Vacation, here I come!!!

Norway Fjord in FebruaryI’m exceptionally excited to tell you all that I’m going on vacation. Okay, it’s not until the beginning of November, but I’m so excited I can hardly wait. We’re going to Tahoe. Okay, yes, I was just there in May. So really, what’s so exciting about going to a place I’ve been to many times before and that I visited only three months ago? Well, it’s because this is the first vacation my husband and I have taken all by ourselves in thirteen years. Yes, THIRTEEN! It’s way overdue. It’s not like we haven’t gone on vacation at all. But it’s always to visit family or friends. Or we’ve gone on vacation with other couples. Really, we’ve been to Norway twice, Germany once, to Hawaii a ton of times, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Sedona, Altanta, Hiltonhead, and Tahoe. And I’m sure there are some places I’ve forgotten, too. And being with family and friends is great! I’m not knocking that. I love visiting our family on both sides of the Atlantic and they always take such great care of us. But this time it’ll be just the two of us. Wow. It’ll be like a second honeymoon. I wonder if we’ll even have anything to talk about. Okay, just kidding. We’ve got a one-bedroom condo in a five-star resort up on the ridge overlooking Lake Tahoe. My wonderful sister found it for us through her timeshare. We’re going to do some hiking if there’s no snow on the ground. And some skiing if there is. A little gambling and Montblue 99 cent margaritas, here we come!  And I will do some writing as well on the new Berkley book. And I’m sure we’ll be doing some…other fun things, too!

So, tell me when was the last you went on vacation with just you and your little honey?

I’ll be thinking of all of you in November when I’m in Tahoe. Oh, in fact, I’ll have to blog from there, too! But right now, I’ve got to rush to the couch (or out in the atrium if the sun is shining) and write my 2500 words of The Boss’s Daughter. Maybe I can even do 3500 like I did yesterday! The Boss’s Daughter, West Coast Hotwifing Book 3, will be out at the beginning of October! Hah, I’ll be talking about it the next time on the 69 Smut blog!

For an excerpt of my latest release, Twisted By Love, Reincarnation Tales Book 1, please pop over to my blog, The story is available now on, KoboKindle, Nook, All Romance, and Smashwords.

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6 thoughts on “Vacation, here I come!!!

  1. Susan W.

    Last time my husband and I went on vacation together was about 10 or 11 years ago. He’s not a traveler and would rather spend his vacation time working wheat harvest for a friend. Besides, we don’t travel well together and it makes for a LONG vacation! LOL!


    • I hear you, I’m not a world traveler either, but my husband is. Or at least he’d like to be! But we’re both looking forward to getting away! Thanks for stopping by, Susan!


  2. Sky Robinson

    Have fun on your 2nd honeymoon. You are definitely overdue!


  3. Randi Alexander

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Half the fun of taking trips is the planning and packing stage, so you get to enjoy that for a couple months.


    • I love the packing and planning, Randi! Choosing what to wear! And this place has a kitchen, so i have to figure out my recipes. I know, who goes on vacation and cooks! But I find cooking very relaxing.


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