Welcome Guest blogger Andra Ashe and win some great books and chocolate!



When did you start writing smut?

I was pondering this question the other day, trying to pin down when my journey into erotica began.  My first memory of reading something salacious is The Passionflower Hotel by Rosalind Erskine.  This was published in 1962 so I’m thinking I probably read it as a mid-teen and the die was cast.

I can’t recall when I first put smutty pen to paper.  That I can’t remember,  and the fact that it was literally pen to paper, shows how long ago it must be, but I’ve always had a fascination with sex and writing so it was natural that I’d put the two together.  When I started writing romance the bedroom door was only starting to open but as it crept further and further open I happily went inside and not only watched, but called the shots.  This smutty writer finally had a legitimate genre – erotic romance.

After a couple of decades of writing I’ve finally had my first publication success with two short stories accepted by Pink Petal Books for the Boys of Summer and Beyond Bounds anthologies.  Here’s the sexy cover for Beyond Bounds.  It’s currently available at Pink Petal Books.

I’m currently working on a full length naughty historical set in the Georgian era tentatively called ‘Pleasure’s Mistress’.

I live in Melbourne, Australia where we’ve just gone into Spring so the weather swings between sunny with blue skies to rain with hail and grey skies.  There’s a saying that ‘if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, wait five minutes’ and it’s certainly true at this time of year.  My local writers group are the fabulous ladies of the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, I’m also a member of Romance Writers of Australia and judge some of their competitions.

I’d love to know how, when or what inspired  you to start writing smut  and one lucky commenter will receive a copy of Sylvia Day’s ‘Bared to You,’ Aussie author Jess Dee’s hot ménage ‘Three of a Kind’ and some chocolate coated Australian macadamia nuts – because every romance writer needs chocolate!

Website : www.andraashe.com

Blog : http://andraashe.blogspot.com.au/

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/andra.ashe.5

Here is a very short teaser from ‘Miss Blaine’s Misconduct’:

‘Very good, Miss Blaine,’ he said, his voice moving closer.  ‘Perhaps you’re beginning to learn the basics of doing what’s expected of you.’  His voice was firm but not threatening.

Lily nodded.  She didn’t know whether it was it the confines of the mask, or some innate subservience, but her pulse quickened with the anticipation of not knowing what Nick would say or do next.

‘Give me your hands, Miss Blaine.’

Lily held out her hands and the warmth of Nicks fingers encircled her wrists as he drew her forward to stand up. His grip on her wrists tightened and Lily drew in a breath before he flattened her hands against his chest.  His now naked chest.  Rock hard under her fingers with the soft rasp of hair.  Nipples hard under her palms.

She flexed her fingers, wanting to feel more but her hands were pulled away. ‘Misbehaving doesn’t go unpunished.’  He let go of her hands.  ‘Pull your skirt up, Miss Blaine.’

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24 thoughts on “Welcome Guest blogger Andra Ashe and win some great books and chocolate!

  1. Nice and excerptblog, Andra. Ooh I wouldn’t mind trading places with Miss Blaine.




  2. Tay

    Hmm…Miss Blaine’s Misconduct sounds good.


  3. Cara McKenna’s books inspired me to write smut, that girl’s books are like, woo-hoo hot!


  4. I know that I started reading smut in my teens as well, as for writing its still all in my head. I think the process intimidates me, so I find a million and one other uses for my time and just think up ideas of what could be a story but never develop them. That should be a job, I will be the smut idea woman, authors come to me for the set up then they write it LOL!
    Enjoy your Spring here in Maryland we are headed into Fall and so far its been wet!
    Thanks Carin


    • Oh Carin, don’t keep your smut in your head! Even if you’re writing just for yourself, put your thoughts down, you never know where it may lead 🙂 I understand how it may seem intimidating – I have an article on writing erotica on my website which might help you get started.


  5. Sky Robinson

    Welcome to our smutty home Andra! That cover is awesome!!


  6. I just recently started reading the more racy romance books and am happy to say I just finished writing my first book which is an erotic cougar story. What better way to live out your fantasies than expressing them word for word and in great detail. My hairdresser was just telling me about the book Bared to You so I was excited to see that book as one of the prizes. Thanks for having this giveaway and everything is better with chocolate.


    • Congrats on finishing your first story Jackie. Do you have a publisher in mind to submit to? Good luck with it, it’s a frustrasting but rewarding journey.


  7. Laurie P

    Wow, hmm, when did I start reading smut. Must have been about 6 years ago. And I’ve always have wanted to be a writer so hubby told me to become a smut author so he could be married to one.
    goaliemom00 (at) cox.net


    • Hubby has a great idea Laurie – you get to test your idea on him. Choreographing sex scenes has to be realisIc so what better way to make sure you get it right. If you haven’t already, I hope you start down the smutty road real soon.


  8. Hi Andra

    Great blog. I’m a great lover of romance, and you can’t have romance without a little sex and fun! So, for me, when I write, I have to have both.
    Good luck with Miss Blaine’s Misconduct. It’s a great read, hot and naughty with more than a dash of spice.



  9. Very nice excerpt….only it was way too short. LOL
    I only started reading romances a few years back (erotic romances just last year). I definitely would not like the “closed door” romances of years ago.


  10. Nice Cover! I’m not a writer, I’m a reader! Love erotic romance.


    • Tiss, we writers need readers or we’d have no motivation to put our stories out there. Erotic romance is a growing genre so you certainly have plenty to choose from.


  11. Who doesn’t like a little smut with their romance – and chocolate, of course! Lucky me gets to read (edit) erotic romance and get paid for it!! Mega congrats on your sales, Andra and may Miss Blaine soon follow!


  12. Hi Andra,

    What a teasing sampler of what is to come. Romance is one of my favourite genres and I enjoyed the playful sex scene.

    Thanks for the post and can’t wait to read more of you sexy stories.



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