Three’s A Charm…With Mia Ashlinn and The Dalton Triplets!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is my day to go on a speed date with my hero.  As you can probably tell from the title, I couldn’t settle on just one man.  I’m indecisive like that.  So we will be joined by all three of the Dalton triplets from Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome.  These men constantly remind me why three is a charm…and one of my favorite numbers, too.

(A blond-haired man enters The G Spot, Serenity’s only adult store, with a cocky grin and a twinkle in his baby blue eyes.)

Randy:  “Hey Mia.” (Mmmm…that drawl.)  “You would pick the sex toy shop to meet at.”

Mia:  “Oh, well, you know.  I’m a perv like that.  Besides, you can help me peruse the good stuff.  We might come up with some ideas together while we conduct this interview.”

Randy:  (chuckles) “If my heart didn’t belong to Shannon Roberts, I would believe you were the woman for me.”

Mia:  (snorts) “You are just trying to butter me up.”

Randy:  “Nah, I wouldn’t do that.”

Mia:  (I’m not touching that load of horse crap.) “So where are your older brothers, Jared and Drew?”

Randy: “Those two boneheads are heading over in a minute.  I just wanted some alone time with my favorite author.”

Mia:  (Mmmhhmmm…Someone is really trying to butter me up.) “Oh really?”

Randy:  (walks to the right side of the store where the sexy toys are) “Yeah, really.”

(Two identical blond-haired, blue-eyed men enter The G Spot and head straight for them.  Mia does a double-take, as usual.  Jared, Drew, and Randy’s similarities never fail to stun her.)

Randy:  (mutters) “Impatient bastards.”

Mia:  (Pot meet kettle, hot stuff.)

Jared: “We should have known that he would already be here with Mia.”

Drew:  “No shit.”

Mia:  (Knowing how the three men are, I want to divert them before the typical brother bantering starts up and doesn’t stop.  I stroll over to Randy then pick up a butt plug from the shelf in front of him.) “Hey guys.  I’m doing a Speed Date with my Hero blog at 69 Shades of Smut.  I was hoping you three would help me out.”

Drew:  (eyes the sex toys in my hand) “Sure.”

Mia:  (gasps and drops the hunk of silicone) “Really? I figured the three of you would run for the hills.”

Drew:  (shrugs) “I’m feeling generous today.”

Jared:  (scoops up the plug and hands it to me) “Here you go, sweetheart.”

Mia:  “Thanks Jared.”

Jared:  “Welcome.”

Randy:  “I’m game for a little question and answer session.”

Drew:  “Hit us with the questions, Mia.”

Mia:  “Well, since we are in an adult store, I thought we would play the Favorites Game, only with a naughty twist.”

Randy:  “I’m all for that.  Any time a woman says naughty, I’m in.”

Drew:  (snorts) “Surprise, surprise, little brother.”

Jared:  “Leave him alone, Drew.  He’s just messing with Mia, and she knows it.”

Mia:  (nods) “I want you to answer with the first thing that pops into your mind.”

(All three men nod and murmur their assents.)

Mia:  “Good.  Favorite body part on Shannon?”

Drew:  “Ass.”

Jared:  “Breasts.”

Randy:  “Legs.  God, yes.  I love her legs.”

Mia:  (ignores Randy) “Favorite sex toy?”

Drew:  “Butt plug.”

Mia:  (laughs) “I’m seeing a pattern here, Drew.”

Randy: “You have no idea.  He has an ass fetish.”

Mia:  “That is obvious.”

Jared:  “Ginger.  Our woman loves ginger, and I love to give her what she wants.”

Mia:  “Oooh…We have a Figging man on our hands.”

Jared: (smirks then nods)

Mia:  “Randy? What is your favorite sex toy?”

Randy:  “Rope.”

Mia:  “Good choice.”

Randy:  “Or handcuffs.”

Mia:  “Hmm….let’s see.  Favorite form of foreplay?”

Jared:  “Long, slow, drugging kisses.”

Mia:  (sighs) “Me too.”

Randy:  “I don’t think I can say, if you are posting this on a blog.”

Mia:  (snickers) “How did I know that you were going to say something like that?”

Randy:  “Because you’re a smart lady.”

Drew:  “Because he’s cheesy.”

Jared:  “Because he’s predictable.”

Mia:  (snickers turn into laughs) “I wish I had a sibling.”

Drew:  (mutters) “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Randy:  “Aw, now, my feelings are hurt, Drew.”

Drew:  (flips Randy off)

Mia:  “Boys, boys.  We need to continue our interview.  Although, I want to switch gears and hit the cleaner stuff.”

Randy:  “Why?  I like talking about the dirty stuff.”

Drew: (smacks his brother on the back of the head) “Shut up, doofus.”

Jared:  “Go on Mia.”

Mia: (smiles at Jared) “Obviously, you were born and raised in Serenity.  Why didn’t you ever move away?”

Jared:  “It wasn’t an option for us.  We tried college, but our parent’s death brought us back home during our sophomore year.  We needed to help raise Jaycee and take care of things around here.  Besides, we love this unorthodox town.”

Mia:  “What is your favorite thing about Serenity?”

Jared:  “Shannon Roberts.”

Drew:  “Shannon.”

Randy:  “Shannon.”

Mia:  (rolls eyes) “I should have seen that one coming.”

Randy:  “Yep, you should have.”

Mia:  (sticks tongue out at Randy)

Drew:  “Don’t encourage him, Mia.”

Mia:  “I like encouraging him.  It’s fun.”

Randy:  “Encourage away, Mia.  I love to play.”

Mia:  “I’ll just bet you do.”

Drew:  (glances at his watch) “Mia, I hate to say this, but we need to get going.  We’re supposed to meet Shannon soon.  Do you have any more questions?”

Jared:  (looks at his watch, too) “Shit.  She’s probably already waiting for us.”

Mia:  “Only a million more, but I will settle for one—for now.”

Randy:  “Sounds good to me.  You can interview me any time.”

Mia:  “Shush Randy.”

Randy:  (pretends to zip lips and throw away the key with two of his fingers)

Mia: (rolls eyes) “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

Randy:  “Easy.  I’ll be with Shannon and these two boneheads.” (points toward his brothers)

Drew:  “I’ll have our children chasing me around the front yard, wearing my ass out on a daily basis.”

Jared:  “I’ll be living in Serenity, Kansas with my wife, my brothers, and our kids.”

Mia:  “Sounds like a sweet plan to me.  Now, go, boys.  I have a feeling that a certain redhead is getting impatient with the three of you…and me.”

(With hasty goodbyes, the three men shuffle out of The G Spot, leaving me deliciously alone in a room filled with all sorts of adult goodies.  Mmmhhmmm…Shopping spree!)

Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome, the second book in the Sweet Serenity series, will be released by Siren Publishing on July 13, 2012.  The first book in the series, Destined to be Three, is out now. Check it out at –





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14 thoughts on “Three’s A Charm…With Mia Ashlinn and The Dalton Triplets!

  1. Happy Saturday indeed! Looks like Shannon will have her hands full. 😉


    • Mia Ashlinn

      Yes…but she can handle them. She’s a firecracker. LOL. 🙂


  2. July cannot get here soon enough!!


    • Mia Ashlinn

      I know, Rana! I am super excited….okay, I am flat-out giddy! 🙂


  3. Great post. Cannot wait for this one!


    • Mia Ashlinn

      Thank you Gabrielle! I am working on edits for this one now…and it is such a joy! I cannot tell you how much fun I am having with them. I am so looking forward to sharing their story. 🙂


  4. Wow, Mia, fanning myself, these guys are hot!!! Good luck with the edits!!!


    • Mia Ashlinn

      Thanks Jasmine! They keep me fanning myself…but I am a bit biased! 🙂


  5. Sky Robinson

    Love this interview!


  6. Yum! Great interview.


  7. LOL! Love them!



    • Mia Ashlinn

      Glad to hear it paigetyler! I love them too…so much that I am lucky their lady hasn’t come after me yet. 🙂


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