Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?


Well, should they? Let’s explore this fun topic today. I’m looking for lots of comments on this post, so get those fingers poised!

This is a common subject amongst erotic romance authors and smutters. When talking manscaping, exactly how much is too much?

While lying in bed the other night, staring at my man’s hairy front, I have to admit I did some mental waxing. Yes, it’s true. I’d contour the belly hair a little, trimming it to a perfect love trail. But other than that, I wouldn’t touch him. To me, being all bare might rank up there with carrying a man purse. (Mama likes to nuzzle!)

As an erotic romance author, I look at a lot of…um…inspiration. *wink* It’s impossible not to be influenced by publishing’s vision of the perfect man. After all, romance book covers typically sport shirtless heroes. But have you ever, in all your life, seen a hair? No wonder men feel compelled to shave, right? Women are lounging around devouring these books about hairless men, while our significant others wonder what those images have that they don’t.

In movies, it’s not that often you see a real hairy man chest. I’m sure these actors are subjected to torturous hours on the waxing table. I guess the good thing is they aren’t forced to have all their hair plucked by clam-shell wielding old women like some of the American Indian tribes, where hair was considered unsightly.

Some guys think that shaving their lower parts makes the tool look bigger. But in my opinion, when it comes to grooming the nether-regions, I’ve got one word for you—CACTUS. That’s right, guys. Ain’t no woman willing to take a ride on that.

What are your preferences? I can’t wait to hear your juicy comments!

Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~

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16 thoughts on “Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?

  1. krystalbrookes

    Ugh, no! But then I don’t think women should shave it all off either. Maybe a bit of a back, sack and crack job but that’s it. And the chest if it’s a bit of a forest. But leave the main dangly bit alone.


  2. Taylor

    I think they should only shave if they want to. It’s their body after all. As for chest hair…well I never really thought about it. I have seen guys with and without it and they look fine both ways to me. Now when it looks like they have a shaggy rug on their chest…then it’s kind of icky to me. I can’t get into that, but somebody might love it.


  3. meltz11

    Ack! I love to nuzzle and if there’s nothing for me to run my finger tips through I’m likely to get cranky 😉 I don’t mind waxing of the snail trail into a straight line, and I definitely encourage trimming around the important bits… Buts that’s only to better my view. Quite frankly, a love a bit of fur on my man 😀


  4. I like that my hubby has some fur. I couldn’t imagine him hairless like a teen or the agony he would have to endure to get ‘smooth’ everywhere.
    On the other hand–there are some guys that I think hairless works for. You would not be able to see the cut of muscles that a professional body builder has worked on if he was furry. So 6 of one, half a dozen of another. 🙂


  5. I love some fur on my man. I really don’t like the waxed look on all the cover models. It is personal perference though so shave if you want to.


  6. Trimming is good. I like to be able to find what I’m looking for. But, I agree with you on the cactus thing. Not fun. I’d say a little bit of shaving and a trim would be perfect. But, I seem to appreciate hair more now that I’m older. When I was in my 20’s, I probably would’ve said shave it all off.


  7. There is nothing wrong with a man staying neat or clearing off hair that makes him uncomfortable. However, mean are supposed to have hair! Hairy arms. Hairy legs. A treasure trail! Sure, I understand swimmers and body builders being bare but I think real men have some hair. Especially down THERE! And, I agree CACTUS! No thank you.


  8. I think doing a little manscaping is good. It doesn’t hurt to be all trimmed and good.


  9. laurie g

    i am one of those ladies that says it kinda depends on the man i am looking at. some do look good WITH hair and some look good without hair. but i do agree w/ a number of posters b/f me that nicely groomed hair is the BEST and i also don’t like em to shaggy…just enuff for me to run my hands thru but not so much i am reminded of a forest lol


  10. Stacy Wilson

    I love the look of a man, period. Hair or not! Doesn’t matter to me. That said, tho, hubby is bare down there. Has been shaving for something like 18 years now??? I got tired of choking on hair *blush* so he thought he’d help me out. On HIM, bare is hot. But I like it all…hair, scaped, bare, things in between. 😉

    See, my hubby has, and I have counted, 4 chest hairs. And he is 47. 😉 So, less is a better match. :p

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com


  11. Carin W

    I am not a fan of a really hairy chest but I think that manscaping should stop after back waxing and shaping on the chest, I think that shaving down below is just icky! Thanks Carin


  12. A bit of trimming is okay, but leave a little something to run my fingers through.


  13. Trimmed neatly is nice! But not completely bald. Unless it’s on the top of their head, umm, the upper one, not the lower one, LOL! I love a shiny bald pate!


  14. Pati

    Definitely trimmed if they are really hairy, but only a little. I’m sorry but I really dislike manscaping. Men are suppossed to have hair! I agree with the bald upper head though. My hubby shaves his head and has a bunch of tats…. yum!! My daughter dated a boy a couple of years ago who waxed all over except his head…… she said it was like touching a girl. It totally grossed her out. LOL!


  15. Tina B

    The only objection that I have is if it is a forest, then at least take some clippers and trim it. I do not want to be flossing. Lol. I don’t mind if they are bare either. I don’t think it detracts from their manliness. Though, I am not a fan of the cactus. I have dated all types, so for me, it doesn’t matter. 😉
    Fun question!


  16. My man takes his manscaping very seriously!!LOL and I love it. I help him wax his back and he trims everything else. We did shave him once down there and I have to say it was nice when we first did it and I was done too. It is a nice close feeling down there..if you get my drift..very sexy! Not so much when there is stubble…cactus is definatly a nice way to put it!!LOL


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