Did You Say Road Trip?

*groans* Not another one. I just returned from the ATL or Atlanta, Georgia and before that Durham, North Carolina. And before that, Memphis, Tennessee and Camden, Arkansas. One thing I learned while traveling across the south, that the highways look the same after a while.

I suppose if my characters could travel to anywhere in the world, Zach would more than likely take Trisha somewhere romantic and since he loves to spoil her I see them in someplace like Madrid or Milan and of course Paris.


Leo would more than likely take Symmone and the kids to some sort of resort like Walt Disney World where they could spend time as a family and then steal away for a bit as a couple.








One of my favorite couples, who actually met in a tropical location, is Delia and Jace. A hottie from the pool and seduction on the high seas. I had so much fun writing about fun in the sun, well the story still holds a special place in my heart.  Right now you can get the book from the publisher at a discount.

In the mean time here’s a bit from Breaking Delia’s Rules.

She leaned back on the table as he towered over her. “Favorite flower, Delia.” Jace settled the flowers in her lap, his hand on her thigh, stroking her sun-kissed skin with his thumb.

“I…wow.” She buried her nose in the cluster of orchids and tulips.

“So, how many shots?” He held her gaze.

She lifted her chin, and he read her quiet challenge.

He chuckled. “Fair enough.” She wanted to play this game? Five shots? Five ways to arouse her, maybe even teach her a lesson. He picked up the first shot, squeezed the bottom of the paper cup until a red blot hovered above the rim. “I’ll give you one chance to back out.”

Delia lifted a perfectly arched brow. “Scared?”

He smirked and balanced the gelatin on her pouty mouth. “No, but you should be.”

Delia trembled when his tongue swept the fullness of her lips. The tremor traveled into his body and hardened his groin. He teased her, savoring the soft moan parting her lips, sharing the cherry-laced alcohol with her.

Lifting his head, he reached for the next shot. This one he placed in the hollow of her breasts, spreading gooey Jell-O along the curve of each firm globe. She gasped, arching against his mouth. He wasn’t sure who would give in first. If they weren’t in such a public place he would suck the remaining shots from her perky nipples, visible through the stretchy gold material of her bikini top.

The next shot he settled in the soft dimple of her navel. Her belly button was a temptation all in itself. She didn’t adorn it with jewelry as others did, but left the creamy expanse of skin au natural. The little dip was enough to hold the fruity goodness and a spice that was all her own. He swirled his tongue against her stomach, curling his tongue to bring the orange-flavored shot to his mouth. The muscles contracted beneath his hands as he held her in place, feathering his lips against her satiny skin, lapping his tongue until none of the stickiness remained.

He lifted his head and stared into her eyes, now dark with desire. “I have two more shots.” He ran a finger from the valley of her breasts to her navel. “Where should I put the next two?”

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Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic


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4 thoughts on “Did You Say Road Trip?

  1. Sky Robinson

    Wow that excerpt sounds like fun. I’m suddenly craving jello shots…


  2. Wow that is a lot of travel…Love the excerpt….Congrats


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