WTF Question of the Day #2

Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, my name is Benjamin T. Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our Blog. I have what I hope is an interesting proposition for you today. A WTF question I believe you will find to be both interesting and thought provoking.

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Ok, let’s get this show on the road. A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. In and of itself, that’s not unusual – because my Muse often interrupts my sleep by caressing my mind with the wet heat of her fertile imagination. On this particular night, it wasn’t my muse, Jezebel, who woke me from a sound, albeit all too brief slumber – it was the demon of uncertainty who roused me out bed. That S.O.B. pops up at the most inopportune times, but that’s the subject of another post.

Anyway, on this night I decided to get up and watch a movie. Surely, there must be some informmercials that would bore me back to sleep. Well, thanks to the miracle of satellite TV, I actually found a good movie on. One of personal favorites – “What Women Want”, starring Mel Gibson – before he became a bad guy.  I think it’s technically classified as a chick-flick and before you ask, I am already on record for admitting that I do watch chick-flicks.

In case you haven’t seen it, the premise of this movie is that somehow Mel Gibson acquires the power to know what women are thinking, what they want.  WTF – how cool is that?

There are all these comic book super hero movies out now and the hero has these fantastic super powers. There is super strength, super speed, the cape, shield, suit of armor, ability to crawl up walls, even a big ass enchanted hammer. But WTF, being able to know what a woman wants, hot damn – now that is a real super power. Crap, half the time I don’t even know what I want, hence one of the reasons I was up watching Mel Gibson that night.  WTF, do women even know what they want?  Oops, that is clearly another post.

Well, since I’d seen it 69 times before, the movie put me to sleep or maybe it was the last swig of wine in the bottle I cradled in my arms as I drifted off. In my sleep, I dreamed of what I’d do with the super power to know what women wanted and I started stroking my – wine bottle. It was hard, wet and in my dazed state, it became the focus of my mental energy.

Ok, so here is where it gets a little weird. In a puff of smoke, a genie appeared. She was blonde, nude – sexy as hell and damn she reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put a name to her face, maybe because I hardly looked at her face.

“WTF, who the heck are you,” I exclaimed.

She straddled my lap and licked my lips. “I am the WTF-Genie and you have summoned me by stroking your – bottle. I am here to give you insight into the WTF question on your mind and oh by the way, I think it will make a great 69 Shades of Smut Blog post. I really love that site. I’ve read everything by every writer who is a part of that group. You guys rock.”

I shifted in my chair and tried to make sure my ‘bottle’ was properly aligned. “Ok WTF-Genie, tell me what’s on your mind.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the WTF Question of the Day –

If you could ask the WTF-Genie to endow your Mate, SO, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or whatever, with one of the following qualities – which one would you chose?

I know some of you will want to cheat and try to create a hybrid, some combination of the qualities listed, but that’s not how this WTF question works. Just One, you can only pick one quality to have infused into the very DNA of the person you chose. Think long and hard about what you want, the WTF-Genie is watching.

  1. Acceptance – Absolutely and complete acceptance of all of you. Every wrinkle, bad habit and any other quirks you might have. When this quality is instilled into a person, not only will he/she accept you and all your faults, they will also “get” you too. They will understand you in ways you don’t even understand. You can read more on the power and allure of Acceptance, by clicking on the embedded link in my author friend Cassandre Dayne’s name and checking out one of her more intriguing blog posts.
  2. Devotion – Utter and complete devotion. Making you happy makes them happy. They will put your wants and needs before their own. Nothing is more important to them than seeing a smile on your face and doing anything they can possibly do to give you joy.
  3. Trust – I’m stealing this definition from my author friend E. R. Pierce, you can click on the embedded link in her name to read a very interesting blog post that she did on the subject of trust. The WTF-Genie can give your other what’s need for you to have identity-based trust in him/her. Identity based trust is the deepest and most intimate level of trust. You share your hopes, dreams and fears with another, and hope to fuck they don’t squander your heart. You allow yourself to become vulnerable and you know in your heart, soul and mind the other person won’t take advantage of you or hurt you on purpose. This doesn’t mean the other person accepts you and your issues, but you trust them not to betray you.
  4. Sex – OMG, you can look at this other person and have an orgasm. Sex with this person exceeds your wildest fantasies. There is absolutely nothing this person can’t or won’t do to get you off. When you’re having sex with this person, it is a physical and emotional connection that rocks your world EVERY TIME.

Ok Smut Lovers – please leave your comments and help me answer the WTF Question.  Can you guess what quality I’d want to have the WTF-Genie trickle down the throat of the person I chose? What about you, what do you want?

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33 thoughts on “WTF Question of the Day #2

  1. Benjamin, I love these WTF questions you post. I would have to say acceptance. If you accept the person you love in the way they are you will also be devoted and trust them. It all goes together. Not having acceptance by someone will result in so much missing. When you love your other you accept them and show they that you love every good and bad thing. Nobody is perfect and we all have things that make us weird or get on peoples nerves but we accept the person because we love them and we will show them that we do. With love you also can show the person devotion by showing them just how much you love them.


    • Savannah, I’m not surprised you selected acceptance. When I posted today’s WTF question, I truly expected Acceptance to be the number one answer. I don’t think there are any bad answers, the sum of all four would make an idyllic relationship.


  2. Sky Robinson

    WTF I want all of those things. If I had to choose just one I would go with trust. Awesome post as usual Benjamin!


    • Sky, you’re rolling with the crowd. Acceptance has such a powerful allure, but honestly I wonder if it’s an urban myth – does it or can it really exist in today’s society?


  3. I’ll take number 4 please! LOL

    But, wait…I’m convinced choosing number four would also strengthen the level of acceptance, devotion and trust within any relationship. Mind-blowing, full body orgasmic sex would have that effect on me for sure. 😉

    Can I rub that bottle?


    • Nichelle, you can rub the bottle and me too 🙂 You’re the first one to select sex and I love your thought process, I almost picked sex myself – for similar reasons. Muwah


  4. Acceptance I have. . . I’d take trust


  5. Katie White

    Okay so this is my first time seeing this blog and I have to say I am already hooked. Thanks Savannah Chase for sharing on FB. I love this question and would have to pick acceptance. I think if you accept someone truly everything else will fall in line behind that.


  6. Sherry M. Palmer

    Acceptance of course. In my mind, once you have that the rest will be there. If they accept all that you are, then you will be able to “trust” in them cause you will know that nothing you do or are will make them betray you. If they accept all of you, they will be “devoted” to making you as happy as possible by allowing you to be your true self…wouldn’t we all be happy to be ourselves with no judgement. Finally, if the accepted you, they would know all your “kinks”, desires and wants….so the sex should be mind blowing(pun intended). So for me the acceptance would have to be the quality I would want my lover/mate..whatever…to have.

    Good question and great movie…I have it in my collection. Now, a man who could read your thoughts? That would be my super hero. lol


    • Sherry, thanks for stopping by and I love your response. As I’ve said, all the choices are good, but I expected Acceptance to be # 1. The reason I didn’t pick acceptance, even though I desire it greatly, is because i know something else must come before Acceptance.

      Something has to happen before I’ll even allow another person to get close enough for me to share my deepest, darkest secrets and desires. We all withhold parts of ourselves from people when we first meet. As much as we desire acceptance – none of us are taking a leap of faith until that other person does something first to show us it’s safe to come out from behind our walls. Sometimes, whatever that something is, it doesn’t happen and we keep our secrets to ourselves. That’s why I wonder if true acceptance is ever achievable.


      • Sherry M. Palmer

        If you don’t take that leap of faith you will never find out. People have to get a little to give. I think alot of people have lost on things cause they were waiting for a “sign” when maybe the other side was waiting for one too. Someone has to make that first jump and I think acceptance is the only way to show someone that they can trust you with anything and everything they are. But that is just me….I just in feet first and worry about the “sharks” later…may get a person hurt but I least when I am an old lady( I can say…”Well I tried at least, didn’t work but I learned.” It is better than thinking..”what if I had….” I have never found that total acceptance and it is the one thing I won’t do without.


  7. Surprise, Surprise — I’m going to say Trust, I suppose. All of the options are ideal, but I have to trust in order to open up. 🙂 Great question and post.


  8. Thanks for the shout out 🙂


  9. Kali Maddox

    WTF, Mr. Benjamin! It is a little early in the day for such a soul-searching question, *but* thankfully this is a question I have already searched the deepest recesses of my heart for. When that one lied to me (hearts can be soooo fickle!), I went with my brain 😉
    Before I answer the question for me – I will give my opinion for *you*.
    I think that you would choose acceptance. A man with your diverse interests and personalities would need a mate who understood every nuance to you. I believe that anyone who desires total control in a relationship invariably needs their partner to assume control in small increments throughout lifes journey. You would need someone who could read, take, and accept you in all forms. What??? You asked!!
    As for Me…As I said, easy. Acceptance. The reasons are simple. Without having someone accept you – The REAL You – for everything you are, the other necessary elements of a successful relationship are simply impossible. Want mind-blowing sex? If you accept me, you can accept every desire I would ever have, regardless of the circumstances. Want total trust? I believe that can only happen when two people (or more, depending on who you are! ;-P) accept all of the person they are with. A very good point was made for this in a recent FF post I read..If a person is bisexual and their mate wants them to give that up before they continue their relationship..Even if that person *does* agree to it the other would always wonder if the time will come where that agreement will be betrayed. Just an example, but if that person would have accepted the others need for that fulfillment they would never have to question. Lastly – devotion. I think it is somewhat overrated. However, without acceptance, again, of the entire person you would be devoting yourself to a lie or half-truth. Which I believe would incubate feelings of guilt, resentment and anger between them.
    Acceptance is a rare gem to find. To be able to let an individual see every molecule of you and know that they will not turn away from you would be amazing.
    Just my thoughts! 😉 Thank you, Benjamin!


  10. I’m going to choose sex. I have experienced the other three at some point; found, lost, found again, still have with certain friends and family. The mind-blowing sex with someone that knows exactly what I need to bring me there every time..oh, yeah. As usual, Mr. Russell, your questions are quite thought provoking.


  11. Acceptance. I accept everyone until they give me a reason not to. Then I don’t trust you. Can’t be devoted to you and you sure as heck aren’t getting any sex. So I want the person in my life to accept me.


  12. Jade Baiser

    I’m not going to be very original.. I’ll go for acceptance. As everybody said it before, if I have acceptance, TOTAL acceptance, then everything else will follow.
    Haha, not really worth commenting, but I try not to miss any of your post bro. So there. Have a good day


  13. jojo (sunbeach)

    My Ben…I’m would have to be acceptance…if you have acceptance, you can move in any other direction…
    Again, great question


  14. Great post. For me it’s devotion. If someone was that devoted to me (actually my partner is and l him) then the great sex follows because you want to make them happy in every single way. Also being devoted brings acceptance with it. Mutual devotion breeds trust.


  15. Oh, isn’t it interesting that almost all the above wonderful women chose Acceptance? Yes, that is something I fear we don’t experience enough. We have men that love us, make wonderful sex to us, some are devoted and some even trust us quite blindly, but Acceptance. Thas is my soft spot. Has been for years and always will be. Perhaps because I’m such a peculiar person when it comes to the deepest, inner self. Not many men do understand and accept my hiden parts. So of course I’d choose Acceptance. I would work hard my self to gain a man’s trust, his heart, devotion and as for sex, well, I know what I want and not afraid to ask for, so that would be the first in my agenda in order to even have a man on my life. The mere feeling that that man would know the darkest part of me and truly accept them, oh that is something to dream upon!!
    As for you dear B, I don’t know. I couldn’t possibly guess what would you ask your WTF Genie. If I really had to make a wild guess, I’d say Devotion!!! A woman truly Devoted to you!!!
    So, what is it??
    What did YOU ask for???


  16. Very, very intereseting little blog. What would I ask for? Well, I do have it all. My husband is very good to me. Of course there are times when we annoy eachother, but hey we’re only human. Nice piece, Benjamin. Looking forward to other posts.


  17. AuroraRose Andromeda

    Acceptance – is a must. He would have to accept me for me. The whole package. The wheelchair everything. If he can’t then it clearly wont work. The others will follow but acceptance is priority in any relationship. Same goes for the other person. It has to be two ways not one. Acceptance is a give and take type thing. Both must be willing to adapt and love and care for that person no matter how that person looks or appears to them. Acceptance comes from within and must be seen deeper than accepting the outter shell of that person. I hope this makes sense. Bit under the weather today. Awesome post 🙂 very thought provoking.


  18. Ah Ben, you never disappoint. I’m going for sex.


  19. I believe acceptance is the first real step. It builds the foundation for trust, and when someone accepts you with all their heart, body and soul, you feel comfortable enough to show them all of who you are…to trust them implicitly with everything you are. The rest will come with time and work, but accepting someone, faults and all is the hardest hurdle to jump.
    I also don’t think I could have a man hear my every want…some of them are just downright scandelous and I’m probably not brave enough to try half of those fantasies churning in my rather wild and untamed imagination 😀 But perhaps with the right acceptance???….


  20. Kay

    I luv this question Benjamin. I think you would choose trust for the same reason I would choose trust.

    Before I open up and share all of who I am you are going to have to earn my trust. Once you have my trust I will begin to open up bit by bit and share who I hopes, dreams, fears…my past, present and desires for the futre…Without trust I will not open up to you I don’t care who you are. My trust has to be earned the token I give from the first meeting is all a person gets from me until I see that I can trust them with more. How can we accept somone we can not trust? I can’t. If I trust you then you have shown me that you will or have accepted all of who I am..Acceptance does not mean you like everything about me. It means you accept all the shades and nuances of who I am…even if you don’t like eveything you accept me..If I trust you, you accept all of who I am then your devotion will follow. You will desire to fullfil my desires, place my needs even above your own. That may be an unrealistic expectation but there it is. I do wonder if another can place someone else above their own needs, desires, then I remember the times I have. It is rare but it does happen. When a person loves you so deeply that their happiness is making sure your desires are fullfilled, even then I guess they do not place your desires above theirs do they…Their desire and happiness is making you happy..fullfilling your needs and desires first. And all of those things lead to one hell of a great sexual hot…For me it begins with trust..the others follow..thank you for asking the question Benjamin..


  21. LOL! Love this post. I think you would go with Devotion. I myself would swing the sex way. ;o) You know me. Agaain, very entertaining post.


  22. Needless to say Benji this is one of the best blogs I’ve read in awhile… The WTF for me would have to be trust, as im sure you know this quality is more important than any other factor in a relations ship (which kills me to say cause sex! Oh god glorious sex should come first) but without trust you have nothing, not even the comforts of sex.. And gosh this blog made my giggle and feel all things warm, well done my FB buddy, well fucking done, you have made a sad girl smile and laugh for the first time today!


  23. I am going to pick trust, to have complete trust would be an ultimate goal for any of the other choices… Trust can be for your partner or for yourself without it acceptance isnt possible, you can devote to someone with out trust and you have to have some level of trust for sex,knowing your partner wont hurt you… So Trust is My dream wish!


  24. If I HAD to choose, it would be Devotion. If someone loved you that much, the trust and acceptance would be there as well. Now, let’s just hope the Sex is just as good 😉 Otherwise there goes everything else. I believe it would be Acceptance for you Benjamin.


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