We Meet Again…


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Hello all you smutty readers out there. Yes you..Oh you know you can’t get enough of our place here. So sexy that you decided to join me today.

So as some of you know I’ve had a few books go off the market and that has made me go back and rework these stories. We all grow and change with our style of writing and just the craft in general.

Going back to these books I learned how much I had grown as an author. I thought, this is a new chance to give my stories a breath of fresh air and new life.

I got to reintroduce myself with old characters and see them in a new light. To be honest they even surprised me this time around. They took a stronger hold of their story and started to lead me in a different direction. I always knew they were both powerful and kinky among other things but this just went all extra naughty..

I will say I’m enjoying meeting these characters all over again and discovering their wild and sexy side. They are taking their own adventure this time around and more sure of where they want to go. Each character has discovered a lot about themselves and their desires for love.

This is new to me to go back to an old book and rework it and re-edit. Give a new light into an old story. I will say no matter the stress and worries of doing this because of being unsure where this will lead me I will say I love the experience. It has taught me a lot.

I’m halfway through this reworking and so far I’m thrilled with the story and how much it has grown. I can’t wait to share it with you.

So tell me, have you ever had to take back your books from a publisher and gotten a second chance to give new life into an old story? How did it feel to return to something you wrote a while ago? did you like the chance or did it make you cringe?

stay naughty,


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14 thoughts on “We Meet Again…

  1. I haven’t had any books reverted to me yet, but I have gone back and re-worked the very first book I ever tried to write. I ripped it apart, saving the heroine. I didn’t re-read it again, instead I created a whole new story. I just finished it late June. Now it’s with my first readers and writing partners. It was an odd mix of fun and fear. I decided to forget the worry and just have fun with it. 🙂


    • Casey, I have one of those books. I’ve yet to go back to it. I know I would demolish it because of the state it is in. This new experience did teach me much. I’m glad you had the chance to go back to something you wrote a while ago. I look forward to reading it once it comes out.


  2. Whatever you do to them can only make them better. We’re all behind you unless you turn the heroine into Mary Poppins then we need to talk… But you never know what was in that carpet bag she carried 🙂
    Don’t be scared.
    Cora Blu


    • Cora, thank you so much..No she will not be Poppins..not even close..Oh you naughty thing..Her bag was full of toys that she and the chimney sweeper used for a little kinky fun… ha ha

      Oh i’m not scared…I’m loving it..


      • The contemporary I just released was written three years ago as a menage. I took out one of the men and it’s selling wonderfully. I’m thinking of posting the original in my newsletter. Can’t wait to see what color your imagination draws in this time. 🙂


  3. Great post, Savannah. For me, just last year I had a..er.. disagreement with a small press, took back my short story. It was disheartening at that time. I thought about all the sweat I’d put on those 5000 words. Now I’ve revamped it and extended to 65000 words. I’m feeling pretty good about it. And I reacquinted myself with those characters. A wonderful feeling 🙂


    • Cecilia, thank you so much. Oh yes the feeling is thrilling and amazing..wow you did a whole lot of changes. That is amazing..congrats on getting so much done..


  4. I know the revamped stories are going to be great, Savannah. I’ve gotten back the rights to several books that I’ve been putting out again. My Max Starr series was one of those reissues. And I was so happy to read them again. I’m actually thinking of revamping them again and removing quite a bit of the “erotic” part and selling them more as mainstream. I also got back the rights to my first two Harlequin HQN books which I’ve reissued as She’s Gotta Be Mine and Fool’s Gold. Again, I was very pleased as a reread them. They were pretty good, LOL! Have fun with the revamping!


    • Jasmine, it is great and interesting. Oh wow, I did not know you re released some stuff too. It makes me feel good that I’m doing all of this and giving more life into the books. I’m nervous to see how readers will react this time around but hope they love them even more.


  5. juliabarrett

    It’s fun, isn’t it Savannah? Like hanging with old friends.


  6. It’s crazy to go back and read old writing, to see how much your writing has changed/evolved is a great experience. Have fun with it Savannah! I’m drooling over the header here, have to come back often just to stare at it! wow!


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