Five Minutes in the Closet with Em Petrova

I’m going to start something new for one of my two monthly blog posts–Five Minutes in the Closet. Five zany, unrelated questions that make you go hmmm… or mmmm. You decide which.

Where are my keys?
Strangely enough, they’re in my car. I leave them in there so I remember where they are (think rural area and very beat up, 7 year-old, craptastic SUV). But I also I lock the door accidentally. Luckily, the lock on the trunk of my SUV doesn’t work. So you might see a short woman launching herself through the back, flipping over the seats to reach the front and unlock the doors. And yes, I’ve done this more than once on the street, at Walmart, and in skirts!

Who is that voice in my head?
Ohhh, the big question. Today that voice belongs to my insanely sexy hero Ward Bose from my current work-in-progress FEVER PITCH. Ward is a logging man—a rough and tumble, plaid-wearing, chainsaw-wielding MAN. He’s just been propositioned by his best friend Liam to satisfy Liam’s wife, so you can imagine the confusion and excitement warring inside Ward!

My stance on cannibalism: Tastes like chicken? Photobucket

If I were a cocktail, what would I be? Sangria for breakfast. Like now.

If I couldn’t write erotic romance, what would I write?
Food labels. But funny ones with diagrams. Or snarky e-cards talking about the stupidity of those humans who haven’t yet evolved.

Thanks for reading! This is also a Happy Release Day to me and my third Hollis Boys story WILD WILD HEARTS

A teaser:

With Hollis’s warm gaze on her, she almost wished she wasn’t in this profession of entertaining men. Hollis had “morality” written all over him. Yes, he was definitely the come-courting kind. Well, she wasn’t in that market—her train had pulled out long ago.

Find Wild Wild Hearts at Loose Id!

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5 thoughts on “Five Minutes in the Closet with Em Petrova

  1. Tastes like chicken? lol. Ah Em you never disappoint.


  2. Randi Alexander

    Oh my gosh, Em! Totally non sequitur questions, and I love your answers. Good exercise, that flipping over seats to unlock your car doors! Can’t wait for your next set of questions!


  3. Happy release day, Em!


  4. Sky Robinson

    Congrats on the new release!


  5. Great post, Em. Your questions are perfect, especially your stance on cannabalism. Although I guess that wasn’t really a question!


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