How Do You Like Your Sex?

Cassandre Dayne

Yeah, I know. That’s a loaded question, isn’t it but for those of you how know me, that’s exactly the kinds of questions I’m going to ask. And trust me, I’m not looking for the characters you read in books either. No, I’m talking heart pumping, lick smacking, body pounding, wild and wooly sex. Sheets, sex toys, peanut butter and body lotion is up to you entirely. Okay, you might be asking, why am I asking this question? Well, blame in on a Facebook friend of mind who over the weekend talked about needing a peanut butter milkshake the size of one of his very legs. (And I’ve met him at a conference and trust me he his legs are LONG, babies). So you know me, I had to go – I’m thinking about other slippery things, perhaps including the use of peanut butter in an entirely different way.

Intrigued or turned on yet? I started thinking about just how much I love sex, crave it and need to experience a kinky moment pretty much at least once or ten times a day. NEED and GET are two entirely different things, but I’m working on that. Sometimes a rousing sexual moment can be something as tasty as a hot, wet kiss that leads to something oh so tempting like nips on the earlobes and squeezes of body parts and then maybe an unplanned romp on the kitchen island, spoons used for spanking included. What? Don’t tell me you haven’t done this kind of thing before! Then again, if you haven’t, shame on you. Variety and plain common kink is not just the spice of life, allowing your unbridled desire to race to the surface might keep your relationship together.

So I’m asking my own kind of wild and wicked questions today, Cassandre style. What’s your favorite way of having sex? Let’s talk basics.

Morning or nighttime? I think a lot of women would say nighttime because they get to be all dolled up, perhaps in a slinky little bit of nothing and then may do a little sexy tease for him just moments before you crawl onto bed and offer to give him a blowjob as an appetizer. What man in his right mind wouldn’t enjoy that? Then you can ease out of your tiny thong panties, pitch them aside and proceed to ride the wild stallion. Sleep couldn’t be better after that, right?

What’s wrong with morning, guys and gals? For me there’s nothing better than waking up snuggled all next to your man, your arms and legs entwined. From the heat of his body to simply hearing his breath sounds and inhaling the rich scent that is all male, there’s honestly nothing better to me. Now close your eyes ladies and imagine sliding your hand down to wake him up properly, rubbing and caressing, perhaps giving him a backrub and then he simply rolls you over and thrusts deep inside of you. Wrap your legs around his waist and imagine the sounds of the bed clanging against the wall. Yummy. I think I could wake up that way every morning. Don’t you?

By the way…do you both sleep naked or do you wear flannel pj’s while he wears something akin to hunter’s garb? That might tell you the state of your sexual morning or night routine.

Let’s talk positions. Now don’t get all weirded out here. I know it’s very personal but you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. But I am pretty convincing. Do you like the traditional missionary style or do you like to ride ‘em like a cowboy would, girls? Then again, do you like being taken from behind doggy style, his balls flapping against your ass? How flexible are you? A personal favorite of mine – since I have VERY long legs – is to put my legs up over his shoulders as he’s driving deep inside of me. Mmmm… I’ve been told by men that most women can’t take it that deeply – or as I’ve heard it called, balls to the walls – but I love it. What do you think ladies? Then there’s the sexy little having him on a chair and you are also on top. Women have a bit more leverage this way since they can use their leg muscles. And imagine doing this say in front of your picture window… I know, a bit kinky but so what?

Guys? What gives you the most pleasure and do you like to be more in control or having the ladies doing most of the work? Have you ever had a woman squeeze her pussy muscles around your cock? I can tell you I can make a man cum in an instant if I want to. Getting a little hot myself. How about you?

Okay then what about very weird and sinful places to make a little make out session? We’ve all done the dazzling deed in the back of a car, but what about on the hood of a car in just the right location where someone MIGHT be able to see you? There’s that little hint of danger with your wanton needs to spice up the event. Now this one might be a little tricky, but what about the beach? You have a couple of huge blankets and you are nuzzled together under one, covering at least all the naughty bits with the other and you proceed to touch and lick, taste and play before you spoon each other, he’s behind you and then he can very easily slide his dick inside. Give you any thoughts?

One of my personal favorites is under a waterfall. There’s something about the way the water cascades down over your heated bodies that boosts the incredible sensations for me. Then again you’re usually on some fantastic trip so the entire mood is sultry and uninhibited anyway. What about a darkened movie theater? Come on! You’ve sat in the back row and placed your hand on his cock just lightly stroking as the lights dim and if the place is thinly seated you slip onto his lap. It’s certainly easier if you aren’t wearing any panties of course. Purr…

One other place I absolutely love is a crowded restaurant. Yes, you really need one with tablecloths so you can touch and play and don’t have to worry about kiddies possibly looking, but imagine the possibilities. This is another time ladies panties are a no-no. He gets to tease you, sliding his hand up your thigh and pressing the tip just inside your very wet heat and all the while you’re chatting and drinking wine. Now think about the look on his face as he slips his wet finger into his mouth? Oh my. If you’re truly adventurous you’ll make a date in the bathroom and whether it’s a single stall or more, you can certainly figure out a way to “get it on”. Can you just hear the men in the other stalls as you bump and grind?

Well, I do hope I’ve gotten you all hot and bothered. Here are the questions again and I do want you to answer for me…

What’s your favorite time to have sex, daytime or nighttime?

What’s your favorite position?

What’s the kinkiest place you’ve ever gotten it on?

Come on now, remember, I only bite when requested so come play with me.

Kisses   xxx


Don’t forget I’m all over the place



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6 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Sex?

  1. Rosanna Leo

    I’m with you Cassandre. Morning, all the way!


  2. Randi Alexander

    I love morning, too. Reverse cowgirl’s my favorite (of course!) Kinkiest place – has to be the hotel balcony on Gulf of Mexico. Not too public, but pretty daring for us.


  3. Hmmmm, anytime lol Spoon is good first the mornign when I’m not quite awake enough to be more energetic. Kinkiest place? Decisions, decisions. Back doorway of a restaurant? Baby change room at the airport? One of my favourites was giving my man some oral lovin’ in the back of a cab 🙂


  4. I love a good morning tryst! I am also up to saving horses and riding cowboys! Kinkiest place..bathroom stall with my then fiance, now husband. Worked when I was much younger!


  5. I haven’t had sex in over a year. Heart attacks and blood pressure meds have taken a toll on the hard on’s at our house. So he can’t get it up and wont’ help me out. LOL. So vibrators are good anytime and anywhere.
    But, in my day, I loved sex anytime and anywhere I could get it. Doggy style seems to work the best for me, bent over the couch works too. Kinkyest place is when I was working in a bar and we went into the oh so small bathroom to get it on after watching the XXX channel on the satelite TV, when that channel was still a free one. A longgg time ago. With hubby of course. Oh and when he proposed to me, we were riding and had to get off the horses and find a spot out on the prairie. I can still find that spot….


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