Drea Becraft is in the hizouse!

Hey everyone it’s Drea Becraft here for your viewing pleasure…Okay maybe not viewing since I am not about to post nekkid pictures of myself. Trust me no one wants to see that lol.

I honestly have no freaking clue what to write about for this thing. To tell you the truth I have been on a sort of writing/blogging/computer hiatus for the past few months due to having no time. (If there ever comes a cloning program I am so going to stand at the beginning of that line because I could really use it.) This week is the last week of school for my girls, I have three Novalee (8), Katelynn (5), and Scarlett (3 {who is autistic}), so for the past three months it has been appointment, school drop off and pick-up, and well every thing else a full time parent has to deal with.

My hopes are that once my girls are out of school, which cuts down my drive and car time TONS, and once Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together is over that I will get back into the grove of things and maybe get a few books out before the end of the year. Maybe then I will feel less like a slacker lol.

I can’t wait for next weekend which is the RAGT! Not only do I get a three day vaca from mommy duties but I also get to see all my friends and just hang out and have fun. I’ve bought some really interesting promo to carry around with me and hand out. But I think what I am SO looking forward to is meeting some of my favorite authors. (I write books yes but I am also a avid reader and reviewer,)

I ordered these ducks (only about 50) to carry around and give away as promo while I am there. So if you’re going you totally need to find me early so that I can give you a vamp duck and a hug. Yeah I am a hugger so sue me lol.

I’m so happy I was given the chance to join such a talented group of authors and I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the future for all of us.


Don’t forget to comment below and you could win an opportunity to win a book off of my backlist…or one off of the other wonderful authors backlist as well. Can’t go wrong with a free book!


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24 thoughts on “Drea Becraft is in the hizouse!

  1. I feel your pain.. I live for my summers with the boys. They have been out of school since Wednesday, but I have until next Tuesday. They keep begging me to “call in sick.” I wish! Have a great time on you mini vacation!!


  2. Lots of hot mommas in the group! I bet we could all use a clone or two, and I know I speak for every working and full-time parent when I say no one could, would or should call you a slacker, Drea!

    All the best get togethers and conventions always take place Stateside, so a. I’m really jealous and b. please report back when you get back, I’d love to hear all about it!

    What’s a vamp duck?


    • Vamp Duck: Protector of the humans once the zombies take over the world. Unlike their human counter parts they know a few ruffled feathers are all part of the job! LMAO.


  3. Susan W.

    When you find out about a cloning program please share it! I know several moms who would love to know about it! LOL!


  4. Drea, I never know what to say either…Love the duckies..They are so freaking cool. Oh and when you do discover the clone program please holler my way..I so need one..


  5. Sky Robinson

    Yeah, I’m definitely in on the cloning program, especially for this summer when my boys are home full time.


  6. Mia Ashlinn

    Oh! I wish someone could find a cloning program…that would be better than the Fountain of Youth. I think. LOL. Anyway, I will not be at RAGT, but I totally want a duck. Those are rad! Have fun this holiday weekend…and have a blast next weekend at RAGT too! 🙂


  7. I’m with Mia, I totally love the duck! What a great idea, Drea! They’re going to be THE thing to have at the RAGT. Have a great time!


  8. flchen1

    LOL! Hi, Drea! I totally hear you–I’m just amazed at all you get done. You are one amazing writer and mama!! And cute ducks! Quack 😉


  9. leisa prater

    I love the ducks!!!!…Have fun!!!


  10. I understand the craziness! I only have two, but we are winding down to the last weeks of school and activities and it’s like I can’t catch my breath. Hope you have a great time on your vaca, and I love the ducks!


  11. Jacki C

    Happy Summer Vacation to you – I work with special needs 3 year olds (a lot of them in the autism spectrum), and I have a 16 yr-old son with Autism. I am SO looking forward to summer vacation starting on June 20th.
    I am ready to just sit down and read to my hearts content 🙂



  12. Whitney

    Congratulations on your new blog! With such a group of interesting people involved I am sure you will pull each other through what needs to be done until it becomes a loose routine. My years of chasing are over but I can certainly empathize with you all. Here’s to a great beginning. Everything starts with the first step.


  13. Can’t wait to meet you at Lori’s and I want one of those ducks!



  14. I wish I was going to Lori Foster’s get together. I would love to meet you in person and I have a duck collection! Have fun!


  15. Randi Alexander

    Drea, great idea being cloned. It sure doesn’t feel like there are 24 hours in a day. I’m looking forward to lots of fun times on this blog with you.


  16. June M.

    I am going to try to get to Lori Foster’s next year…I am working on my anxiety issues and since this is a smaller gathering as opposed to some of the others, it might be easier on me. Love the ducks, btw.


  17. Cute ducks. Have fun at Lori Foster’s get together. Wish I could go.


  18. Eva P.

    Cute looking duckies, one of my nieces who is 5 now, has been getting them (well mostly from me!) from the whole family, she has a huge collection, seriously like up to 30 of them, and they are all different. Anyway, great to meet you in other areas of the reading world.


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