Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who commented on our blog over the last 15 days. We really appreciate your support, and we promise to have lots of fun and smutty things going on each and every day.

Winners may choose any ebook from their authors’s bookshelf. Authors will be contacting their winner directly via the email or Twitter address left with your comment. Congratulations!

Author                                     Winner

Paige Tyler:                            meingee

Benjamin Russell:                  Melissa Bourn

Cassandre Dayne:                 Eva P.

Julia Devlin:                          Ebony

Randi Alexander:                  Michelle Vasquez

Sky Robinson:                       Lisa Baugh

Savannah Chase:                   June M.

Jasmine Haynes:                   Jackie

W. Lynn Chantale:                 Susan W.

Dawne Prochilo:                     Mia Downing

Dita Parker:                             mathlady68

Em Petrova:                             Chrisitne

Drea Becraft:                            Greta

Mia Ashlinn:                             ELF

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3 thoughts on “Contest Winners!

  1. Congrats to all the winners..


  2. Whoohoo! Congrats to the winners! And thanks to all of you for supporting our launch!


  3. Thank you!!! I love seeing my name up there. And I got Benjamin! Soooooo excited!!


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