Drinks With Drea

Hey everyone. I’m not really a beer lover. I know some love the taste but I just can’t get past the bitter taste. In fact I hate to taste my alcohol so the fruiterer the drink the better.

So I am going to give you the most simple yet fruity drink.

Dole makes a juice combo of pineapple-orange-banana that tastes amazing. Add in some Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and you have a great summer drink on a budget.

I made this drink for some friends at RAGT and they all loved it.

Sorry that I couldn’t be more of a drink condisor but I am a stay at home mother of three little ones so I don’t get out much.

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5 thoughts on “Drinks With Drea

  1. This drink still sounds yummy…Will have to try it.


  2. Nothing wrong with that. I’m not much of a drinker and have to rely on my sister when we do go out to a club or bar. I’ve sampled lots of yummy drinks because of her.


  3. Sky Robinson

    Sounds delish!


  4. Laurie P

    Sounds yummy to me!


  5. Hey, it sounds good to me! And easy! I love easy and delcious.


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