the pleasure on my face. You buck your hips and I feel your perky tits rub against my shoulder, your nipples are hard and I must have them in my hand. I slip a greedy hand down the front of your dress and am rewarded with a handful of the most perfect breasts I’ve ever felt. You cry out to me to run a fingertip over them. I’m eager to appease them, so I circle your perfect tits with that fingertip and you moan. “Oh God, Patrick.” I’m so hard that it hurts and when I hear you breathe my name, I grab your hand and place it on my erection. You massage my hardness and I have to let you know how good it feels.

“Good girl, Savannah. Just like that.”

I have greedy hands, Savannah, and with your sweet, sweet pussy within my reach, I can’t hold out any longer. I trace a slow line down your stomach and slip a hand up under the hem of your dress. Your body twitches and your legs begin to grow hotter around my hand. “Open up, Sexy,” I say. You give me only an inch more. “Wider,” I command this time.

“Yes, sir,” you say, and part your legs for me. You’re already damp. I give your swollen clit a rub through your underwear, but my hunger is too great. I want access to you and I’m not willing to wait a second longer. “Patrick!” You moan my name when I slide one finger in. “Oh, Fu-” You catch yourself before you swear when I put a second finger in your dripping pussy. You render my pants from my body. “Please, Patrick,” you say once my cock is out. I don’t need to answer you, I know what you want and I slide between your legs and thrust all of me inside of you. You wrap your legs around me and I pump into you as hard as I can. Your arms wrap around me as the ferocity of the love consumes you. We writhe in orgasm together and I fill you full of myself. I then collapse on top of you and you rub my back, peppering the top of my head with kisses.

“Looks like I woke you,” I say.

“It’s okay,” you respond. “I was expecting the mailman anyway.” We both laugh.

That’s it, Savannah. I had to share. This scene has been playing in my head for so long now. I’ve cum to it a hundred times. So . . . what are you wearing?

Christmas flew past and she sent him extra care packages filled with everything she could think of, and he had sent her a little diamond necklace. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The desire and affection they felt for one another didn’t dissipate. Every time they exchanged love notes, he teased her until she was so hot for him Savannah thought she would explode. Over time, they got braver with each other and more comfortable and the exchanges got even more explicit.

“What are you wearing? I need to know. . . Can you do me a favor? Read my words and follow my directions.

Lay back, Savannah, and pretend I’m there with you. Put on a show for me. Pretend that I’m on the bed across from you, watching you, stroking my cock while you touch yourself. Move your ass back and forth, now run a delicate finger up your side and grab those perfect tits of yours. (I know I haven’t seen them, but I know they’re perfect, and soon I’ll have them in my mouth.) Let me hear you say my name, Savannah. Say, “Patrick. I need you.” Spread your legs and swirl those hips for me, Savannah. I want to see those tits I’ve dreamt about so many times. Take them out for me, rub your nipples, squeeze them hard. Good girl. Pull up your hem for me, enough so I can see your underwear.

I can see a dark patch on your sexy little satin panties. Pull them to the side for me, Savannah, I want to see that tight little hole of yours, what I’m going to be licking. Give that aching clit a little pet for me. Rub it for me, Savannah. Hard. Fast. Imagine it’s my tongue on you, licking you up and down, back to front. Now slip a finger in, just the tip. Now, deeper. Slowly. Deeper. Imagine how much more I’d fill you up, stretch you. Good girl. Squeeze those ripe tits of yours while I slide in and out of your sweet pussy. That’s it, Baby. Now work your clit again. Fast, Savannah. Cum for me, Honey. Cum for me like I was there inside of you right now. I’m gonna cum, Savannah. Cum with me inside of you.

Thanks, love. That was great. I hope you enjoyed it, because soon I’m going to be enjoying you.

Patrick had seduced her – wooed her – courted her with the hottest words she had ever read. And she had returned the favor. At first she had been hesitant, not very good at it. But she had gotten better with practice.

Today she wrote one and poured every ounce of lust she possessed into it.

Hey, Sexy. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’ve read your emails and I do what you ask. I touch myself and I cum so hard. Now, do the same for me. Imagine that I’m there with you. I kneel at your feet and you spread your legs to make room for me. I’m brave, because this is a fantasy, right? Will you masturbate for me? Take your cock out and let me see it. You know I’ll love it. Now, stroke it for me. I can’t wait to see your face while you pleasure yourself. If you don’t mind, I’ll touch myself at the same time. We can cum together. Does it feel good? Pump it – slowly – up and down. If we were together, I’d lean over and kiss the tip – lick it a bit. You’ll have to teach me what you like. Maybe while you are sliding your hand up and down, I can help. I’d love to touch your balls, roll them a little bit and learn your body. My favorite thing is going to be watching your face and hearing your voice. I’ve enjoyed this so much, our sharing. But I want more. So cum for me, Patrick. Massage your cock and think of me. Say my name. Say, ‘Savannah, Baby.’ I can’t wait to hear you whisper my name. Cum for me, Patrick. If I were there with you I’d fit my mouth over the tip and love you while you came. And I’d swallow every drop.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me. Thank you for playing like this with me, Patrick. I think you have the best of me here. My talent lies with the written word. When we’re skin to skin, I won’t be that impressive, I promise you.

And she had hit send. It wasn’t long before she had received this response.

Sweet Savannah

Damn! I loved that. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard. Thank you. Now, I have a question for you and I want you to answer me immediately. What the hell did you mean by that last comment?

Savannah debated how to answer. Finally, she relented and told the truth, thinking it was better that he know what he was getting himself into. That way, he wouldn’t be disappointed later. The next email she sent had been short and to the point.

You know I’ve never had sex. And I can’t imagine that I will be any good at it. I’m going to disappoint you. There’s no doubt about that. And letting you down just scares me to death.

Patrick read the last email from Savannah and couldn’t believe his eyes. Hell, no. He knew she was a virgin. She had made that fact very clear. What was unacceptable to him was her insecurity and the worry he could feel in her words. “Hell, no,” he thought. It was time to settle this, because Patrick Heath O’Rourke was ready to go home – to Savannah.

Waiting for his reaction was nerve wracking, but it had come in a form she was not expecting. Her cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Savannah, there is no way in hell you could ever disappoint me,” he sounded adamant.

“Patrick! You called me! On the phone!” she knew she sounded flustered. But she couldn’t help it. “I’m so glad to hear from you. How are you?” Even though she couldn’t see him, having his voice in her ear seemed extremely intimate. “This must be costing you a fortune!”

“It doesn’t matter about the cost. This is too important. I didn’t want to wait for that damn video chat to connect. Now, you listen to me. Okay?” His voice had dropped to an intimate level, and he spoke softly, sexily – telling her how much he wanted her. “I’m counting the hours before I can come home to you. I’m going to show you just how desirable you are.”

“I can’t wait, Patrick. And I’m so relieved to talk to you about this. We’ve wrote such steamy detailed fantasies and I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to live up to them. It would be sad if I’m a better lover on paper than in your bed.” Savannah poured all the emotion in the world into her words.

“You’re the only lover I want. We’re going to be perfect together. I promise. Do you trust me? Do you want me, Savannah?”

She didn’t make him wait a second longer. “Come home to me, Patrick. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”

“Well Darling, you don’t have to wait any longer; I’m leaving for home in a few hours. Email me your address and leave the porch light on. Ciara and I will be at your house for supper tomorrow.”

A thrilling feeling of near panic filled her. He was about to fly home!

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15 thoughts on “LONG-DISTANCE SEX by Guest Blogger Sable Hunter

  1. You’ve touched a nerve with me Sable. I’ve been in a long distance thing for 11 years with a whole lot of sexting, cyber sex and phone sex (as well as the real deal of course) and like you, I’m a huge fan. Looking fwd to see how it’s all integrated in your story. I’m sure it has a happy ever after (and my long distance love is moving in with me in the next few months!!). Sometimes perseverance is worth it!


    • Thank you Andra, I appreciate your comment. Yes, it has a happy ending. And when you are apart from the one you love – you touch one another every way you can.


  2. My husband is military and yes this helps a lot not just with the relationship but in getting them through their tour to know you love and miss them. In all the tours he did it was very liberating to open like this for some reason we took advantage and didn’t do anything sexy till he left we changed that when he came home !!!


    • I bet you did – well so did Savannah and Patrick. It sort of got the embers smoldering. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I am grateful.


  3. Sky Robinson

    Hmmmmm, you’re tempting me into finding some phone sex action… The book sounds very yummy!!


  4. The book is a great read, so hot the letters between Patrick and Savannah literally had smoke coming off them. Sable with Ryan and Jess’ input have created one very hot loving highly emotional read. Can not wait for Sable’s next book.


  5. I have to tell you all that this blog is going to bankrupt me but I will go to the poor house with a Kindle full of wonderful smut! LOL! I love sexting and I see my sweet hubby every night.


  6. HOT, HOT, HOT. CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT! Have no experiance with a long distance relationship. I’m sure it is equally hard on both parties.


  7. Kathy Lewis

    Sable, my husband and I have gone thru the long distance relationship when we first met. We didn’t have the video back then but the phone calls and emails were hot. I think like any relationship whether long distance or close to home, you have to work on it. I loved the emails from Patrick and Savannah, it takes me back to the beginning of my relationship with the hubby. Nothing is more sexy when a man can express himself in writing. Thanks for the blog.


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