I’m Coming Home

One of the best things about a road trip is coming home. This past summer I spent six weeks on the road. For some this is nothing, but for me? I’ve never been away from home that long in my entire life. While out there in the beautiful, lush greenness of North Carolina, I learned something. Surrounded by family as I was, I yearned for home.

Taken by Me

So it isn’t just the people, it’s this-is-my-little-place in the world and I miss it. There were some great eats and food tastes soooo much better in the South. Except Chick-fil-A. I can make that at home, but that’s another post.

Also when you’re in a vehicle for more than two hours, the scenery seldom changes. There’s just road, road and more road. 🙂

I missed my bed and the nice soft sheets.

My washer and dryer. I walked up a hill and 24 steps to get to the laundry facility in 90+ degree heat twice a week.

My kitchen is fully equipped. While in the South I used foil as a cookie sheet.

Leaving for that road trip is fine, but coming home is the best.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic

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Balcony View in ATL


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2 thoughts on “I’m Coming Home

  1. Randi Alexander

    Wow! Six weeks is a very long time to be away from home. You’re a brave woman. And I completely understand that feeling of sinking into my own bed, my own pillow, my own sheets and blankets. There’s no place like home!


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