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From Port Harcourt city, Nigeria, author and poet Don Abdul guest blogs on 69 Shades of Smut


Hello, readers. My name is Don Abdul and I’m a 42 year Nigerian born writer and published author of erotic fiction.

When I was asked by a friend if I’d like to do a guest blog here, I initially felt intimidated by the caliber and diversity of the vast pool of talent that populates the blog. I looked around and found the likes of Nina Pierce, Cassandre Dayne, Benjamin Russell, and many others. Seriously, as an author of modest abilities, I feel quite honored to be in the midst of such talented writers here at 69 Shades of Smut. I hope you enjoy my guest blog.

The pursuit of my freedom of expression, as well as my fascination with people and their complex relationships drew me to the internet and writing in the erotic fiction genre. I particularly love to dissect prim and proper characters, to see what makes them tick in terms of sex and their sexuality. I enjoy stripping away the airs and pretenses and getting at the bare necessities of their sexually uninhibited alter egos, and unveiling their kinky erotic secrets.

My journey as a writer began much earlier in life though. I started writing in junior high school when I wrote mostly poetry about the wonders of nature all around me from the perspective of a small town lad. In senior high school the subject changed to the joys and heartaches of boy-girl relationships.

I also contributed to and later became associate editor of my high school newsletter. I started writing erotic fiction in 2005 in a few Yahoo Group to which I belonged. My first ever erotic story was titled Naughty Professor which was partly based on my own real life experience with a young female professor back in college. The encouraging feedback that I got, prompted me to write more stories and I’ve never looked back since.

Like many writers before me, rejection by publishers was a huge challenge. This was tough as I was an unknown writer who lived in Africa. With wider consultations and networking with other writers and published authors, I eventually discovered there was an ongoing revolution called electronic publishing. The popularity of e-books was spreading like wildfire and I was talked though the process by a friend and mentor.

My first published e-book was “Taboo Sex Run Wild” which was published by A1adultebooks.com in May 2010. This e-book was quickly followed by three others in the same year including:

Reeled In

Submissive Neighborly Lust

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife

Bound: Body & Soul, and

Cougars in Distress, which was released in 2011.

These books were all released by the same publisher, and they are available at:


My favorite authors include James Patterson and Tom Clancy. I am greatly inspired by the style and color of their characterizations and the total packaging of their works.

As far as writing and doing my creative work goes, there’s no place like home. I do most of my creative work with my butt firmly planted on my couch, even though I have also been known to have brainwaves that require me to write on the spur of the moment even when I’m on the road.

The characters in my stories fall into two categories, the perfect heroes and the flawed heroes. In truth I’m a believer in the beauty of imperfection, hence my favorite characters are those who have flaws that set them apart from the run of the mill Heroes in most of the gazillion literatures that we encounter every day.

My favorite character is Chad Donovan, the hero of my e-book A Hero’s Due. He was an upbeat, physically fit and confident young man who went to war in the service of his country but returned a broken man (Download your own free copy).

My plans for 2012 were quite ambitious, starting with the release of A Reluctant Slave, my first book of the year.  It is an exciting erotic fiction e-book with a BDSM theme which was published on 15th January 2012. A Reluctant Slave is on the premium catalogue at Smashwords.com, and it is also available at Barnes & Noble (Nook Books) and hopefully through other major outlets including Amazon.












I also write under the nom de plume Tyrese Jordan and currently have two e-books under that name:

Driven by Desire : http://www.a1adultebooks.com/ebooks/b4265-driven-by-desire.htm


Jacquie’s Dogging Delight: http://www.a1adultebooks.com/ebooks/b4296-jacquies-dogging-delight.htm


While planning more book releases for the rest of the year, I am currently involved with Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers in my blog. I find these 200 word snippets quite exciting and a trial ground for some interesting new story ideas. I do hope you would look them up sometime.

While asking my friends and readers to watch out for the release of A Kinky New Beginning, I promise to keep you posted on my other projects as they come to fruition.

This blog would not be complete if I didn’t offer an excerpt from A Reluctant Slave.

A Reluctant Slave


Don Abdul ©2012


It had been three months since she had been at her job, and despite having no-one special in her life at the moment, Nimah had stayed true to her principle of not sleeping with her work colleagues so far. In the case of her handsome Executive Assistant however, that resolve was tested every now and then. At those times she would mentally chant the mantra ‘don’t shit where you eat’ over and over again until the worst had passed.

One lovely Friday morning, Nimah had the office to herself, the temp secretary she had been assigned from the pool was sitting in her outer office since Jack was away on an errand and wouldn’t be back until the following day. As she settled down to her first coffee of the day and looked forward to another routine day at work, there was a soft knock on her office door. It was the secretary bringing in her mail; after she departed, Nimah looked through the pile of envelopes separating the usual junk mail and bills. And then she saw it.

It was a neat small white envelope with her name neatly typed in Edwardian script. She thought it was rather strange and her curiosity was instantly piqued; ‘Who could it be from and what was it all about?’ she wondered as she slit the envelope open with the beautiful sterling silver  letter opener her father had given her last Christmas.

She unfolded the thick clean paper to read the message typed in the same font as the address on the envelope. “I have been watching you, day and night. I know you even better than you know yourself. By the time I’m done with you, you will belong to me.”

Nimah paused, and looked around cocking her ear as if expecting to hear something that would explain what she had just read. She instinctively began to push back her chair to get to her feet, ready to charge and hold someone responsible for this affront on her personal security.

The words that struck fear into her heart were: “…I have been watching you day and night.” With that fear however came a different kind of excitement, one she hadn’t felt in a long time. She sat back down and continued reading the letter.

Her heart was racing and her pussy was getting moist as she read on:

“Within the hour you shall receive further instructions, tasks shall be assigned to you and if those tasks are not completed, and on time too, there will be consequences.

“We both know that you will do as you’re told. You like this, you need this, and I bet your panties are getting wet by now too. Just remember, if you do not comply, there will be consequences.”

Nimah was furious as she no longer found any of the unfolding drama funny. She reached for her phone to call security, but then she stopped. ‘And what or whom shall I be reporting exactly,’ she wondered. She realized she had nothing to go on, and in a highly competitive corporate environment like the one in which she worked, she daren’t run the risk of being called crazy. She decided to lay an elaborate trap for whoever was behind the letter and when she had uncovered their identity, she would report them to the police.

As she settled down however she discovered that while she was angry at the perpetrator of the obnoxious intrusion into her life, her body had betrayed her. She felt a shiver run down her spine as she replayed the words in her head. Her nipples stiffened and her skin was covered in goose bumps. Her pussy was tingling and her panties soaked at that moment. Whoever it was that wrote that note knew her quite well; the big question was who wrote it. She wondered.

Nimah was embarrassed, even a little scared that this mystery person knew her well kept secret. It was a combination of emotions that thrilled her in ways she hadn’t felt for quite a while. ‘Whoever the mystery person is, I’ve got to find them and make an example of them to deter any others from putting their nose in my business,’ she resolved, as she awaited their next message.

After a futile attempt to concentrate on her work and put the mystery note behind her, Nimah finally gave up and set about an attempt to unravel the identity of her mystery note writer. She figured that the person who sent her the note probably worked in the same firm as she did since the envelope had no post mark on it, meaning it was an internal mail. That narrowed it down to at least 20 odd men. That was a great start as she could narrow the number down even further. Of those forty men, there were only about five who could remotely be considered familiar enough with her to even dream of attempting anything as brazen as that.

The first one of course would be 34 year-old Jordan Chestnut, a cocky black attorney from Legal Department. He was definitely a dream catch for any woman, and as a brotha, Nimah sometimes thought of him as a potential husband but only if that was what she was looking for. Counting against him of course was the fact that he was the resident player. He had bedded every available woman who would fall for his charms and smooth manner. Whereas Nimah didn’t care for his brand of charm, she had to admit that he was quite attractive, and the rumored size of his package made her sometimes think of fucking him just for fun. She, however, dropped Jordan as a likely author of the note. It just wasn’t his style.

‘Could it be Harry Prescott?’ she wondered. He was a ruggedly handsome 50 year-old married British expatriate that she sometimes fantasized about. She loved his broad grin and the easy mature air about him. He was a classic gentleman, very polite, yet discretely flirtatious. If she was going to sleep with a mature man he certainly would be a candidate. Prescott seemed to be quite happily married however, and that ruled him out also as a likely candidate.

Seth Bullworth, a 29 year old avid golfer was more interested in power lunches and activation of the old boy Ivy League networks to close deals than he was in the intricacies of a power exchange relationship. So he too was ruled out.

Dick Xavier was a 40 year old power bike buff, and by far the most likely candidate,
but she ruled him out as well because he was currently away on an official trip abroad.

The final name on her mental list was Jack Bradshaw, her own executive assistant. ‘Mmmm…’ she thought wishing it was he who had sent her the note. ‘Could it possibly be him?’ she wondered. He wasn’t at work that day and even if he was she doubted he was the sort of man to be interested in such things.

He had ignored her every attempt to stoke his fires for the past six months. She had flirted with him, tried to piss him off with her arrogance, but he had ignored all efforts to push his buttons. Through it all, he had remained very professional, and painfully polite. He often left her feeling both super turned-on and mighty pissed off all at once.

He probably didn’t realize the great power potential he had about him. He was the kind of man to whom she would submit any day, no questions asked. Just as she was about to close the book on her attempts to unmask her mystery man, a thought occurred to her. ‘Why did it have to be a man?’

Her mind immediately went to Candace Kennedy. Candace was a slightly older friend and colleague, a fellow VP with whom she frequently played tennis and had drinks. They had casually chatted about their mutual love of rough sex and issues of control. The pieces seemed to be falling into place. Candace knew Nimah’s lust for a dominant sex partner, and being a colleague she had easy access the internal mail system….

To read the rest of the story, please buy a copy of the e-book for $2.99 only at:


Thanks for having me as a guest blogger on your blog. As a token of my appreciation I have a gift for your readers. They can download my 100% FREE e-book A Hero’s Due. Comments and reviews would be most appreciated too.

For contact and requests for further information you can contact me through the following:

Blog:         http://don-abdul.blogspot.com/

Face book:    http://www.facebook.com/donabdulx



Twitter:        http://twitter.com/#!/DonAbdul2

e-books:    http://www.a1adultebooks.com/site.php?aut=722

Smashwords:    http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/DonAbdul

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  1. Don, welcome to 69 Shades. It is always interesting to see how an author gets to where they are now. Congrats on all of your releases..


  2. Sky Robinson

    Welcome Don!


  3. What Savannah said! And I’m totally with you on the beauty of imperfection.


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