New Release – Turn Up the Heat is Available Now!

Turn Up the Heat released a little early! It’s available now from Amazon and The Wild Rose Press

The grand prize for the release of Turn Up the Heat is this cute apron, created for me by Helen Cute and Cuddly Quilts. Isn’t it darling?

Why an apron? Turn Up the Heat stars a chef and a reality TV show host. Here’s the book blurb:

Mackenzie Jarvis has never slept with a woman. So why has she fallen madly in lust with Gina Volto, host of the reality cooking show Mackenzie is competing in? Mackenzie’s wild desire to live out her fantasy, battles with her conservative Wyoming values. Then Gina pours on the seduction, Mackenzie runs–home to her ranch, her horses, and her busy career as the owner and chef of a restaurant. But Gina shows up at her ranch in a snowstorm, and Mackenzie allows herself one weekend of forbidden, kinky pleasure.

When Gina admits she wants more than just a few days, can Mackenzie ignore her upbringing and her plans for a traditional life with a husband and children? Or will she give in and turn up the heat?

Here’s a little foodie excerpt: Walking down the stairs, Mackenzie heard a cork pop.

“Pinot.” Gina poured wine into two stemmed glasses. She’d lit the candle on the table, dimmed the light, and set out the plate of bread. “I think the soup is warm.” She looked at Mackenzie. “Holy Christmas, you have more clothes on now than you did outside.”

She shrugged. “I took a chill, and thought I’d better bundle up.” It sounded better than, I didn’t want you to see how horny I am for you.

“This will warm you.” She handed Mackenzie a glass of wine, and held up hers. “To forgetting about everything but each other tonight.”

“To forgetting.” Mackenzie tapped her glass to Gina’s and they drank. Their eyes met, and Gina’s brow furrowed. Mackenzie asked, “Is anything wrong?”

Her friend shook her head. “I have something to show you, but let’s eat first.”

Mackenzie swallowed a few more gulps of wine to settle her nerves. She ladled the soup into big, flat bowls and put them on the table. “Butter?”

“Why not. I’m on vacation.” Gina buttered a corner of bread and dipped it into the soup, popped it in her mouth, and groaned in pleasure. “Girlfriend, this is fabulous.” She refilled their wine glasses.

“It’s one of my favorite recipes.” Her last word slurred a little. She should slow down on the wine. Such a lightweight.

“Mine, too. Hey,” she pointed to the butter dish. “If you’re going to tempt me with butter, you’d better be willing to ingest the same amount of calories yourself.”

Mackenzie remembered how tight her jeans fit this morning. “You’re so thin, and I’m at least ten pounds—”

“Stop.” She broke off a small piece of buttered bread. Leaning over the table, she dipped the bread in Mackenzie’s soup. “You, my dear, are lusciously well proportioned.” She held up the dripping morsel.

Mackenzie took the bread from Gina’s fingers, popped it in her mouth, and wiped her fingers on her napkin. Their eyes met, and a jolt of something hot and sensual passed through her.

Gina wiped a drop from Mackenzie’s lip, brought her finger to her own mouth, and sucked.

“My lovely, Mackenzie.” Gina sat back in her chair at the table, pushed away her soup bowl, and picked up her wine. “Don’t ever let anyone say you’re too heavy.”

Mackenzie forgot how to breathe as she stared into her friend’s eyes. Grabbing her glass, she took a big gulp. Her cheeks had to be bright red.

Gina laughed. “Look at us, we finished the bottle.” She poured the last into Mackenzie’s glass.

When she got up to open the second one, Mackenzie stared at her soup. What was this crazy energy between them? Gina stood next to her pouring her wine, her hip touching Mackenzie’s arm. She walked behind her, trailing her hand from one shoulder across her back to the other, and sat.

Mackenzie’s breathing became shallow as a pleasant, heavy sensation warmed her belly. It spread lower, between her legs, her pussy swelling and aching. She picked up her bread and ate, not tasting her food. She could still say no, but with a half-bottle of wine clouding her judgment, it wouldn’t be easy to resist what Gina offered. She couldn’t ignore this attraction.


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Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

Turn Up the Heat is available at Amazon and The Wild Rose Press
Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords
and in paperback from Createspace
Chase and Seduction and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press
Cowboy Lust is available for pre-order at

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6 thoughts on “New Release – Turn Up the Heat is Available Now!

  1. Ordered the book. I’m a member of your mailing list. Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks Randi!


  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! That is the cutest apron I have ever seen!! I love it!!! That material is great!!!

    The books sounds super hot too!!


    • Randi Alexander

      Hi Mel, I KNOW! I think I need an apron of my own. Good luck in the contest!


  3. bn100

    Very nice excerpt.


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