Back to…Yesterday?

Well here we are again. Hopefully all the kiddie poohs have made it back to school and parents everywhere are settling into a schedule. I know it was a very hectic week for me and this week appears a little better, but not much. 🙂

Just three words. Jealousy. Sugar. Contraceptives.

Are you wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Good. 🙂 I have a book releasing Friday, September 14 from Evernight Publishing, Street Safe.

One of the subplots in the story surrounds sugar and an old Victorian house I got to tour one afternoon some months back. I’ve posted pics here.

The house was part of a farm, a couple of the outbuildings are still there, but the farm belongs to someone else. What was really neat about this house was being able to actually touch and take pictures of different fixtures. And I peppered my guide with lots of questions. She and her son were very knowledgeable about the house, its history and its occupants.

Somehow being surrounded by all that history inspired Street Safe and a news story or two I read on Yahoo inspired another twist and incorporated all those things into a rather interesting tale. At least that’s what my editor says. 🙂


Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.


Street Callan wants only one thing from the sultry voluptuous woman in red heels, a night of steamy, unadulterated sex.

Na’arah Simmons has no problem submitting to Street’s seductive allure, since she shares in the attraction.

When their one night stand leaves her with an unplanned souvenir, his less than desired response will force her to move on.

However, when she’s the only witness to a brutal murder, Na’arah has only Street to turn to if she wants to save herself and her unborn child.



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4 thoughts on “Back to…Yesterday?

  1. It’s release week? It’s release week, yay!! Sounds like a really intense story, Lynn. 🙂

    And isn’t it amazing how ideas come from the strangest places? I carry a notebook everywhere, just in case. Jotted down stuff in the gym just last night and drew a lot of curious glances. *kick punch scribble scribble kick punch scribble scribble*


  2. *g* I can just see you doing that. I carry a notebook too and if all else fails napkins and the backs of receipts work very well. 🙂


  3. Randi Alexander

    I love those old houses, and to touch things that have belonged to someone from another era is so interesting. Great book blurb, too! Looks like a hot one, Lynn. Congratulations!


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