Meet Benjamin Russell

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Benjamin Russell – welcome to my very first 69 Shades of Smut Blog post. I am an author of erotica and I’m a fiercely multifarious lover of life and all things naughty. I spend the daylight hours expunging my forbidden desires into bawdy stories for my readers, while I reserve the nights to service my wanton Muse and her fertile imagination. You can LIKE me on FaceBook by clicking on the embedded link in my name.

I am truly delighted to be here on a blog named for my favorite number – 69. That number follows me everywhere; it’s even part of my FetLife nickname – Benji269.  Anyway, today I’m supposed to tell you something about myself and not shock you so much that you don’t come back again. Snickers – yeah right.

Well, here we go –

It was late – or early, depending on your perspective. I lay enveloped in a cocoon of bliss, with arms and legs wrapped around Zena, my customized body pillow – sleeping like an innocent baby.

I dreamed of sugar, spice and lusty battles with me, Zena, Gabrielle and myself against hordes of half-naked Amazon women. As you might expect, I was determined to prevail and satisfy all of the glutinous shrews undulating before me, so I plowed into the Amazons again and again – I would not be denied. Zena was in the saddle and Gabrielle was riding shotgun.  Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm slither into my consciousness, followed by mystical hands stroking my imagination with urgency – Jezebel. Oh no, not again  – not NOW.

Jezebel is my Muse and she doesn’t like to share me, not even with sleep. I refused to wake up, Zena’s strong legs held me tight. Unfortunately, Jezebel knows how to get my ‘full’ attention and in minutes the marauding horde of scantily clad Amazon women, along with Zena and Gabby had vanished in a cloud of aching desperation – mine.

My eyes snapped open and the glowing hands of my alarm clock told me it was 3:00am – the ass crack of dawn.  At least she was consistent.

“Jezebel, WTF – why did you wake me up this time? I want you to know this is getting really tiresome, not to mention your timing sucks and not in a good way”

Jez purred and kept stroking my imagination. “I’ve got an idea for your 69 Shades of Smut Blog post and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.”

“Gggggghhhr!  You couldn’t wait until I finished with Zena and the Amazons?”

In my mind, Jezebel sounds like a cross between Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson. “No Benji baby, this was too good to wait, we need to jump on this now.”

I sighed.  “Ok, what is this great idea of yours?”

“I’m going to interview you.”


“I ask the questions and you answer them,” she said slowly, as if speaking to a small child.

“Oh – ok, that will work. Let’s hurry up and do it, Zena is waiting for me.”

She snorted. “Yeah – right”

Two minutes later, I was seated at my desk –

“Benji relax, this won’t hurt, just a few questions to give the readers a little taste of what you have to offer”

I choked back a growl. “Sure Jez, no problem. I wasn’t doing anything important, except trying to sleep.”

“Stop being difficult.  Now, tell our readers when in the day/night do you write and how long per day?

“Grrrgghhrr – I write best in the morning because my wicked Muse wakes me up in the middle of the night. She likes to whisper new story ideas in my ear and those ideas are freshest in my mind early in the morning. You can find out more about Jezebel by clicking on the embedded link in her name.”

“Oh Benji, I love it when you kiss me on my ego. So, in an industry dominated by women, how do you handle the pressure? Hmm, now that I think about it, you’re the only male member of this 69 Shades of Smut blog.”

I smiled in my mind. “Yes, women dominate the industry and I must admit they’re damn good at it, but I honestly don’t feel any pressure.  I love women; they are a gift from the Universe. I believe the glory of Life is in its infinite diversity and in the ways; our differences combine to create meaning and beauty. I realize I can learn a lot from women writers about how to give my characters more depth and breath.”

“Hmm, good answer. Tell us about your latest book Naughty Hot Shots – Booty Call?”

“I co-authored the Booty Call with the talented Ms. Michelle Chatton.  It’s a story about a beautiful, full-figured woman who decides to celebrate her divorce becoming final and her birthday, by making a Booty Call to a couple of male friends. She wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate and her two friends, Marcus and Winston are only too happy to oblige.” 

“Oh Benji, you’re doing good. Now tell us, what is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?

“Ok, this is kind of a secret and I really don’t want it spread all over the internet, so I’m counting on you to keep it on the QT.  I’ve decided that I want to experience a D/s relationship – with me as the big D.  Ssshh – it’s a secret. Did I really just say that?”

Jez winked at me and her wicked smile gave me chills. “Alright Benji, one last question and this is the most important one. What would we find under your bed?”

“Hold on a minute while I take a look. Hmm, oooh, my-my. Well lookie at what I found. A jar of peanut butter( creamy ), a $100 bill( Great, she said she’d left me a tip ), a spray bottle of Swiss Navy lube( great stuff ), two pair of panties, a flogger, a pair of handcuffs and an extra large bottle of coconut oil.” *Gawd, I need a new maid*

“Benji, who uses coconut oil?”

“That’s it, interview over, I’m going back to bed – Zena and the Amazons are waiting for me. Goodnight Jez.”

“Goodnight Benji – Smooches.”

Hey 69 Shades of Smut Fans – Don’t forget, leave a comment for your chance to win one of fourteen books being given away by our authors. If your name is chosen, you’ll get your choice of an eBook from one author’s book list. Every comment you leave from now through midnight PST, June 2, is another entry into the contest, so please come back again. Thank you!


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52 thoughts on “Meet Benjamin Russell

  1. lilyred454

    It’s lovely to see you here, Benji! What interesting things you found under your bed. I think we need to hear more of what you have done with some of them *Wicked Grin* Come on, Jezebel…Make him tell us! 😉
    Congratulations on being the first man to join my all-time favorite smutty place to be found…It’ll be wonderful to have some Testosterone floating amidst us. Lol!
    ‘Booty Call’ was a wicked desire played out for so many of us. It was well-written, the characters were detailed and interesting, and her birthday…….Sorry..I drifted off for a second *Fans My Burning…Face* 😉
    Great blog post, and ‘Hooray!!’ for all of your success. I wish you so much more 🙂
    Kali Maddox


  2. Good for you, Benji Baby. (Hmm, that has a nice ring to it) *smiles at you* I’m happy for you — being a member of the 69 Shades Authors that is =) Nice to get to know you better, $100 tip is pretty damn good! But, I didn’t expect anything less from the silver tongue that drips honey.


    • Thanks ER, I appreciate your comments and your faith in my ability to hang with all these hot, talented women. By the way, I have no idea where that bottle of coconut oil came from. *Wink*


  3. yganoe

    Great interview and love your Muse.


  4. Michelle Vasquez

    Fun interview! It must be a huge sacrifice being the only man on board here. 😉 I always love finding authors who are new to me. Booty Call is going on my wish list.

    Michelle V


    • Michelle, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you click on the embedded link in the words Booty Call – you can check out some recent reviews or you can read a sizzling excerpt.


  5. Oh dear me, have I told you B how much I adore Jez..? Even though she messes up your very intriguing dreams (Zena and Gabby mmm) she still lies in my heart for waking you up with her… wetness and warmth so you can please us Ladies with your charming and tantalizing answers 😉
    a flogger hmmm? and handcuffs… I think you should “keep” your maid… and “make” her see that she hasn’t been doing a very good job for Master B 😉
    Good night B and may you have some sweet/sweat/wet dreams!


    • Hi Thomaidha, I may have an opening for a new maid in a few days and I’ve seen you rocking a pair of 4″ heels – send me your resume, with pictures. Thanks much for taking the time to leave a comment and a compliment, I sincerely appreciate it. (( Smooches ))


  6. I love your muse! Great name and she gives a great interview! I don’t think I have ever read an erotica book written by a man. I would like to give it a try. I like that you used a full figured woman. This will definitely get people’s attention. How did you come up with that idea and what kind of reception are you getting?
    I will be putting this on my summer reading for sure.


    • Hi Mel, Thank so much for stopping by – I appreciate it. To answer your question, Michelle and I came up with the idea for the story because we both noticed a short of erotic romance and erotica with BBW women as the main characters. From there, we collaborated and came up with an outline for the story.

      You’re right, there are not a lot of men writing erotica, so I consider myself lucky to be in the middle of so many women. If you click on the embedded link in the words Booty Call – you can check out some recent reviews or you can read a sizzling excerpt.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  7. leann

    Hello Mr Benjy. How are you today? I also have never read anything erotic from a man. I’m looking forward to a great read & a new author/friend. 🙂 Say Hi to the girls from me. a new fan in VA


    • Hey Leann, I am truly feeling the love. Damn, if I’d know there were so few male erotic authors, I would have done this sooner. I hope you pick up a copy of Booty Call and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
      (( Smooches ))


  8. leisa prater

    Loved the interview…being a full figured female…I can’t wait to read Booty Call….Thank you!!!!


    • Hey Leisa, that’s great – you loved the interview and I love full figured women. Oh, wait – I love all kinds of women. Anyway, thanks much for stopping by and leaving a comment. (( Smooches ))


  9. Mia Ashlinn

    What do you know…69 is my favorite number, too! Great to get to know you better! Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


  10. Susan W.

    Hum, coconut oil, handcuffs, and a $100 bill… I’m curious what you did! LOL! I’ve only read one other male erotic author and really liked the book. I’m looking forward to reading Booty Call!


  11. Great blog, Benjamin. Love your sense of humor. And it’s great to have a few men around here! I’m probably pretty safe in saying we all love men! Great to have you on the blog!


  12. Hi Benjamin. Handcuffs and peanut butter. I knew I liked you for a reason. Love your muse and I see she loves the 3am wake up call too.


    • Wlynnchantale, I think you and I should get together and compare notes. Thanks for your support and thanks for allowing me to hang out with you and this cool group of lady authors. (( Hugs ))


  13. Mmm – well I am lucky enough of course to know Sir Benjamin given our collaborations together but I do tend to find out more kinky and wicked things about you which leaves me longing for more… I love your work and all that we discuss together and wish you great things for the future. So excited to be a part of this with you.


  14. Scintillating as usual, Benjamin! I enjoyed your post and the flashback to my love affair with Zena. She rocked and I loved Gabby too! Jezebel knows just how to handle you. 😉


    • Hi Nichelle, welcome to our humble abode, it gets downright wicked up in here. Yep, I’ve got two boxed sets of DVS’s of Xena. Wow, I was crazy about that woman. She is still in the Top 10 of my spank bank playlist. Muwah and Smooches


  15. Wendy

    Coconut oil.. flavored/lickable?? Does it heat up when rubbed too?? Thanks for the great interview.


  16. I like your MUSE. She’s pushy. Mine is rather passive aggressive. I think he needs to take lessons from
    I am also intrigued by your booty call book. I like finding a confident and naughty full figured girl in erotic and romances. 🙂
    Very fun blog. Nice to see a male perspective.


    • Hi HCHarju, thanks for stopping by. Jezebel is a switch and most of the time she’s actually submissive to me, except when she wants what she wants and then she wants to top me. I hope you do buy a copy of Booty Call, I promise you – you won’t be disappointed. Vicky is a BBW who wants what she wants and she’s not afraid to go get it. Here is a link to an excerpt, check it out –


  17. Oh, Benjamin, what a wonderful blog/interview! You handle naughty fun like no other.


    • Hi Rosemary, have you been avoiding me? I’ve missed you, where have you been? Well, thanks much for stopping by and please don’t be a stranger. (( Smooches ))


  18. Love Jez. She sounds like a great Muse. She also asks great questions. Booty call is going on my TBR list


  19. Sherry Palmer/Michelle Chatton

    Great interview and thank you for including me when mentioning Booty Call. 🙂 It was fun to write with you, I keep wondering where our trio will be going next…guess people will have to wait and see. Naugthy Jez did a great job with the interview and you know darn well you love it when she wakes you up with great ideas. A woman after my own heart. I love that we are getting great responses about a story about BBWs, I am going to be trying to make sure all my stories have real women in them …always. I hope everyone here will be enjoying the book soon. ((hugs))


    • Hi Ms. Michelle, my partner in crime, thanks for visiting me here at Club 69. Yes, it’s amazing( well maybe not ), just how many people have been looking for some erotica about a BBW. I think BC2 is going to blow everyone away. (( Smooches ))


  20. LOL! Very entertaining interview. Jezebel and my muse should get together since they have so much in common. 😉


    • Hey Yvonne, it’s always a good-good day when you stop by to grace me with your smile. Thanks much for coming around and leaving a comment. (( Smooches )). PS; I’ll have my people contact your people about a hook-up for our Muses 😉


  21. Benjamin, I could not expect any less from you…The peanut butter and cuff..oh and the are talking my language…..


  22. Coconut oil has many good uses…


    • Hi Em, thanks for the support. FYI, personal hands-on demonstrations of the many uses for coconut oil are available upon request. (( Smooches ))


  23. AuroraRose

    Wow that was awesome! Very enticing 😉


  24. Great to see you here Benji! Been eagerly waiting for your first blog for far too long 😉 Also, 69 Shades looks forward to your corruption 😀 as you know, we’re all innocent here.


    • Oh Melissa, I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t come by to see me. You are one of my dearest fans/friends and when I get two thumbs up from you, that means I did Ok.


  25. Love your muse and she even has my all time favorite name!


  26. Eva P.

    I love your muse, very interesting indeed!


    • Hi Eva, my Muse is indeed quite interesting, but I’m even more interesting and my books will make your juices simmer. Thanks for leaving a comment.


  27. Benjamin, your secret is safe with us. 😉


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