Morals or Make-Me-Quiver?



What traits do you love in a man? Do you consider moral attributes like faithfulness or honesty better than scorching bedroom eyes? Let’s rate our favorite traits of men on the hotness scale. Here are just a few:


Rich men

Bad boys

Good sense of humor











Great smile


Ripped Abs

An ass you can sink your teeth into



Has the “game”

What are some other traits you can think of? Would you ever date someone who doesn’t have those traits you find important?


Read on for a scorching scene from TRAIL OF LUST- book 2 of the Hollis Boys, now available from Loose Id! Photobucket


“Kathleen, I want you. It’s a mighty quick courtship, but I’m asking ya, darlin’. As soon as I can make arrangements, will you steal away to the preacher with me?”

A low cry burst from her. Her belly bottomed out as if she’d just missed the top step in an entire flight of stairs.

Graham’s mouth quirked up at the corner. Tiny creases appeared around his eyes, and she couldn’t restrain herself another minute. She drew his head down and kissed each eye, first one then the other, trailing her lips down his cheek to his chiseled jaw.

“What does that mean, sweetheart? Talk to me. Give me the words.” His demand was low, and his voice wavered with uncertainty.

Her heart went out to him. Could this rugged cowboy actually have insecurities?

Turning her mouth into his, she whispered against his lips, “Yes, Graham. I’ll be your wife.”

His expression turned possessive, carnal. He slid his hands beneath her and gathered her roughly to his chest. Crushing his lips over hers, he kissed her, thoroughly exploring her mouth until she was whimpering with need.

“This is our wedding night,” he murmured between fiery kisses. “I’d give you the finest down mattress, but I can’t help but feel you truly belong here beneath the moon.”

Kneeling up, he reached for the top button of her blouse. Shivers of anticipation ran down her spine. Her pulse tripped out of control, and her mind reeled. This man had just asked her to be his wife. Now he was going to claim her body.

The stolen kisses of earlier in the day suddenly seemed tame by comparison. She’d played with fire, and now she was about to be consumed by the flames.

He flicked the first button open. Cooler air rushed over the small inch of skin. Tremors racked her.

“Don’t be frightened, Kathleen.” His voice was a caress, as velvety as the dark night. His musk infused her senses, and the tips of his rough fingers as he worked the remaining pearl buttons of her blouse heightened the experience.

He skimmed her flesh, dipping his fingers into her chemise. Bowing upward, she sought more of his touch. His eyes were two candles in the night. Was this really happening? Had a Hollis man as handsome and dangerous as Graham really just asked her to be his?

He opened the final button of her blouse. He slid his hands into the opening, letting them travel over her cotton chemise. She wished she’d worn her good one she reserved for special occasions and church. But she’d never expected more than a few stolen kisses from this man.

“Beautiful,” he said hoarsely.

He ran his thumbs down the V of her ribs to her waist. When he kneaded the slender curve, she writhed as shocks of want blazed through her. Her sex clenched, and moisture escaped the folds. Being raised on a ranch, she knew enough about mating, but this restlessness inside her was new. She couldn’t explain it. The warm knot in her belly was too much to bear. She needed relief, and soon.

She reached for the buttons on his soft leather vest. He smiled encouragingly. She worked the buttons through the holes and then slid the garment from his broad shoulders. Abandoning it in the grass with a rustle, she reached for the hem of his cotton shirt.

“Not yet. I need as much control as possible to bed a virgin.” His desire roughened his voice and made her heart blossom with emotion.

Out here in the rough country where they lived, men and women rarely married for love. Convenience usually brought about unions. Her parents had been lucky to grow into a comfortable love for each other. She had only hoped for that herself, but now that Graham was within reach, she wondered if there was more to be had.

He dipped his head to the valley between her breasts. Gasping, she gripped his head as he kissed her in a place no man had ever laid eyes on before. He pressed a trail of kisses down the sides of each breast, tugging down the cloth of her chemise as he went. More than anything, she ached for him to remove the rest of her clothes and touch her all over.

Tingles spread through her belly. A frenzied need rushed up, and she found herself gasping. “Please, Graham.”

“There’s time, baby. We have all night. I’ll keep you out here till dawn, loving you. Then I’ll go off to find that preacher. I never thought I’d hear myself say that again.”

Shock broke through her haze of passion.

He stared at her hard as she struggled to make sense of what he’d said. The wind trickled through the grasses and washed over her skin. The dampness on her skin cooled, and goose bumps broke out from scalp to toe.

“Kathleen. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind.”

She gulped and fortified herself. “Again?”

He lifted his head slowly, still licking his lips after tasting her skin. “Only a very few people know that I took a wife during the war. She was ripped from me.”

Worry settled in her chest, mingled with a pang at the hurt in his voice. “R-ripped?”

“Killed.” He sounded as if he’d gargled gravel.

She quivered with longing. Suddenly, she couldn’t bear the idea of him knowing that pain. Her pa had shattered after losing her mother. Very slowly, he had put his life back together, but it still pained her to think of his distress during that time.

Wrapping her arms tightly around Graham, she brought him down atop her. His weight felt good, pressing her into the ground. She held him for long minutes, stroking his hair and spine.

“I’m truly sorry to hear it, Graham. I only hope to fill a portion of the hole she left behind.”

He made a sound like a sob. But when he looked at her, she found his eyes dry. With startling suddenness, he claimed her mouth. Gone were the playful caresses. This kiss was smoldering. Consuming. Soul-binding. She felt part of herself trickle away, already belonging to him.

“Take me, husband. Bind us.”

With savage lust, he tore open the hooks holding her skirt at the waist. The cloth loosened. In one swift tug, he pulled it off, exposing her calves and ankles to the night air—and to his gaze.

More vulnerable than ever, she was in a state of arousal she’d never known existed. She pinched her eyes shut, then opened them immediately, not wanting to miss the expression in his as he looked her over for the first time.

“Christ… These curves. Here. And here.” He touched her breasts again, sending them bouncing. “Tender-eyed woman. I needed you for a very long time and never realized it.”

With a cry, she locked her arms around his broad shoulders, scraping her nails over his shirt, eager to feel the warm swells of muscle beneath. How would he taste? Would he let her kiss his skin as he did hers?



Em Petrova

~where words mean so much more~





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5 thoughts on “Morals or Make-Me-Quiver?

  1. TS

    Moral character is most important for me. If he looks good that’s a plus, but I don’t care how cute he is if he doesn’t have morals then I don’t want him. Honesty, fidelity, compassion are big draws for me.


  2. If he’s confident and intelligent, he’ll get my attention. If he can make me laugh, he’ll hold it. If he can kiss, he has a chance of finding out what else I like. If he’s honest and trustworthy, he may well get my heart. And if he has all of the above – then he’s hot.


  3. Moral character is important and makes the package. Looks are not everything. There has to be chemistry and a connection. Looks are not what make a man amazing.


  4. Randi Alexander

    Kindness. I’m married to the nicest guy in the world, so I’m spoiled.


  5. Okay, I’ll be honest, looks and sex appeal grab me first and get me interested. But when that wears off (which is pretty fast!), it’s humor, intelligence, kindness, and having lots of things in common. Oh, wow, that describes my hubby! No wonder we’ve been married for almost thirty years!


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