Look whose book is a recommended read on USA Today!

Along with other red-hot Romantica from Ellora’s Cave, but it’s my 15 minutes to 48 hours of fame and I’m still riding the new release high, so please indulge me. Check it out!

You’ve met MacCale and Lucie, but what’s Perpetual Pleasure all about again? The story begins, as these stories often do, with a boy meets girl setup. Or rather girl sees perfect one-night stand material but seduction doesn’t go as planned. What follows certainly doesn’t follow our heroine’s plan or her triple F system of survival: Find ’em, fuck ’em, forget ’em. She is an immortal, a twenty-six-year-old Savannahian going on two hundred and sixty. [Depending on your bloodlust, the bad news: not a vampire, the good news: not a vampire.]

The story came to me as Alex Rising once did, in flashes of what later became the opening scene. I saw this mysterious, magnetic woman working the room at a party. She screamed sophistication and savoir faire. And she was totally fake somehow, as if it was only an act, as if she was wearing some kind of mask. There was a man in the room thinking the exact same thing, seeing right through her, and as thoroughly mesmerized and fascinated by her as I was.

The man, our hero, is a daredevil. He’s not looking for a one-night stand, more like a one-life stand, and he isn’t sated with a quickie. But when you’re immortal like our heroine is, relationships, short-lived or long-term, aren’t really an option. Your lovers aren’t getting any younger and you’re not getting any older. How does that work? I kept thinking about how lonely Lucie had to be and really felt for her, but she laughed at my pity because she was doing just fine. She was immortal after all. And only human. That’s what MacCale will remind her of. But he doesn’t understand her motivation or how she feels until later, much later. Too late?

So what happened to Lucie? Will MacCale get through to her? The bad news: you’ll have to read the book to find out. The good news: it’s now available from Ellora’s Cave and coming soon to a third party e-tailer near you! (I’ll add links to my personal page as they go live, just click my name on the banner.)


Stunt performer MacCale Moore knows a thing or two about seduction. And he knows all about putting on a show. The Savannahian bombshell coming on strong is tempting all right. But there’s something wrong with the picture. Seeing through her charade isn’t the problem. Convincing a flaming femme fatale to trust him with her heart and not just her body may well turn out to be the hardest stunt he’s ever had to perform.

No dating. No cuddling. No emotion. No exceptions. Lucie Marcotte’s system of survival has saved her from heartache for two hundred years and counting. Now her latest conquest is asking to be more than just another link in her endless chain of one-night stands. So what if it’s the best sex she’s ever had? Their relationship has nowhere to go. But how to convince him or stop herself from hurting them both, she has no idea. Before Lucie knows it, she is breaking all her rules. And for an immortal, that’s just flirting with disaster.

Enjoy, 69ers, and have yourself a sexcellent weekend. Muah!

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10 thoughts on “Look whose book is a recommended read on USA Today!

  1. Huge congrats are in order..This is fantastic..


  2. Randi Alexander

    Wow, bigtime publicity, Dita! I bet you’re excited! Congratulations.


  3. Sky Robinson

    Congrats Dita! And the book sounds delicious:)


  4. Congrats- yay!!!


  5. Congratulations!


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