Please welcome guest blogger Suzzana Ryan!

69 shades of smut…I love it.

My name is Suzzana C Ryan, author of erotic romance. Now how did a mother of two and a grandmother of three become an erotic romance writer?

I’ve always wanted to write a graphic, juicy, nasty, and sexy, I think you get the picture, romance novel. I have never liked pussy footing around the word “cock”. I use it often, well in my writing, awe, there I go again, referring to that very special piece of a man’s anatomy as a cock. How about pleasure stick, hard rod, stiff member, yummy bar, lip smacker, do you get the picture? I need to stop and get serious. Oops, I need to give the female anatomy equal time. Now to me it’s plain and simple a pussy. On the other hand, it can be, her clef, pleasure pool, her mound, and her vagina. There equal time.

I actually just finished an audio book where all they did was kiss. Ah, the disappointment, thank God I borrowed it from a friend. I am spoiled and corrupted because once you’ve been introduced to the world of erotic romance you can’t settle for anything less. I have read some wonderful, amazing, hot and terrific short stories and novels written by so many wonderful erotic romance authors. Lady’s you are spectacular and rival the best. Since I began writing my sexy, juicy very erotic stories, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback. The world of erotica and erotic romance is finally coming into its own, respect is a wonderful thing and ah yes we are getting some of the respect we rightfully deserve.

Now maybe a very titillating trilogy helped a little, but I’m not going there. Tee Hee, I’d rather tell you about some of what I have to offer. My first release from Rebel Ink Press was a very erotic and sweet short story entitled “A Vampire for her Birthday.” It introduces you to Elliot, an amorous and gorgeous vampire. Elliot loves to rescue females in distress and he is a rather good creature, he’s a master a giving his lovers multiple orgasms. He comes across a lovely fairy names Tawny who has just had her heart broken by her werewolf boyfriend. Let’s say he gives her a few reasons to live, multiple. My second release is “My Body My Soul” another paranormal erotic romance short story. Then there’s “For the Love of Jake” and “Black Roses”, and “Maxwell’s Desire”, part of Rebel’s Now Serving anthology. And coming soon, my first full stand, alone novel, “A Blood Dipped in Blood”, a June release. Also part of the Dad Plan anthology is my short erotic romance story, “Remembrance: Father’s Day, a wonderful love story that follows the days before September 11, 2001.

I have numerous contracted works with Rebel Ink Press slated for release this year, all erotic and all romance. I am a true romantic at heart, I love the HEA ending, and I thrive on it. I love to show the reader that erotic romance writing is necessary and vital to every story they read I have written. Whether it is contemporary, paranormal or Sci-Fi, for me erotic love scenes tantalize, titillate, excite and get our juices going. It’s what life is truly all about. The delicious intimate closeness we have with another human being, one we adore and love.

So I ask that you take a journey with me in my world of erotic romance, you will want more!

You can find me:
Suzzana C Ryan
FaceBook Twitter and

Blurb: A Love Dipped in Blood

Handsome seasoned playboy Alex Bresllin owns the largest publishing house in New York City. Alex also has a very well-kept secret; he’s over two hundred years old. His boyish good looks and silver hair offset his tall buffed body. Alex Bresllin has it all, money, power, women, but lacks the one thing his cold heart craves, love. But no creature such as he can truly love, or will dare to.

Tracey Reagan, romance writer and closet empath, has just been offered a contract with Bresllin Publishing. Her meeting with Alex Bresllin is one she’ll never regret. Her undeniable attraction to the handsome publisher will start her on a journey of lust, desire and self-awareness. Could it end in a boundless love?

She’ll enter a world no human believes exists. She’ll love and be loved like no woman before her. She’ll become a creature that lives between two worlds, all for the love of one man. Tracey Reagan will have a “Love Dipped in Blood” and that love will change her human life forever.

Excerpt: unedited A Love Dipped in Blood

“Alex that was cruel!” She said now holding him to her and loving every minute of his cool hard body next to hers. “Wait, vampires eat?” She said incredulously.

“Yes, we do but our menu is a bit limited. All liquor and wines are part of our fare and any rare meats, caviar, oysters and muscles raw of course,” he said, and then added teasingly, “and of course some nicely aged Italian pussy.”

“You’re a bastard, you know that.” Tracey said now pushing him away. “You’re a crude and lewd creature. God, I am sleeping with a vampire, I must be out of my mind,” she said still trying to pull away from him.

Alex held her to him and grabbed her face in his hands. “Stop or I’ll bite you again to calm your ass down. You’re mine now, you belong to me and that part of the vampire myth is true, by feeding on you I have marked my territory,” he said his eyes deep crimson red.

“Why, Alex, why now,” she said as he held her face.

“Because I became tired of waiting, I wanted you and took you,” he said still looking at her his eyes still crimson. “Because I wanted to be more than just a crazy birthday present, because I don’t want any other men touching you, I became tired of waiting,” he said his hands now on her face.

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7 thoughts on “Please welcome guest blogger Suzzana Ryan!

  1. Suaana C Ryan

    Thank you for having me…Love this site and all your wonderful blogs…look forward to coming back…and so does Cherry Splendor…Oh my altered ego…Thanks


  2. Susan W.

    Hi, Suzzana! Love the post, (and Alex!) now I’ve got to go and find your books!


  3. Suzzana, fantastic post. It is so wonderful to have you join us. Your book sounds fantastic. I love paranormal books and look forward to reading this..


  4. Sky Robinson

    Glad you could come visit us at our smutty little home Suzzana!


  5. Laurie P

    I’ve read one of Suzzana’s books and it was fab!!!! Got to get more!


  6. Randi Alexander

    Welcome to 69 Shades, Suzzana! I’ve been seeing your cover all over. Great title, too. Thanks for being our guest.


  7. Glad to you have you at 69 Shades, Suzzana! Great to learn more about you and your books!


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