Make Mine Pink

Yes I know it is the most feminine color known on the face of the planet. There was a time when real men wouldn’t be caught in pink, but I think it’s sexy. Go ahead, you can stare. He looks great in that color. 🙂

At first I rebelled against the color, only had a few items in my wardrobe that were, rose or carnation or shell pink. So why the sudden obsession?

Four men in the house.

In order to establish some sort of “Hey! That’s MINE!” I started with my blog. Since the males in my home frown on pink walls, I indulged my inner romantic and went pink. Anyone who knows me  tell me the site is definitely me. Cool.

Then I picked socks. Love socks, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog, then the mini-top my hubby got me for Valentine’s Day a few years back. (A mini-top is a netbook or mini laptop) The gameboy I received for my birthday? Pink. The case for my IPhone. Well multicolored, but there’s pink in it. Business cards? Pink. Banner? Pink. Well I guess you get the idea.

So how does all that translate into being a romance writer? It doesn’t it just gives you a glimpse into me, a girlie-girl who loves chocolate, shoes, jewelry and all things pink…Except cotton candy. I prefer the blue.

Oh let’s see, what else. I write romance and am darn proud to be a romance author, smut writer or whatever else one wants to call it. I’m living my dream. Most recently I joined the Evernight Family and I can’t wait to share Zach and Trisha’s story with the world. Until that story releases, check out some of my other titles.

Until next time Indulge Your Inner Romantic

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win one of the fourteen books up for grabs.

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32 thoughts on “Make Mine Pink

  1. I’ve only read one erotic romance writer – Jasmine Haynes. And I joined this website because she joined your group. But I am happy to get to know other romance writer(s).


  2. I love pink. It’s my favorite color and I don’t know why more men don’t wear it. I think they look good in pink!!!


    • My hubby has a pink tie shirt he saves for special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or when I ask really, really nicely.


  3. I am more of a purple person. I LOVE purple. However, like you, I live in a house of men (5 boys, 6 if you count the husband) so I have grown to like pink. My youngest son has decided to add pink to my list of favorites. Not a bad thing. It does show my ownership. I am with you on the cotton candy thing. Blue is my favorite there! Love your blog.


    • Hi Melissa. Thanks. Purple is good too, but I have a teen who likes that color. Guys are less likely to touch pink than purple. Love that blue cotton candy. 🙂


  4. Michelle Vasquez

    Pink is awesome! It’s my favorite color. When my youngest son was younger he had a pink t-shirt he wore until it fell apart that said “Real Men Wear Pink”. Now I doubt you could get him into anything pink. LOL.


  5. Susan W.

    With four men in your house you definitely chose a great color to to mark your stuff with! I wasn’t much of a pink person when I was younger but now I do have a bit of pink in my closet just not in my home. I tried peach and my husband was not a happy camper. LOL!


    • Peach is a good color, although for walls and such my hubby prefers neutral colors which translates into mostly white. Soooo boring, but when I get my own room. One day when the kids are outta the house, I’m going color happy.


  6. I love pink..It is such a fun color. I love how you have everything pink…My mouse is pink and I have pink on my laptop…Embrace the pinkness…LOL…It is fantastic to find out more about you..


  7. I joined this site because I love Randi Alexander’s cowboy books. I am really enjoying learning about the other authors on this site and their books. I love pink and all things girlie also!


  8. Love the eye candy and the pink! So what do we call you? W. Lynn? Lynn? I wasn’t sure! But it’s great to be a part of the group with you.


  9. ebondreams

    Very cool getting to know more about you W. Lynn. My fave color is purple. So I so get you on why you like pink. I try and get purple wherever I can. My desk at work has splashes of purple in the stuffed animals my kids have given me, the dancing flower in it’s purple pot, my finger nails and toenails are purple too!

    This is fun and an exciting way to get to know all the authors. Forgive me if I am remiss in posting. I am trying, but I am also busy writing away to meet my own writers deadlines (self imposed..hehe).

    Again nice to know more about you W. Lynn! You’re books are definitely on my TBR.



  10. yganoe

    My favorite color is actually purple, but I love a man in pink…completely HOT!


  11. I think it’s great you found a Lynn kind of color, I hope you never tire of it! And if you do, you can just shock us all, and the family, by introducing the new mauve, coral or apricot you! But I have a feeling pink it is. 🙂

    So looking forward to getting to know you better!

    P.S. I look dreadful in pink. 😦


  12. Randi Alexander

    I asked hubby if he would wear pink boxer briefs, and he said no, in case he got into an accident. So if I buy a pair for him, they’ll have to be for just around the house! Great post today, Lynn, and I’m looking forward to all of your future posts.


  13. meingee

    I am more of a purple girl myself but I love how much you love pink. Have to say those shoes were gorgeous too.


  14. Sky Robinson

    I was the same way with pink. DIdn’t own anything that color until I got prego, then suddenly I started wearing pink a lot.


  15. Tina

    I am so anti girly that if I bought anything pink my family would have me committed. I love the way you are owning the color. I hope to read more about you in the future.


  16. leisa prater

    I wear pink…buy my nephews pink shirts and they wear them too….Love this blog!!!!


  17. Jennifer MCCambridge

    Real men wear and that is a real man


  18. Fun post, Lynn! I have lots of brothers, but my color of defiance was/is red. So glad to see you here. What a great site. 🙂


  19. I have never really been a pink girl, unless it has something to do with breast cancer awareness. But I love purple. My Kindle cover is purple, my bedroom, the quilts on my bed, lots of clothes, etc. My sister though is a total pink lover, phone, clothes, accessories, etc.


  20. Wonder how many shades of pink men’s underwear there are in the world? That’s my next mission–to find out! Great post, Lynn.


  21. It’s my favorite color lip shine and nail polish!



  22. Mia Ashlinn

    Hi! I like pink, but I am all about red. To each their own, right? 🙂


  23. Eva P.

    Great to meet you and great choices, I also love chocolate, shoes, and jewelry but instead of pink my favorite color is blue 😉


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