A Naughty Dream

Have you ever had a recurring dream? One that you wake up from a few nights a week and realize you were dreaming that same thing again?

I have to tell you about mine because it’s perfectly smutty. But first, I want to clarify that I’m ridiculously happily married, and would never stray from my wedding vows. Except in my dream life, I guess.

I’m standing in a large convention hall wearing (of course) my purple cowgirl hat. Across the room, I see a gorgeous man staring at me. His brown eyes lock with mine and a chill of awareness rushes through me.

I swallow and start breathing again but look away. Wow. Tall, bulky muscles, dark hair and perfect lips that I want to trace with my tongue. My idea of the perfect man has come to life.

All around me, writers and readers do the usual convention things, but I’m having daydreams about him. I get in line with some friends to have a photo taken with the cover models that have been invited to the conference to thrill and entertain all of us romance junkies. The line moves forward and when I turn to see the first model in line, it’s him.

We stare for a moment, both of us silent as an epic jolt of sexual heat flows around us. My friend nudges me forward, right into his arms and the touch is like gasoline on flame.

He asks my name, I ask his, we put on brave smiles for the camera when all the while I’m envisioning dragging him to my hotel room to expose every inch of his flesh to my touch.

Throughout the day, we run into each other in workshops, at the coffee bar, at the karaoke event after dinner. It’s just looks that pass between us; hot, quiver-inducing stares that make my breath come fast and my heart thud.

I sneak out of the event early, needing to have some time to compose myself and maybe even find some relief from my body’s frantic need.

I step into the elevator and light the button for my floor. As the doors close, a large, masculine hand presses against one side, opening the doors. He stands there a moment, looking at me with an intensity that sends heat flooding through my veins. “Do you want some company?”

Mmmm. His voice is smooth and dangerous like a pound of dark chocolate. I can’t resist. I nod, not realizing until a second later what I just invited.

He steps in, the doors close, and he walks forward, stalking me back against the elevator wall. Placing his hands on the mirrored surface on either side of my head, he leans in. His body touches mine from thighs to breasts, and I give in to the wicked spinning in my head.

His lips are close enough for me to taste, to fulfill my fantasy, but he tips his head and whispers in my ear, “Cowgirl, you’re going to have a wild ride tonight.”

Oh my gosh, I’ve got chills just thinking about it. Isn’t that amazing that I have this same dream far too often? What do you think it means? Am I going to meet this tall, dark stranger? Or do I just need to write a story starring him?

Have you ever had a recurring dream? Did it come true for you, or was it just a permanent part of your sleeping night life?

Sweet dreams!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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12 thoughts on “A Naughty Dream

  1. Susan W.

    I never had dreams like that!!! I’m jealous! LOL!


    • Randi Alexander

      Hey, Susan, it’s always a fun dream and no zombies or scary stuff, so I’m happy!


  2. Hmm, we must think alike. I have had a similiar dream and I’m pretty sure it involves the same guy too. lol


    • Randi Alexander

      Jackie, gosh, I know who you mean. I always wondered if it was *him* but he’s a bit different in my dream. Hmmm. We’ll need to put that on our list of things to discuss!


  3. Well that is just one hot dream..I have had a few dreams that I love. Those are just the best type.


    • Randi Alexander

      Hi Savannah, I have a few dreams that I remember fondly, too. I’ve never had a recurring one like this, though. Makes me wonder…


  4. Sky Robinson

    I wish I could have a recurring naughty dream 🙂


    • Randi Alexander

      Sky, I’ll keep track of what I eat and see if the dream comes based on what I have for supper. I’ll let you know if it’s the tater tot casserole or the lobster tail that triggers the dream. LOL


  5. My recurring dreams are nowhere near as fun as yours, Randi! I think you should go for it, write a story, I mean, featuring your dream man!


    • Randi Alexander

      Interestingly, I had a similar dream this morning which turned into a menage. I’d love to write it as a story. Really wild dreams, lately!


  6. Dani K.

    I used to have a recurring nightmare, but never a “good” dream. I will say that just this past weekend I had a very good dream that I wish would reoccur very soon! *wink*


    • Randi Alexander

      Yeay, Dani! Just as you’re falling asleep, think about the dream. Maybe it’ll come back for you!


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