I’m always a little unconventional. So while the other amazing authors here are giving some insight into their writing and lives, I’m going to present a game to kick things off!

A little game I like to call MATCH THAT MAN-JUNK. Yes, I’m absolutely serious! And I know your eyes are dipping downward to peek at the great game pieces, so don’t try to pretend you’re reading!

Here are the rules:

Match the face with the junk. In the comments section, post your guesses. For example: face 1 and junk 5

Those commenters with the correct matches will be randomly drawn for winner’s choice of my backlist. Below is my backlist, just to further torment you with sexiness.


Photobucket  junk #2              Photobucket junk #10


Photobucket                                Photobucket

junk #9                                                                                                                                      junk #8


Photobucket      junk #6             Photobucket       junk #5

Photobucketjunk #4


Photobucket                                                    Photobucket

junk #3                                                                                                               junk #1



Photobucket  face#9           Photobucket   face #8


face #7


Photobucket     face #6            Photobucket   face #1


Photobucket  face #3                Photobucket   face #4


Photobucket         face #2          Photobucket   face #5


Thanks for playing MATCH THAT JUNK! Good luck!

Em Petrova

~where words mean so much more~

Outlaws of Love:


Blown Down:

Skin Truth:




Tattoo Dream:


The Tempest:







Market Place:

Bound for Romance:

My Sexy Valentine:

Isolde’s Wish:

Coming soon from Loose Id:

Trail of Lust-book 2 of the Hollis Boys 6/19

Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave:


One Fiery Night

Cael’s Lust

Contract Pending:

Hard Ridin’



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31 thoughts on “MATCH THAT MAN-JUNK with Em Petrova

  1. I’m too lazy to match the man junk, but I can’t tell you how much I love the idea! LOL, made my day.


  2. Sky Robinson

    I’ll take junk #10 and #6. Wait were we supposed to match something????


  3. No that is my kind of puzzle! Junk #1 -5, #2-3, #3-2, #4-1, #5- 4, #6-6, there was no #7 junk picture, #8-8, #9 – and #10 -7. Thanks for the fun!


  4. Mia Ashlinn

    Naughty girl! I love it! I’m with Sky, though. I want to order off that menu…I’ll take junks 1 and 3 with faces 9 and 5. Thank you. 🙂


  5. Imagine the fun I had cropping these photos, uploading them, and placing them lovingly LOL.


    • Mia Ashlinn

      Empetrova, I can just imagine…and I think I am a bit jealous. Maybe I should just play the game with myself sometime! 🙂


  6. LOL! Fun blog!



  7. So much junk…I just can’t focus…..


  8. Jasmine Haynes

    Oh my God, I can’t even begin to match them all, Em! But they sure are hot to look at! Great blog!


  9. Working day is done, nothing left to do but get drunk on the hunk-junk!


  10. I’m with Savannah. So much junk, who can choose. I’ll order the entire menu. LOL


  11. wlynnchantale

    Oh, sorry was there something else involved other than staring?


  12. Sky Robinson

    Oh, they have faces too?


  13. Dear Junk #6 — How you doin’?
    Love the game idea, so fun. Though I can’t help but just stare and fantasize 😆


  14. Randi Alexander

    Em, I think you’ve introduced yourself very well. We now know why you were chosen to be one of the 69 authors. Thanks for the eyefull!


  15. krystalbrookes

    I feel over-qualified for this game. That’s what comes from having a Tumblr and a hard drive full of half naked men. Did someone mention “hard?” Great game though 😀


  16. wyndwhisper

    Hi Em,
    this was Hilarious. but i think i got them all. face 9 – junk 9/ face 5 – junk 4/ face 1/ junk 6/face 8 -junk 8/fa
    face 4 – junk 5/ face 6 – 1 junk/ 2 face – 3/face 7 -junk 10 and face 3- junk 2.

    i hope i got the right or at least close! some of them where really hard to get but other a piece of cake.
    thank you for the great game and the chance at one of your wonderful books.

    tammy ramey


  17. I really did try to match them, but I kept drooling on my keyboard. I think I will just put in an order for #10, #6, and #3. You can deliver them anytime tonight. I am home!


  18. Lisa Baugh

    ok here are my guesses:
    face 2 junk 3; face 5 junk 1; face 3 junk 2; face 1 junk 4; face 7 junk 10; face 6 junk 6; face 8 junk 8; face 9 junk 9; face 4 junk 5
    I think most of these are correct, but probably got some wrong, but i tried! lol


  19. I see I left out one of my guesses. I had face 9 with junk 9 and forgot to add it. thanks


  20. Okay, here are the right answers! I’m going to put all commenters into the drawing because you deserve more than gratuitous eye candy!

    Junk 2, Face 3
    Junk 10, Face 7
    Junk 9, Face 9
    Junk 8, Face 8
    Junk 6, Face 6
    Junk 5, Face 4
    Junk 3, Face 2
    Junk 1, Face 5

    Hooray for hunky men! Thanks for stopping by, friends! Glad you enjoyed my game!


  21. Susan W.

    Um, were we supposed to do something here??? Besides just stare??? LOL!


  22. I’ll take face 6 and junk 9 please!!!!!
    What a great game. and I love the Blog title. Hilarious!


  23. krystalbrookes

    Is it just me or does junk#6 look like he has a pair of socks down there?


  24. June M.

    All I can do is stare & drool….Where do we place our orders?


  25. Too much candy to look at to concentrate!


  26. felinewyvern

    Nice junk & nice faces, so why bother matching them up? 😀


  27. ebondreams

    Hehe came in on this late…but damn…I loved every bit of it.



  28. Goodness! My eyes crossed at #10! LOL

    Just wanted to say that I just finished Blown Down and……..loved……….Loved………LOVED it!! I am so happy I found a new-to-me author with some wonderful books to look forward to!! 😉

    Ta-ta! Off on a hunt for your books! 🙂


  29. Hello, voraciousreader! Thank you soo much! I’m very happy you enjoyed Blown Down. I think you’ll like the second logger book too–Untouched, which will be coming this fall from Ellora’s Cave.

    And #10 is pretty good 🙂



  30. Eva P.

    Oh my, lots of junk…here a trunk, there a trunk, everywhere a trunk trunk…ok I think I have drooled myself silly. I don’t think I could begin to guess, but this is a very clever and witty contest!

    Ok, I’m gonna tray anyway!!!

    Junk 1 – face 5
    Junk 2 – face 3
    Junk 3 – face 2
    Junk 4 – face 1
    Junk 5 – face 4
    Junk 6 – face 6
    Junk 7 – No pic
    Junk 8 – face 8
    Junk 9 – face 9
    Junk 10 – face 7

    Wow, my eyes are seeing double now, hee no pun intended! 🙂


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