School Days with Sky Robinson

Back to School with Sky Robinson


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Yes, it’s that time of year again, and the most pressing thing on my mind right. I’m about to send my little guys off to another year of learning and hopefully a lot of fun and friendships. And I’m so dang excited to have a regular schedule, to have a set amount of time to spend writing every day. My characters have been bouncing around impatiently inside my head, anxiously waiting to get out, and very soon they will be getting their chance.

I’m a complete nerd girl when it comes to school. I always looked forward to the first days of school in the fall, looked forward to all the new pencils and folders and markers, and looked forward to the adventure of a new year. I know I’m a dork and totally embrace it.  🙂

I don’t have any good school stories from high school. I was a good girl, got good grades, never got into any trouble. College, now that was a whole different story. Not that I got into any major trouble or let my grades slip too much, but I definitely had my share of some  crazy what-was-I-thinking fun.

So now that you know  my thoughts on back to school, I would love to hear what back to school means to you. Oh, and a little back to school eye candy. Isn’t he cute? And he looks old enough that I won’t be going to jail for checking him out…doesn’t he?


“Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /”.

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5 thoughts on “School Days with Sky Robinson

  1. Randi Alexander

    Sky, I’ve seen the harmless trouble you get into at writers’ conferences, I can just imagine you when you were single and wild in college! You’ll need to share some of those stories with us some day!


  2. Sky Robinson

    Don’t get me started Randi… 🙂


  3. The first day of school excites me now more than it ever has, the kids go away to learn. Yay! It would be interesting to hear some of your college stories, Sky. 🙂


  4. Sky Robinson

    I’m with you Lynn, way more excited for the start of school now than ever in the past.


  5. Now that guy looks old enough to make a very nice playdate, Sky!


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